RFID Antenna coil for 125kHz or 13.56MHz|JHCOILS | Custom ...

RFID Antenna coil


We possess the right knowledge, team, technology and equipment to produce antenna coils to almost any specification. We have achieved a substantial competitive advantage and huge customer base due to our unmatched capabilities such as:125kHz rfid antenna...

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RFID Coil Antenna, 125KHz | RF Solutions


RFID Coil Antenna, 125KHz�

The Micro RWD has been designed to interface to a simple low Q (10-20) antenna coil of around 700uH (micro Henry) inductance operating at a carrier frequency of 125 kHz.

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No matter where you are, the size of your order or how fast you need it - we have a delivery option for you!

UK Mainland orders: FedEx

All orders within the UK (excluding Scottish Highlands) are sent via FedEx which offers a fast, insured and tracked shipping method. Orders placed before 3pm Mon-Thu will be dispatched the same day for next day delivery*. Orders...

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125KHz RFID reader anntena coil - Forum for Electronics

i need some help pls... i currently modified a 125KHz RFID reader anntena coil, the actual read range for 125KHz RFID reader is about 4cm. I plan to remove the original anntena coil and replace with another anntena coil to improve the reading range. so, what type of material i needed to build the antenna coil? for example copper? is that correct? how many turn for the anntena coil? how many...

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Date: 2012-05-21 02:35:24
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China Customized 125kHz RFID Antenna Coil Inductor - China ...

The wire diameter of inductor coil we could make, is between 0.012-1.2mm.

Custom desgin, drawing and sample are welcome!

Our advantage:

1.Own factory.Low price. Fast delivery

2.Professional manufacturer in coil industry for more than 10 years

3.Small batch order advantage, flexibly in dealing with orders

4.Strict control of raw materials and the production process

5.Development and design ability

6.Professional services team, dealing with all kinds of payment at...

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quality small rfid tags for sale - cpcool.com

Plastic Small Rfid Tag With Barcode / Disposable Rfid Tags For Books

Plastic Small Rfid Tag With Barcode / Disposable Rfid Tags For Books UHF RFID library tag is specially designed for the management of books and important confidential documents. It is high performance, but also uneasy to be remove. It's high read rate, which could reach to 500pcs/sec, making it more convenient for the library to...

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RFID Transponder Coils (TR4308I) - Token Components

Note: Test Freq.: 125KHz / 0.25V.

Operating Temp.: -40°C+85°C.

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification System and Applications

Figure 1. RFID System

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is the system of using radio signals to send information identifying a particular item. The most common application of RFID is to track and locate any subject including material, or moving item.

The RFID coil is...

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Designing an RFID antenna - Hackster.io

Designing an RFID antenna:

Basically I am motivated to replace the antenna on this RFID reader. The reader is really cheap, and fits my porpoise, its recognized as a USB keyboard.

My Idea is to build a new antenna that can be fitted into a PVC tube and have a usb "reading rod". Basically I want to make a new coil with copper cable which area is a rectangle instead of a square.

Hackaday has provided me with some information about this, but nothing useful about antenna modding.

Thanks a...

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125KHz RFID Reader for Raspberry Pi from CognIoT on Tindie

125KHz RFID Reader from CognIoT. The Reader offers one of the best OOB (out of box) experiences for Pi based RFID readers. By using the UART of the Pi for communication and the built in intelligence of the Reader the user is able to operate the Reader without the need for libraries to be downloaded and compiled onto the Pi. Example software shows how to setup the 125KHz RFID Reader and how to monitor the RFID tags. The uses are endless - what will you design with the 125KHz RFID Reader?

The RFID reader is intelligent making your life simpler. The Pi sends commands to the reader over the...

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RFID Circuits free electronic circuit links

Wireless RFID Smart Key Detector

Many cars now use a key with an imbedded RFID microchip.� The microchip is read when the key is inserted into the car's ignition.� The keys containing a microchip often look the same as most other keys. People duplicating car keys will often not know of the microchip.� This circuit will light a LED if it...

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Date: 2017-12-07 20:55:33
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Animal tag and RFID reader/writer module - Priority 1 Design

(*1) For animal identification transponders:� Destron, Datamars and Trovan transponder technologies are not supported.

(*2) Reading range indicated is based on connection of our RFIDCOIL-49A antenna. Reading range may increase

or decrease depending on the specifications of the antenna attached,�transponder type,and power supply conditions.

About FDX-B and HDX animal identification.


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Date: 2013-05-09 00:43:54
Website: http://priority1design.com.au

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RFID Tranceivers for 125kHz Frequency Range (MLX90109 ...

125kHz RFID Transceiver

MLX90109 Melexis

The Melexis MLX90109 is a single chip radio-frequency identification (RFID) transceiver for the 125kHz frequency range. It has been conceived for minimum system cost and minimum power consumption offering all required flexibility for a state of the art AM transceiver base station.


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125kHz RFID Reader Design – Electronic Product Design

RFID Circuit & PCB Design Notes

It's usually very important that the voltage supply to an RFID reader is protected from ripple and interference.

Where you have noisy electronics in the proximity:

A simple RC filter of 10R and 1000uF will go a long way to preventing interference. Better still is using a separate power supply from a dedicated voltage regulator if you have the option.

Use a star...

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125khz RFID antenna - All About Circuits

brianmay27 Thread Starter New Member

Oct 7, 2011


alfacliff said: ^

at 125 khz, you will not have a real antenna, the size would be prohibitive. the best you can hope for is an inductive pickup. a coil on a ferite bar would work fine. check amidon associates for ferite antenna material.


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Ok, good to know. So I would wrap the...

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