EM08 125KHz EM ID Card Reader Module w Antenna Coil - Green

https://goo.gl/UBbXQ9 EM 08 is smaller size 125KHz EM 4100 or compatible card reader module it is designed to be embeded onto reader or controller main board to make the read card function Power:5V 30mA Interface: Wiegand26(optional Wiegand34 TTL clock/data) Reader range:upto 100mm Frequency: 125KHz Support card: EM ID card or EM 4100 compatible RFID cards Operation temperature: -10~70' Opeartion humidity: 5~95%(no condensing) Audio/Visual...

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Time Attendance System by Digital Identification Systems, Pune

Welcome to Digital Identification Systems, Manufacturer of Access Controllers. The company was established in 2007. Our Customized solutions, Paid sampling policy, Global sales and support network have helped us to gain present repute in the industry. Cost-effective solutions, Timeliness, Easy payment mode and high quality service are some of the striking features of our organization. Our product list includes Time Attendance, Access Control System, ID Cards, Low, High and Ultra High Frequency...

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Using a dip oscillator to check an RFID

Using a dip oscillator to test the tuned circuit in an RFID card.

Though the picture isn't very clear, you can see that the meter needle dips when the RFID's resonant frequency is tuned in on the dip oscillator.

The RFIDs tested here use HF frequencies around 13 MHz. Note that some use lower and higher frequencies so may not be detectable in the range covered by most dip oscillators.

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Vingcard Classic RFID Reader Demo w/ MiFare Card

A typical Vingcard hotel MiFare card reader. This model is a standard lower-security model. It features only a green light, so denied access is flashing green.


Brand: Vingcard

Model: Class RFID

-Frequency: 13.56 MHz

-Range: About 1 inch

DISCLOSURE: Do NOT attempt to make prox reader demos on doors that you do not have permission to access or use. Doing so can be considered attempted break-in and is grounds for punishment by property owners. Never list any locations of access control demos,...

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Sea to Summit RFID Protection Range

Most bank cards and passports have RFID technology to store data which can be accessed by RFID scanners at retail outlets or immigration checkpoints. There is a danger that thieves can digitally access this information by covertly using RFID scanners from a distance. RFID-proof fabric does not allow scanner radio frequencies to pass through it, restricting digital access to your personal information.

Sea to Summit’s new range of travel safety products are lined with RFID-proof fabric. The...

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