FISH Uses RFID Chips and Indoor Technology to Track People

Geospatial Solutions and GPS World's Art Kalinski reports from eMerge Americas, held May 4-5 in Miami. FISH is a company that tracks people and assets using RFID tags and indoor location technology. Its integrated platform includes online and offline registration tools, Brand Ambassador Mobile devices, interactive kiosks, social sharing API’s, RFID, BLE and Social Media Visualization walls.

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Q-Finder RFID Tracking Integrated with Access Control and CCTV

RFID Tracking Integrated with Access Control and CCTV

Our RFID tracking solution is built to identify, track and secure different organization elements Like People, Assets, Documents, Vehicle …etc. integrated with access control and surveillance camera.

Using our patented technology and comprehensive Web-based tools, Q-Finder, Q-Time is a very powerful tool to save time and money, building your archival material in an efficient and organized manner.

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From: QudraTech

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RFID Travel: Biometrics and RFID Truck at RFID Journal Live

We used an Air ID playback to read information from a tagged button. A link to a YouTube video was activated and an RFID movie was then displayed on an Apple MacBook Pro. Do you have problems keeping track of your tools? Well, at RFID Journal live 2008 we saw an RFID truck that might provide the answer. At the show we learned that Ford, DeWalt, and ThingMagic have teamed up together to provide a mobile solution to keep track of your tools. It will be launched next year in Ford 2009 trucks.

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Real Time Supply Chain Visibility

The need for supply chain visibility is continually growing. Tracking Innovations RFID supply chain management solution gives you the tools you need to boost supply chain visibility and gain control of shipments traveling through complex supply chains. Tracking Innovations RFID supply chain solution tracks the flow of assets providing supply chain visibility from departure to destination. Supply chain visibility is critical in the economy today.

Learn more about Tracking Innovations real...

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Simple RFID Inventory Tracking System

Our goal at Simple RFID is to provide all of the essential tools to allow you and your customers to begin benefiting from RFID. We strive to offer a simple, rfid inventory solutions which allows users to be up and running in just a few hours and requires little training to begin using. We would love to talk with you and discuss about rfid inventory system cost & how we can help you with your goal of using rfid inventory management system. Call at (844) 637-2464 for more information about rfid...

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RFID in Aerospace - NASA Kennedy Space Center.mp4

RFID is emerging as the high-tech tracking solution of choice for high value tools, equipment and IT assets at NASA Kennedy Space Center.

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NexCap Tool Tracking Solution

The NexCap RFID Tool Tracking Solution manages and tracks your tools from your warehouse to the inside of the aircraft. The NexCap Solution offers 4 modules for the most common tool storage requirements. Each module is designed to be used in different Aerospace environements, including Manufacturing, MRO and In-line operations.

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RFID Equipment & Tool Tracking from Silent Partner Technologies™

RFID Equipment, Inventory and Tool tracking from Silent Partner Technologies™. A solution for Landscape, Construction, HVAC and Mobile repair just to name a few.

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From: Silent Partner Technologies

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FileTrail: RFID File Tracking Solutions

Increase efficiency and lower risk with FileTrail’s physical records management system with advanced RFID tracking. The most advanced system for managing critical physical records and assets. FileTrail the most deployed RFID system for records management in the world.

• Experience guarantees success.

• Highly configurable to meet any organization’s needs.

• Most advanced search tools.

• Capture all movement history for accurate chain of custody.

• Manage any location.

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Cherami RFID File and Asset Tracking System - Short Version

Cherami’s Waves RFID (radio frequency identifier) should be your first choice for sourcing high quality RFID tracking solutions. We use the latest software and tracking technologies to deliver solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.

Our RFID Solutions are used to track and manage anything of value (such as printed documents, computer equipment, tools and equipment or food products) and people.

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From: Cherami Ltd

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