ThingMagic USB Pro RFID Reader

USB Pro:

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The USB Pro is the next generation of the USB Plus+ UHF RFID reader ( with new features like an external antenna port. This reader has a transmit power of +30 dBm and has a max read distance of up to 1.2 meters with the internal antenna, and up to 6.1 meters with an external antenna (6 dBi Linearly Polarized Wideband Antenna used).

Applications: Basic Read and Write, File Tracking/Document...

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From: Atlas RFID Store

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Invengo Xc2903 2d Barcode Imager Uhf Rfid Reader


Invengo's Xc-2903 is a compact, rugged, and high performing Uhf handheld reader with a powerful processor, expanded memory, with multiple connectivity and data capture options.

The is suitable for supply chain, asset, livestock, and industrial tracking applications.

What's Included? Rfid Unit, Standard and Cord, Usb Cable, Strap, Stylus, and a 3.7v Lithium 3800 mah battery.

Specifications Electrical: Air Interface Protocol: Epc global...

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From: Marcellus Staley

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Simple using read-only reader

DAILY RFID just launched a new product UHF RFID Desktop USB Reader which has many advanced features and very reliable performance. UHF RFID Desktop USB Reader supports Plug-And-Play and very simple for using, it doesn’t need any software or driver to work. After you connect the reader to your device, then open a txt, word or Excel file, while you read the RFID tags, the tag ID will be shown where the cursor is. Owning to its easy using features, it get a lot positive feedback from customers.

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[TTR] Table Top Reader

Table Top Reader.

TTR only needs a USB cable to read UHF tags.

Due to its keyboard edge input method, no additional software is needed.

Use notepad, excel, word or any program to retrieve RFID data.

Affordable, Portable Reader - TTR.

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From: Hanmi IT Co., Ltd.

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No Driver USB Destop UHF RFID Reader and Writer 860Mhz~960Mhz with SDK,demo software,user manual,sou No Driver USB Destop UHF RFID Reader and Writer 860Mhz~960Mhz with SDK,demo software,user manual,source code long range Reader

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From: tech tricks

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Card Cube Group RFID Product Video

Card Cube specializes in manufacturing contact and non-contact IC cards, RFID/NFC tag products, RFID/NFC wristbands and smart card readers, all of which are used in transportation, social services, telecommunications, finance, public transportation, express ways, campuses, shopping malls and more.

Main Products: We supply non-contact RFID cards, UHF cards, RFID USB cards, Alien RFID cards, contact cards, RFID photo cards, RFID antennas, 3D RFID cards, RFID label inlays, single use wristbands,...

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From: Elva Zhang

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eChain USB RFID POS Short Range Scanner

The eChain RFID Point of Sale (POS) Short Range Scanner is a professional UHF RFID scanner that replaces your barcode scanner at point-of-sale and check-out registers. Uses keyboard wedge, keyboard emulation to send EPC RFID Tag ID directly to PoS checkout device over the USB connection. No software needed! This video demonstrates the Short Range version that requires items to almost touch the reader in order for the RFID tag to successfully scan, ensuring that tagged items in the checkout...

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From: eChain Technology

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Winnix USB Desktop UHF RFID Reader Writer

Winnix USB uhf rfid reader writer, this reader is a short distance reader, it reads 30-40cm distance. We would provide software(API, DEMO, SDK and protocol)

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From: cheung wah

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Introduction of UHF 860-960 MHz Compact RFID Reader (236034)

GAO RFID's UHF 860-960 MHz Compact RFID Reader is compliant to ISO18000-6C EPC Gen 2 protocol and operates at a frequency range of 840 to 960 MHz. It is specially designed for applications such as system logger, time and attendance, prepayment and ticket management. It features a compact housing design making it ideal for installation in environments with space constraints.

For more information, check out the product...

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From: GAO RFID Inc.

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With three kinds communication interface , Bluetooth, WiFi and USB . Users can link this reader with Tablet PC in Android or Windows system by Bluetooth and WiFi to control in Host or Scan Work Mode. This Handheld RFID reader R-Pan is in accordance with EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) protocols.With high performance anti-collision algorithm, it could read as most of 50 tags per second.

want to know more about it , add my skype ID : chenhui_hb

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From: Cherry

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