How to make a ARDUINO controlled RFID keyless entry door lock system

This tutorial will show you how to use a ARDUINO with a RC522 RFID card reader to make a keyless entry door lock system..

The RFID library and the ARDUINO code can be found on my website :

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From: Z-HUT

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Arduino Tutorial - Security Access Using RFID Reader (MFRC522)

In this tutorial we will learn how to use the RFID MFRC522. So we can use an RFID system to open a door. For example, only the person with the right information on his card is allowed to enter.


Hardware Required:

Arduino Board -

RFID RC522 Module -

Servo Motor -

Magnetic Lock (If to use) -

LED Kit -

Buzzer -

F to F Jumper -

M to M Jumper...

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From: Mert Arduino and Tech

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Arduino RFID Car Door Locks

Comment below if you'd like to see more about this!

Full code for this access system:

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From: MrThumperrr

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Car Security System by Micro Controller interfacing with RFID & Bluetooth

DIY security system using Arduino interfacing with multiple ports controlling by RFID (Smart Card) and Bluetooth Cell Phone has planted in Japanesse Car (Suzuki Arena - Luxury). Just like an expensive car. The program system including :

1. Door Lock/Unlock.

2. On Off Starter Engine.

3. Panic Alaram.

4. Hazard.

5. Beam Lamp.

6. Power Window Up & Down

7. Unlock Bagage Door.

Next project I am going to planted the GSM/GPS and moving sensor to detected if stranger get inside into the car and fire...

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From: Afot Sahri

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RFID based Door Lock System using Arduino

I have used EM-18 RFID Reader Module and Arduino UNO board for this project. RFID Reader reads the unique rfid number from the RFID cards or RFID tag and sends it to microcontroller.The system/Door allows access based on the RFID tag received on the RFID reader.

Controller: ATmega328

RFID Reader: EM-18 Module

Software Environment: Embedded C, Arduino IDE, Serial Monitor/PuTTY

Special Features: RFID Interfacing, Serial Communication

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From: king07kd

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Arduino: RFID Door Locking System

Using an Arduino Deumilanove to control a servo motor which rotates to either lock or unlock a door. The servo motor would be replaced with an Electric Strike door lock and a solenoid driving a deadbolt, however due to costs for the prototype we simulated the effect with a servo.

The system checks for an RFID tag, when one is present, it then asks for a pincode. If incorrect, it will ask for it again, otherwise it will print the name coded to the tag in a welcome message, and send this to the...

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From: Catatafish

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Door locking System using ARDUINO and RFID.

This video shows that how Sliding door control or locked using and RFID.

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From: Pradipta Ghosh

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Arduino RFID Reader Final

For Code and Schematic of Arduino Based RFID Reader visit

A radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader) is a device used to gather information from an RFID tag. It can be used to track individual objects. It is widely used in a number of applications including various Attendance Systems, Key-less door locks, Fast-Tag at Toll Plazas, Automatic Parking Systems, etc.

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From: Positron Technologies

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Arduino Smart Home RFID door Lock

This is first test of my homemade door lock system with using Arduino Leonardo PLC and optional RFID key. In this video I'm presenting switches for open / close and LCD diming when door is closed. System has relay for auto charging the batteries too.

Cheers :-)

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From: Wojtek Creim

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RFID based automatic door lock system |Arduino and RFID connection

RFID based automatic door lock system |Arduino and RFID connection,

Arduino RFID door lock system using servo motor you can use this system as a secure locker also.

please find the link to download library file and program.

if u have any doubt feel free to comment.

How to use the RC522 RFID module with an Arduino - Tutorial

Arduino NFC EEPROM электронный ключ RC522 Card Read Module RFID OLED LCD Display

Arduino RFID Door Access

rfid based automatic door system.

RFID door lock...

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