Active RFID Vs Passive RFID

This video compares the difference between active and passive RFID. Watch this video to learn more and get ideas on choosing active or passive RFID technology for various applications.

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Hong Kong RFID Ltd.


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From: HK RFID Business Case and Product Demo

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Tyco Security Products - Visonic and Elpas

Tyco Security Products welcomes Visonic and Elpas to its security family. Since 1993, Elpas has been manufacturing advanced Triple Technology Active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) Passive RFID, and Physical Access safety, security and visibility products and solutions.

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From: Elpas

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Active VASS Vehicle Autogate Security System by MDT

This is the site using MDT latest Active RFID Autogate System. The technology has no problem with tinted windshield. Most of the active and passive tag have problem reading with tinted windshield in Malaysia. You no need to wind down the winodws like touch n go. For more info, visit

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From: mdtinnovations

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Badge RFID Tag

The Claitec's badge RFID tag, is a device that combines dual technology RFID, passive and active. It can be used with our PAS (Pedestrian Alert System).

The passive RFID technology allow our customers to maintain the existing access control and adding our PAS safety functionality.

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From: Claitec

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RFID Active Passive - RFID Supply Chain Lab

Overview of RFID active and passive technology at RFSCLab in University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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From: rfsclab

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RFID Journal LIVE! Middle East - June 15-17, 2009 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

RFID Journals first annual event in the Middle East ( آر إف آي دي جورنال لايف! الشرق الأوسط ) will be held June 15-17, 2009, at the InterContinental Hotel Festival City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates ( حدث آر إف آي دي للشركات في الشرق الأوسط ). This premier RFID event will help companies across the Middle East get up to speed on RFID and begin to leverage the unparalleled benefits that the technology can deliver. Attendees will learn...

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From: RFIDJournal

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Make It Happen - Wave Reaction

Wave Reaction is adaptable and readily incorporates many tracking technologies, including barcodes and hand-held scanners, active or passive radio-frequency identification (RFID), wireless and GPS tags, and Android-

enabled mobile devices. We're able to integrate multiple tracking technologies within the solution, and will work with the infrastructure already in place.

Ride the Wave to a hands-free supply chain.

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From: WaveReactionSoftware

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Vizbee's Maintenance Platform

Vizbee produces comprehensive RFID solutions and RTLS systems for locating and tracking assets and people, allowing rapid and risk-less deployment of projects.

* Passive RFID, Active RFID, GPS/GPRS, GSM Ultrasonic etc.

Mix and match the best-suited technologies for your RFID projects.

* Hardware integration

* Out-of-the-box RTLS

* Innovative graphical interface

* Intuitive user interface

* Single generic platform for many applications

* Robust performance & functionality

* Code-free,...

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From: RFID Vizbee

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CAEN RFID - Embedded UHF RFID readers presentation

UHF RFID technology allows to read and write information on devices, named tags or transponders, placed on objects for their identification. Read/write operations can occur without line-of-sight, at longer distance and faster speed compared to other passive technologies, thus allowing a cheaper and more efficient process automation.CAEN RFID is a leading company in Automatic Identification (AutoId). It has focused its activities in the Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) in the Ultra High...

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From: Symmetry Electronics

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S3 ID eLocator™ - Complete Location awareness

eLocator™, part of the S3 product range from S3ID. S3 ID offers a comprehensive range of location awareness technologies including Short Range solutions using active and passive RFID technologies, Medium Range solutions using either Ultra Wide Band or our innovative new CheckPoint™ technology.

Long Range solutions using Ultra Wide Band or GPS+™ technology

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From: AndyBrad2010

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