Tiny UHF Gen2 RFID for tracking camera lenses, guns, and covert tagging

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From: Simply RFiD

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Using the Keyboard Wedge for RFID on the Juno T41 with Android

In this video, we show you how to use the keyboard wedge feature for reading UHF RFID tags. The Trimble Juno T41 supports reading RAIN, GEN2, and optionally Rail (AEI) tags. We helped Trimble build this RFID software, as well as our own EPX RFID middleware for Android.

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From: SDG Systems

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PE3001 Evaluation Kit EVA3001 UHF RFID Temperature Data Logger

PE GmbH : This chip adds temperature sensing, a real time clock, a large EEPROM and SPI to EPC Gen2 RFID Tag functionality . Logistics of all kinds can be constantly controlled. The chip also allows to hook up other sensors through a MCU connected to the SPI. The kit comes with a GUI and all source codes.

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From: peicdesign

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EcoSensa RFID Rugged Metal Tag Testing

Ecosensa.com RFID Gen2 UHF 18000-6c Rugged Metal Tag for Aviation, Container Tagging, Timber, Warehouse, Asset, Military etc

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From: EcoSensa RFID

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Tageos Eos410 R6 Rfid Hang Tag Monza R6

Amazon-US: http://babbleify.info/slus/2/com/B01FKYDYT4/info

The Tageos Eos-410 is a small wide-band Gen2 Uhf Rfid Hang especially designed to meet retailers' item-level tagging needs.

The allows and suppliers to enable complete visibility at the most competitive price.

Specifications Electrical: Air Interface Protocol: Epc Class 1 2 (iso18000-6c) Operating Frequency: Global (860-960 Mhz) Ic Type: Impinj Monza R6 Memory: 96 bits, User 0 Content: Unique, auto-serialized Max Read Distance: 10m...

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From: Josue Bray

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high performance gen2 tag with reliable 2m+ WRITE distance

Email enquiries to info@ecosensa.com

Read Distance Test by EcoSensa.com

Test Scenario :

Fixed Mount Reader with 1 antenna.

Distance of Tags from Antennas is approximately 2 meter ++

1 RFID UHF Gen2 tag is hang inside the windscreen of truck.

We managed to get a good and reliable WRITE distance of 2 meter++

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From: EcoSensa RFID

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Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet with Pocket Sized GEN2 UHF RFID Reader

In this video we're going to demonstrate using an Android Tablet running Android 2.2 with a Blueberry Bluetooth (SPP Serial Port Profile) UHF (GEN2) RFID reader to scan grocery items and look them up using the List-in-Hand Mobile List application.

This is a Dell Streak 7 and this is a Blueberry bluetooth GEN2 (UHF ) RFID reader. We'll turn on the Bluetooth reader, then we'll use the Menu Connect in the Mobile List application.

The scanner shows in the Bluetooth devices list since we've...

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From: SerialMagic

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CSIA 2014 Conference RFID Pepperl+Fuchs

http://www.pepperl-fuchs.us/usa/en/classid_1542.htm - Pepperl+Fuchs participates in the CSIA 2014 Executive Conference, San Diego, CA April 23-26. Tim Cicerchi, Product Marketing Manager, Intelligent Systems, introduces the new UHF long-range RFID system. This compact, self-contained reader can read any EPC Gen2 UHF tags up to two meters away. These heads are used in industrial RFID applications, including parts tracking on assembly lines, bin identification in batch processes, and open loop...

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From: PepperlFuchsUSA

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Confidex Ironside Metal Tag - Ruggedness Test - survived and working well after 3 Impact tests

Email enquiries to info@ecosensa.com

Confidex Ironside was hammered by customer 3 times and still working well. ( Although the shape changed ). They wish to stimulate that the tag was bang by forklift, or vehicle was hit by other objects or involved in accident, and check if the tag still survived and working.

The client was impressed of the ruggedness of the tag.

Specification of Ironside : IP68 rating!!! Best-of-Class Ruggedized UHF Gen2 Metal Tag. +105°C resistance, able to...

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From: EcoSensa RFID

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Motorola Xoom Android and GEN2 RFID Tire Tag Data Capture

This video shows the Motorola Xoom Android 10.1-inch Tablet and a Bluetooth UHF-GEN2 RFID reader that can read tire (and tyre for those in the UK) RFID tags and post the tire tag data to any Android app via the Bluetooth connection.

Turn on the Bluetooth radio, we launch the Mobile Grid app on the Android Tablet, use the Menu Connect option to select the reader; RFID scanner has been paired the reader immediately connects.

Now you go to the outside of the tire where the RFID tag is...

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From: SerialMagic

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