RFID Weighbridge System

Imagic Dual Security System with Vehicle Windshield Tag And Driver Card.

System Allow Weighment when Dual Authenticate on Weighbridge other wise it will not allow Weighment.

IMAGE Capturing : - Its Capture Vehicle Image automatically when Weighment Save and Store in HDD,

Sound System : - When Vehicle Comes on Weighbridge Center Position then System Announce Vehicle No.

Position System :- its Allow When Vehicle Center Position of Weighbridge,

LED Display :- Display Vehicle No and Actual...

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From: Vijay Movaliya

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Safe School Security Introduces RFID

Our Radio Frequency Identification system uses radio signals for its function. Our software operates using hardware that contains an antenna and a transceiver to read the radio frequency and transfer the information to the reader from RF tag. The antenna offers the means for the integrated circuit to broadcast the information to the reader that converts the radio waves, which is reflected reversed from the RFID tag. This digital information is passed on to our proprietary system that will...

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From: SafeSchoolSecurity

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RFID security access control system

http://www.mtechprojects.com - RFID tag reader to read the data present on the tag to compare the same to match the built in data for status display and indication with a lamp. - Mtech Projects Wing offering Embedded projects,Embedded systems,embedded seminar topics,Project works,Robotics projects,Robotics system,Final year project,EEE projects,ECE projects,Power Electronic projects,8051 micro controller projects,Latest Embedded projects,IEEE based projects,GSM based projects,RFID based...

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From: MTech Projects

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DEFCON 14: First We Break Your Tag, Then We Break Your Systems Attacks to Rfid Systems

Speaker: Lukas Grunwald


This talk provides an overview of new RFID Technologie used for Dual-Interfaces Cards (Credit cards, Ticketing and Passports), and RFID Tags with encryption and security features.

Problems and attacks to these security features are discussed and attacks to these features are presented. After dealing with the tags an overview to the rest of a RFID-implementation, middelware and backend database and the results of special attacks to this infrastructure is...

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From: Christiaan008

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Long Range RFID Tags - Toll Tag Access Control - Windshield Sticker Tag - www.nexlar.com

The Windshield Sticker Tag Access control system allow you to easily control, manege and audit traffic of vehicles through gate or an area. The system can be integrated with toll tags ( Ez Tags).

Applications: electronic toll collection, airport ground transportation management, traffic management, border control, homeland security, electronic vehicle registration, parking, and security access control.

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From: Nexlar Security

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Arduino and RFID based Circular platform car parking system

I made highly secured automated car parking system, it is a very useful future parking system particularly for apartments, private company etc for the better safety of vehicles which are parked. The car is made to park using individual ID only. Each car has own platform and no one is allowed to park, i.e each place is allotted for particular car.

This idea uses

RFID Reader RC522,


Stepper motor,


Arduino Uno R3

Cardboard and some connecting wires

RFID library is at...

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From: Bhadrappa R Hiriyur

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Globees Infant Protection System

Globees Infant Tracking System protect the infant against the effects of Infant Abduction. The same can used to used to track patients as well as staffs at hospitals. Our infant security system acts as a personal security guard for each baby or patient wearing our active RFID transmitters. The tag, attached to a newborn's ankle via a strap, transmits its unique identifier once every 10 seconds to a network of RFID readers. Marked zones at doorways, elevators and other locations prompt the tag...

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From: Globees Solutions India Pvt Ltd

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NFC implant tag chip for door lock home security

Here's a quick video to show how my NFC Samsung Smart Doorlock System works.

It accepts up to 70 reprogrammable profiled passcodes as well as NFC tags to unlock. Tags can be worn on a keychain as a fob or special tags can be implanted for added convenience and security. The implantable tags can be used for countless other applications as well.

I always keep various implantable NFC and RFID tags in stock, so email russ@russfoxx.com to inquire or book yours today!

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From: Russ Foxx

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Presentation New 2015

Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations is the company which provides safety and security equipment in all around the country. Our Products are cctv camera,IP cameras,Megapixel IP camera,SD Network IP Camera,Panromic camera,Biometric Attendance System,Access Control System,Fire Alarm System,Fire Alarm,Home Security Systems,Fingerprint Lock,

Fingerprint Scanner,Smoke Detector,attendance software,Face Recognition,attendance software,Face Recognition,rfid tag,

id card Printer,Metal Detector.

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From: Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations

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BeagleBone Black RFID ( MFRC 522 ) Read Write in Android

In this video shows Read and Write Smart Card ( Mifare 1k , Ultralight ) using Android application run on Android Ported Beagle Bone Black.

This is a very useful application of RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and is very commonly used in institutes, offices, homes and so on. An RFID system consists of a MFRC522 (RFID Reader) and a Smart Card . A Smart Card or tag has a unique serial number which is identified by the reader. Here RFID has been interfaced with BeagleBone Black to provide...

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From: Sarath AK

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