Apps that can clone your card at one tap !! RFID theft !! should you buy rfid blocking wallet ?

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This video includes : Apps that can clone your card at one tap !! which kind of cards are vulnerable , types of emv cards - static and dynamic ( dda and sda) , types of rfid cards , all about rfid enabled credit or debit cards , cloning rfid cards using mobile , how safe are your rfid cards , how safe are your cards stored in apple pay , samsung pay or android pay ,...

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RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

This RFID Blocking anti theft premium leather wallet will 100% protect you from ALL electronic pick pocketing!

Electronic pick pocketing is at an all time high and is on the rise.

Main reason is because it is really EASY!

$12 scanner bought off eBay is all these thieves need to steal your credit card RFID information thru your...

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NBC TV in Tyler Texas shows the dangers of RFID credit cards

The NBC TV report shows how thieves can scan your credit card right through your wallet or purse. They also show how the Identity Stronghold Secure Sleeve can protect you. You can buy RFID blocking products at

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RFID Blocking SECURE SLEEVES new Secure Badgeholders Buy the Secure Sleeves or Resale ($$$ Extra Income Opportunity $$$) Buy 100 Secure Sleeves® every 30 days for $250 (a $500 retail value) with FREE Shipping! Each Secure Sleeve® has a suggested retail of $5 each. As our special gift to you, we will send you One FREE $300 Prepaid Loyalty Credit Card.

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LINKYO RFID Blocking - Why do you need it?

Protect yourself from the dangers of modern identity theft and lock your data up tight with LINKYO lightweight, water resistant, tear resistant protector sleeves!

Did you know that today's tech-savvy criminals can grab ALL your personal information by simply walking past you on the street?! Most modern credit cards, passports, ID cards and transit cards are coded with radio frequency identification technology (RFID) so electronic readers can easily collect the information. They are designed...

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