RFID based student attendance system

"RFID based student attendance system"

To make the students attendance system autonomous this system can be used. Here a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags are used along with students ID cards, when the student show this Card to the card reader situated near to the gate of the classroom, then a special code is transferred wirelessly to the reader, which in return check the code.

If the code of is accurate according to the database of the institute, then only the gate will open.


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Toll Plaza System Using RFID - Project Idea

Toll Plaza System Using RFID :

This system finds an application in toll gate taxation, allowing different taxation to different types of cars according to depending on different parameters. Thus assigning high taxes for high polluting and heavy cars, and low taxes for low polluting cars. Vehicle localization: if a vehicle is stolen, it can be roughly localized using the RFID data.

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Goldantell Swing Barrier Gate with RFID Access & Barcode Systrem& Qr code All In One System

Goldantell swing barrier gate installed with various kinds of system including:RFID Access control system,barcode System and qr code(Two-dimension code) system,Goldantell Technology not only sell product to you,but we provide the whole solution,moreover is we only charge product cost,no need extra intllation labor fee.

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RFID Student Gate Pass System - Visual Basic

A RFID based Student Gate Pass System.

Software used:


- Visual Basic 6

Hardware used:

- RFID Card - Proximity Cards

- RFID Reader - USB 125KHz

NOTE: This is just a preview of my Project this is not a tutorial. If you want the Project just comment your email address or contact me through

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/zweeyii

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaaeeyii

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Completed Site with MAG Barrier Gate System And RFID Long Range System

We are doing demonstration video for our site using MAG Barrier Gate System, Basic Touch&Go function And RFID ZK Long Range System.

Please contact us for any information or visit our Facebook Pages to get more product information for the product.

Website: www.mtssb.com

Pages: www.facebook.com/mtexscprovider

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RFID Gates - Student Attendance System

A walk through in ITFT campus, Chandigarh

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Gated Community Gate System with RFID CARDS

We can install a system for you that is troublefree,backup for power loss,remote software for long distance troubleshooting and member card data entry,camera video collection and open house conditions as well.Email me at gaec@freeincome4u.biz for the best price on the East Coast for Access Control,Green Automation,Or Energy Conservation unlike any other company for lowest cost and highest reliability.Thanks for your time,Ed

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RFID based toll gate system using atmega32 microcontroler

this project is based on RFID using atmega32 microcontroler.

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Parknsecure Introduce Longe Range RFID System

Introducing long range RFID system for contemporary car parking system. It is an approach for the safe, secured, highly manageable, mankind free and highly sophisticated parking system for residential as well as commercial places.

System could read the tag attached with the car from max distance of 15 m and notify the server about authorization which eventually directs the entry and exit gate to open for that individual car.

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RFID Based Barrier Gate Management System (RFID BGMS) | Entry of residents

A first of its kind, innovative RFID based Barrier Gate Management System.

RFID BGMS is an ideal solution for both industrial and residential projects to ensure safe environment. RFID BGMS provides a completely automated Gate Management that enables the security team to effectively manage both registered vehicle access and visitor vehicle access.

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