Rfid reader + arduino + vbnet

This video is an updated version of my rfid scanner...arduino handles the tag value arrangement before sending it the pc usb port. I believe it can be expanded to use with zigbee for wireless capability.

HW setup:

mini arduino clone

usb to ttl module

lowcost rfid reader

i2c lcd


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From: Joseph Degorio

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ARDUINO-RFID-LCD (rfid security system)

In the following project we are going to make a rfid card reader by using the arduino uno and a rfid card reader.

the following project can do a lot of things such as reading a tag adding of the tag and also the deleting of the tag

all the nessary diagrams for the rfid projects can be found out on my instructables page


link to my older videos are



2.Arduino IR Remote - Convert Any Old...

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From: kj's electronics

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Animatronic Iron Man helmet wireless

Wireless control test using RFID tag reader, XBee radios with Adafruit XBee adapters and arduinos. I'm using small RFID tags as inputs to control the suit animatronics.

The mechanics of this helmet have been completely changed- the arms that raise the faceplate were scrapped in the new version. See the new version here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFiWT15-hfg&list=UU5V7iutH_nnRxeuSCrVSkKg

Please note that I do not manufacture or sell Iron Man helmets or suits- I am simply installing the...

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From: DIY Animatronics

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Home automation : testing RFID

Here, I'm testing some basic authentication in my home automation network, using a wireless RFID prototype node.

The node is an Arduino Uno, a RFM12b RF433MHz tranceiver, and a RFID reader.

The central station is still a Raspberry Pi with custom hardware

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From: Stéphane Guerreau (ArcadiaLabs)

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