Mark of the Beast RFID Credit Card Transmitter DEFEATED via Truth and Teamwork!!

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app for RFID detection via play store:

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From: MattyD 4Truth

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Protect Yourself From Remote RFID Theft on Paypass Credit Ca

Right as soon as you watch this video, go get some pliers or a vise grip and find the little bump on your paypass credit cards. Smoosh it with the pliers or vise grip and test it next time you are at a place where they have remote Paypass RFID readers. Testing is important so that you know the vulnerable RFID tag is smooshed like a bug and you won't be vulnerable to someone swiping the info off your credit card remotely. Got other ideas for destroying the RFID chip? Leave them in the comments!

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From: bre pettis

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RFID Data Monitor with Temperature, Shock and Tilt sensors

The PE3001 UHF RFID chip allow to connect RFID with a microcontroller.

The micro then alos allows to use more external sensors. In this case temperatute sensing is accomplished by the RFID chip PE3001. This chip alos gathers monitoring sensor data, even from the sensors connected to the microcontroller. In this case the controller is connected to a 2-D Accelerometer MEMS sensor. Sensor data are being CDC (Capacitance-to-digital Conversion) transfered by the PE5010 IC. The system can track...

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From: peicdesign

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