Goldantell Swing Barrier Gate with RFID Access & Barcode Systrem& Qr code All In One System

Goldantell swing barrier gate installed with various kinds of system including:RFID Access control system,barcode System and qr code(Two-dimension code) system,Goldantell Technology not only sell product to you,but we provide the whole solution,moreover is we only charge product cost,no need extra intllation labor fee.

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From: Goldantell Turnstile

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Gated Community Gate System with RFID CARDS

We can install a system for you that is troublefree,backup for power loss,remote software for long distance troubleshooting and member card data entry,camera video collection and open house conditions as well.Email me at for the best price on the East Coast for Access Control,Green Automation,Or Energy Conservation unlike any other company for lowest cost and highest reliability.Thanks for your time,Ed

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RFID Toll Road Payment systems have really helped a lot in reducing the heavy congestion caused in the metropolitan cities of today. It is one of the easiest methods used to organize the heavy flow of traffic. When the car moves through the toll gate on any road, it is indicated on the RFID reader that it has crossed the clearing. The need for manual toll based systems is completely reduced in this methods and the tolling system works through RFID. The system thus installed is quite expedient...

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How much does it cost to install RFID reader technology?

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How much does it cost to install RFID reader technology?

No matter the effectiveness of any security or lock system, this is a question that always looms large—and with good reason. After all, you’re not made of money, and protection has to be cost effective. So how much might RFID technology run you? That’s going to vary wildly depending on the system...

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Vizzia: Piedmont Hospital

Several years ago, VIZZIA installed a low-cost passive RFID system to track and manage Piedmont’s moveable medical equipment. VIZZIA also provides Piedmont with advanced analytics and process-management consulting. Piedmont has been so satisfied with VIZZIA’s services that they recently upgraded to an advanced RTLS system.

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Affordable Long Range RFID Reader for Parking System and Access Control

Hand-free up to 20m reading; Fast and reliable identification, no queues anymore; Compatible with any parking and access control systems; Stick-on windscreen tags; Cost effective and easy installation.

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How RFID saved one company 50% of their labor costs

Why are they installing RFID?

Because our Nox RFID Supply Chain system works. Nox has reduced labor costs 50% and reduced errors from 5% to 0.2%.

Zebra created a video showcasing their printer as part of our Nox RFID supply chain system, and the United States Department of Defense (DoD) made an entire video about the Nox system to demonstrate the future for their supply chain, too.

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