RFID Based Vehicle Tracking System - Daphne Systems Private Limited

Find here Vehicle Tracking System using RFID Technology provided by Daphne Systems Private Limited. We are one of the top RFID tags service provider company based in New Delhi, India

provides RFID based solutions for Vehicle Tracking System, School Attendance System from Nursery to College and University level. For more details just visit at


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From: Daphne System

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Sysco RDC M5S Label precision Mode


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. RFID tags are used in many industries. An RFID tag attached to an automobile during production can be used to track its progress through the assembly line. Pharmaceuticals can be...

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Binwise, an advanced harvest logistics and supply chain management system

Binwise is a harvest logistics and bin management system using proprietary RFID/NFC tags, smart phones, mobile apps, RFID portals and cloud software. This system will allow real-time tracking of bins, crates, containers, and/or punnets during harvest from the orchard through to packing. Binwise will also allow packhouses to manage their internal harvest bin inventories and allow packhouse managers to track the location of individual bins and their contents across an entire site, an entire...

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Globees Infant Protection System

Globees Infant Tracking System protect the infant against the effects of Infant Abduction. The same can used to used to track patients as well as staffs at hospitals. Our infant security system acts as a personal security guard for each baby or patient wearing our active RFID transmitters. The tag, attached to a newborn's ankle via a strap, transmits its unique identifier once every 10 seconds to a network of RFID readers. Marked zones at doorways, elevators and other locations prompt the tag...

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From: Globees Solutions India Pvt Ltd

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Vanch F version integrated reader with 60KM for car sticker reading

RFID car/vehicle tracking system with VANCH F version integrated reader and plastic car plate tag at speed of 60KM/hour. more details, please contact me at beata@vanch.net

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From: Beata Hsiung

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Campus Safety - University Police Department Installs LEID Products BACS System to Secure Assets

Campus Safety - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) achieves immediate benefits using BACS asset management system for accurate control and tracking of officers shared equipment. SIUE Chief of Police Gina Hays shares her experience with LEID Products. With 39 police officers staffing two SIUE campuses, the majority of department assets are shared. SIUE purchased the BACS Asset Management System for its accessibility, accountability and efficiency. BACS (Biometric Access Control...

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Active RFID Tracking Web Application Trilateration Demo


Active RFID people / asset tracking system video showing an attempt at using trilateration to determine the unknown position of tag using the known position of 3 readers, and signal strengths to them.

Large orange spots indicate positions of readers.

The tag was first placed in the centre, then moved to the top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left, top left, then back to the centre.

As can be seen the code needs...

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RFID tag based attendance system

http://www.mtechprojects.com - RFID tag with details of the employee keep tracking of their attendance while swiped on the RFID reader interfaced to a microcontroller with LCD display for indication. - Mtech Projects Wing offering Embedded projects,Embedded systems,embedded seminar topics,Project works,Robotics projects,Robotics system,Final year project,EEE projects,ECE projects,Power Electronic projects,8051 micro controller projects,Latest Embedded projects,IEEE based projects,GSM based...

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What Are Radio Frequency Identification Systems

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IOT-Link: Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Active RFID system for RTLS, real time location system

The Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Active RFID system include the items.

1. BLE Tag: support panic button, G-sensor or various sensors

2. BLE Reader: read all the data broadcasted from the tag.

3. WiFi Gateway: bridge all the tag data read from the reader to the control center.

The RTLS system will support the applications.

 Location system: Asset, Passenger, Patient, Trailer

 Access control: Garage, Enterprises, Bank, Vehicle, Factory, Hospital,

Superstore, School, Warehouse

1. Logistic...

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