HackJam RF card door lock for BootHK

Our first HackJam (Hong Kong hackerspace) project which involves building an Octopus (RF) card activated lock for BootHK, a cowork space. The lock system uses a USB card reader, a netbook running Ubuntu Linux, an Arduino activating a relay, and an electromechanical lock running on 12VDC.

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RF IDeas Company Overview

RF IDeas, founded in 1995, is the innovator of WaveID®, the new standard for badge-based authentication and identification solutions powered by RF IDeas readers. Under the WaveID umbrella, RF IDeas designs, develops, and manufactures a complete line of pcProx® card readers that support nearly every proximity and contactless smart card in use worldwide.

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M302 RF ID chip reader test LeyeT post

Testing authorisation by RF chip id on a card or keyring


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RFID Identity Theft, Wireless Identity Theft ...Firewall Your Wallet with an Armadillo Dollar!

The latest in RFID wireless theft is one of the newest kinds of identity theft. A thief with a skimmer can walk by you and snarf your RF tagged information out of your bank cards, door access cards or driver's license. To protect yourself, you need an Armadillo Dollar. You will become invisible to the RF readers when you have your RF tagged cards inside an Armadillo Dollar Original or Armadillo Dollar card folder.

Protect your identity, keep what you have and stay smarter than the thieves....

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What Are Radio Frequency Identification Systems

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Wireless RFID Card Reader

Connecting Two Micro Controllers Using Wireless RF Technology.

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MFRC522 RF ID card reader based door lock

List of Components:

- 1 x Arduino Uno

- 1 x MFRC522 RF ID card reader

- 1 x L298 motor driver module

- 1 x DC motor with linear motion arrangement

Description: In this project the MFRC522 card reader is used for door lock control. MFRC522 card reader module detects and reeds the RF ID cards and tags. Selective RF ID cards are allowed access to the door control. When a pre-defined tag/RF ID card is detected, Arduino Uno operates the door lock motor through L298 motor driver module. If a...

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1500RF Card dispenser with RF card reader writer

Card Dispenser with RFID card reader/writer module built-in. Dispense card , collect card testing demo.


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SAC/Abomem & Tyfone NFC Card RF Demo

The NFC MicroSD already includeantenna which output 13.56MHz..

We can test this card with POS reader and confirm the RF performance.

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Tech Tip: pcProx Plus Card Analyzer Utility Function

Learn how to use the pcProx Plus Card Analyzer function from the configuration utility to easily configure a reader to a customer's card type and identify the compatible RF IDeas readers for ease of ordering.

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