TagTrack: Indoor Device-Free Localization and Tracking Using Passive RFID Tags

We showcase a novel localization and tracking system based on

the Received Signal Strength (RSS) field formed by cost-efficient Radio-Frequency Identification passive tags.

More details please refer to MobiQuitous paper 'TagTrack: Device-free Localization and Tracking Using Passive RFID Tags'

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From: Lina Yao

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The LABLD tag is a reusable, re-programmable retail tag that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to store individualized product information. Scanning the RFID tag with a smartphone or reader activates interactive product information, enhancing the customer experience. The LABLD tag can be removed, reprogrammed, and re-affixed to another product, making them faster and easier than traditional UPC inventory tracking and eliminating the need for wasteful paper retail tags....

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From: Kyle Gillis

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Smartphone RFID Reader and Writer: Improving Healthcare in UN Refugee Camps

In refugee camps, it is difficult to track patient information because refugees frequently move between camps and medical clinics. Working with doctors from Harvard, this project develops a solution that will allow patients to carry their medical information on a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. The smartphone (or table) and associated device allow physicians to read and write information to RFID tags storing relevant patient data. This lowers the cost to care and monitor transient...

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From: Tufts Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Internet of Things - IoT - RFID connects THINGS to ERP

Internet of Things gives many advantages when used with Radio Frequency Identification tag - RFID. RFID lets businesses make smart connections, to automate processes, improve customer loyalty and cut costs with remote monitoring.

Internet of Things - IoT - is an ecosystem of technologies monitoring the status of physical objects, capturing meaningful data, and communicating that information through IP networks to ERP software applications.

Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri is explaining how RFID reader...

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From: Jyotindra Zaveri

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RFID for Supply Chain Management DSIM 518

1- introduction

RFID = Radio Frequency Identification.

2- RFID vs. Bar Code

* Safety.

* Distance.

* Speed.

* Price.

3- RFID Catagories

a/ Tags types:

active - semi-passive - passive - chipless

b/ Major purposes:

Authentication - Identification - Tracking

c/ Tag holder:

Human - Subject

4- Application Consideration

a- connect psychical world to digital world.

b- improve efficiency

c- enhance safety

d- cost.

5- Conclusion

RFID improves businesses.

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From: RFISsupplychain

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