RFID implants getting real

Check the company's proposing RFID chip implants

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RFID chip update; Credit card companies are forcing everyone to use Smart credit cards in their war

RFID chip update; Credit card companies are forcing everyone to use Smart credit cards in their war

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UHF RFID Solutions from the Impinj Global Partner Network

See UHF RFID solutions from the Impinj Global Partner Network. Solutions powered by Impinj Monza RFID chips, Speedway RFID readers and Indy RFID reader chips include RFID for race timing, tool management, managing equipment in the operating room and more. To read about how these companies are succeeding with RFID, visit: http://www.impinj.com

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Swedish Companies implant RFID Chips in employees

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RFID chips are a huge threat.

RFID chips are a threat to security and privacy. The government and credit card companies think that you have no right to privacy. They want to violate your rights. Is that okay with you? It's not okay with me. Stop being a sucker. Stop being taken advantage of. You have the right to privacy. Now is the time to protect yourself. I want to educate everyone about the issues. Here are some helpful links.

News report describing the threat posed by RFID...

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The mark of the beast deception part 1

RFID chip's is something that is man made, made my deviant groups who want to take control of your freedom and censer everything that can be censored, it was made by companies and scientists, and RFID chips emit radio frequency waves to help government enslave and target ppl, sense it's it's made by so many people in those professional fields how can it be the mark of the beast, the mark of the beast only comes from the Son of Perdition and the False Prophet, Rev 13, DO NOT GET RFID CHIP'S,...

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RFID in Healthcare

Ferm RFID Solutions supports several hospitals in the adoption of a RFID vision and strategy. More info at http://www.fermrfid.com/rfid-specialties#LangeLand

RFID offers spectacular possibilities in the field of patient safety, internal logistics, management and maintenance, asset management and proof of delivery.

Please also visit http://www.fermrfid.com

We can help you with all kinds of FAQ about RFID like:

What is RFID?

How does RFID work?

What can RFID do for your company?


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Company throws a RFID Chip Party! (It's time to make a choice!)

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The UHF RFID CHIP placed pallets which has high reading distance, produced by our company. The humidity, high heat and cold resistance testings of these pallets has been completed successfully. For more information www.takipsan.com

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Swedish Company Implants RFID Chips in Workers

A Swedish company called Epicenter has tagged their employees with RFID chips they use to gain access to their office. Founder Hannes Sjoblad is asking his workers to be voluntary tagged as a case study in the event governments attempt to chip citizens in the future. We look at the story on the Lip News with Madison Mary Walls and Margaret J. Howell.




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