1500RF Card dispenser with RF card reader writer

Card Dispenser with RFID card reader/writer module built-in. Dispense card , collect card testing demo.


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From: Alex Luk

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MFRC522 RF ID card reader based door lock

List of Components:

- 1 x Arduino Uno

- 1 x MFRC522 RF ID card reader

- 1 x L298 motor driver module

- 1 x DC motor with linear motion arrangement

Description: In this project the MFRC522 card reader is used for door lock control. MFRC522 card reader module detects and reeds the RF ID cards and tags. Selective RF ID cards are allowed access to the door control. When a pre-defined tag/RF ID card is detected, Arduino Uno operates the door lock motor through L298 motor driver module. If a...

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From: BK Education

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MFRC522 RF ID card based E-money card/wallet

List of Components:

- 1 x Arduino Uno

- 1 x MFRC522 RF ID card reader

- 1 x HC-05 Bluetooth module

- 1 x Jumper wires

Description: E-money card allows the user to make monitory transitions using RFID cards/tags. In this project the MFRC522 card reader is used to read and write a RF ID card/tag to be used as E-wallet. The MFRC522 card reader sends the card information to Arduino Uno. The RFID card also contains the information regarding the money value stored. The Arduino Uno sends this...

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From: BK Education

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contact less card production

Contactless smart cards use radio frequency (RF) technology to interact with a reader. Each card has an antenna embedded inside the card that enables communication with the reader without physical contact.

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From: ColourMax Printing

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Prox Card Reader System Oradell NJ .(800)973-6140

Get the high quality access control prox card readers which can be read without inserting it into a reader device. Prox card readers continuously transmit radio frequency (RF) signal that provides energy to the card. Employees have a unique Id with this id you can enter the location and maintain the access control of your building with the latest technologies. Contact NJ today for an access control services - . (800)973-6140 or visit us online at www.njaccesscontrol.com.

1. NJ- Access...

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From: Jackson smith

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Biometric integration with Suprema BioStar v.1.6, BioEntry Plus & Bosch Access PE v.2.1

Biometric Access Control

Software used: Suprema BioStar v.1.6 and Bosch Access PE v.2.1

Hardware used: Bosch ARD-FPBEPIC-OC and APC-AMC2-4WCF

Fast and accurate fingerprint identification

• Award winning fingerprint algorithm

• 1:2000 fingerprint identification in 1 second

Easy installation and connectivity

• Ethernet interface for TCP/IP communication

• Wiegand output connection configurable up to 64 bits

Easy operation and management

• Built-in RF card reader for...

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From: Panagiotis Karagiannis

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Dropbox image and RF ID card based E-attendance

List of Components:

- 1x Arduino Uno

- 1x MFRC522 card reader

- 1x HC-05 Bluetooth module

- 4 x ID tag/card

- Jumper wires

Description: In RF ID card based attendance system, it is not possible to determine if the tag/card has not been used by a proxy user. In this project, implementation and working of E-attendance system is presented. MFRC 522 card reader collects the card information. Android application collets the tag information through Bluetooth module HC-05 from the Arduino Uno....

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From: BK Education

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RFID Identity Theft, Wireless Identity Theft ...Firewall Your Wallet with an Armadillo Dollar!

The latest in RFID wireless theft is one of the newest kinds of identity theft. A thief with a skimmer can walk by you and snarf your RF tagged information out of your bank cards, door access cards or driver's license. To protect yourself, you need an Armadillo Dollar. You will become invisible to the RF readers when you have your RF tagged cards inside an Armadillo Dollar Original or Armadillo Dollar card folder.

Protect your identity, keep what you have and stay smarter than the thieves....

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From: polocath

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SAC/Abomem & Tyfone NFC Card RF Demo

The NFC MicroSD already includeantenna which output 13.56MHz..

We can test this card with POS reader and confirm the RF performance.

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From: Marcel

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From: Science LTv

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