RFID Journal LIVE! 2013: Fujitsu Booth Interview

At the Fujitsu booth, we spoke with Dan Dalton about their RFID laundry tags and other RFID tags.

You can purchase Fujitsu Laundry Tags at http://www.atlasrfidstore.com/Fujitsu_WT_A522_UHF_RFID_Laundry_Tag_p/wt-a522.htm

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From: Atlas RFID Store

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iRFID500 handheld Bluetooth passive UHF RFID reader

Introducing the new iRFID500 - a powerful passive UHF RFID tag reader designed to work either with a smartphone or tablet, or as a standalone device. Lightweight and highly functional, the iRFID500 helps you improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Designed by Extronics, a company with over 24 years' experience in hazardous areas and industrial environments, the iRFID500 is ideal for applications such as asset management, auditing and compliance, and managing...

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From: Extronics Ltd

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UHF RFID using in a Customer Experience project in Fashion

This video shows the usage of UHF RFID, provided by CAEN RFID, in a Customer Experience project in Italy. SAPAF (leather bag manufacturer) is incorporating UHF tags in their products. Once the bag is passed on top of the reader, the display shows detailed information on the product to the Customer.

For more info on CAEN RFID products please visit: http://www.caenrfid.it

For more info on Temera please visit http://www.temera.it/

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From: CAENRFID srl

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Pick to light applications with battery-free UHF RFID LED tags

RFID helps automate your inventories making it easier, faster and error free to update your inventories with reliable data. Adding an LED to each tag helps users visually locate the desired item so the picking process is faster and more efficient.

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EID Tag Comparison - Comparing Ear Tags for Cattle: Host Louis Sirico

The Cattle Identification and The RFID Network teams have put together this comparison of EID tags (RFID ear tags) for use on cattle. We tested a variety of Full Duplex and Half Duplex EID tags from Allflex as well as UHF EID tags from Hana Innosys. All EID tags tested are USDA certified, tamper evident, and meet the Animal Disease Traceability criteria for official identification of individual animals. Host: Louis Sirico

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From: Louis Sirico

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Back scattering effect of an RFID tag

Here, we have use a Vector Signal Generator instead of an RFID Reader to send a signal to transmitting antenna and we will see the back scattering effect of an UHF RFID Tag from a receiving antenna which is connected to CH2.

VSG has been set to UHF frequency range (866.6MHZ) and 15dBm power is given from it. Hence, a 6dB splitter will receive the signal and approximately 10.6dBm power was send to the both output port of splitter, one of which is connected to Oscilloscope and the other one is...

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From: tohin boss

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XERAFY iN Tag Family - Embeddable RFID Tags

XERAFY's "iN" family of products, is the first UHF RFID tags that can be embedded in metal assets without sacrificing read performance.

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From: xerafy

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NewVideo UHF Gater DL8330U

As the demand of the high scanning accuracy in RFID gate, DAILY RFID has released its effective RFID UHF Gater DL8330U for access control and attendance application. Supporting ISO 15693 protocol tags, this RFID UHF Gater DL8330U can provide users with hands-free, walk-through access for badge identification.

More details please check in our website (www.RFID-in-China.com & www.Smart-RFID-Tag.com). DAILY RFID is the leading company specializing in researching and manufacturing RFID LF/HF/UHF/...

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Solar PV module RFID TAG & UHF handheld demo for upto 4 meter

The Latest and the Best RFID UHF long Range Handheld Reader. Light, balanced with an amazing battery life this unit can read a PET tag at almost 4meters. With an inbuilt Windows CE system it is highly customizable for various RFID solutions. Plus it has Add-on Wifi, GPRS data sending and (...hold your breath)... an optional GPS and Biometric Module... It is by far the BEST UHF Handheld Reader in the Market!! Grab One before they put it up as a Collectors Item...Ho ya!!! ..it is that good..watch...

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From: Nestwell

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AdvanStation - RFID encoding station (short version)

AdvanStation is an encoding station for paper and hard RFID UHF tags.

AdvanStation easily and quickly encodes hundreds or thousands of RFID tags at retail stores, offices, distribution centers, warehouses, or other spaces.

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From: Keonn Technologies

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