UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Vehicle License Plate Number (e ...

UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Vehicle License Plate Number (e-Plate)

Evizal Evizal, Tharek Abdul Rahman, Sharul Kamal Abdul Rahim


�In this research presents a new design of UHF RFID tag antenna for vehicle license plate number (e-plate). The proposed e-plate does not require another gadget or equipment since every vehicle is attached with a vehicle registration plate number and this e-plate...

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Rfid Equipment in US | Hotfrog US

Miles Technologies is a leading provider of RFID asset tracking solutions

Rfid ReadersRfid TrackingRfid Tags

Algonquin, IL

(847) 705-9727

Unified Barcode & RFID supports more than 40 leading brands of Barcode & RFID equipment. Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers and Barcode Labels. We also offer a complete line of Data Collection Solutions including Documen...

Rfid SolutionsData Collection...

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Test Equipment | Fiber Optic Equipment - GAO Tek

(All Prices Are In USD)

Proudly Supplying Organizations in North America and Across the Globe with Quality Test Equipment Products


Cable Instruments & Equipment

We offer a wide selection of high quality, affordable cable instruments and equipment in three categories: CATV Meters & Instruments, CCTV & Video Equipment, and Ethernet Equipment. More...

CATV Meters & Instruments...

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Method and apparatus of RFID tag contactless testing ...

A semiconductor wafer includes a plurality of dies. Each of the plurality of dies includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag circuit and a coil. The RFID tag circuit includes a tag core, an RF front-end circuit, an ID decoder, a comparator and conductive line for a unique ID. The RF front-end circuit is configured to receive electromagnetic signals through the coil in each of the...

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⭐Zebra. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Programming ...

Zebra Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Programming Guide 58978L-008

2 2008 ZIH Corp. The copyrights in this manual and the software and/or firmware in the printer described therein are owned by ZIH Corp. Unauthorized reproduction of this manual or the software and/or firmware in the printer may result in imprisonment of up to one year and fines of up to $10,000 (17 U.S.C.506). Copyright...

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Welcome to Crossecom - Vehicle ID

Crossecom RFID system: Vehicle ID, Access Control, personnel tracking

Crossecom's 'add on' RFID system is designed to allow RFID to be integrated into existing control systems (such as retail automation at a service station) through a simple interface. This means that capabilities such as Vehicle Identification and Personnel Identification can be added onto existing systems in a modular...

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RFID for Hospitals | Healthcare RFID

RFID Healthcare and RFID Hospitals

Many years ago we worked with a number of larger hospitals trying to introduce RFID Heathcare.� At that time one of the projects was to track wheelchairs moving out of the hospital.

Apparently the wheelchairs went missing on a regular basis as patients or clients as they were called; accidentally left the facility in the wheelchair which was not supposed to...

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Low-Cost Solution for RFID Tags in Terms of Design and ...

Low-Cost Solution for RFID Tags in Terms of Design and Manufacture

Chi-Fang Huang1

[1] Institute of Communication Engineering, Tatung University, Taiwan

1. Introduction

Even invented and applied initially during the World War II, RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technologies [ 1 ] have attracted much attention recently. Precisely speaking, RFID technologies have been applied very widely in...

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ProScan backs RFID Test Centre project | ITWeb

ProScan Systems, a SA leading provider of supply chain, automated data collection and mobile computing solutions, announced today its participation and sponsorship of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Test Centre project, which launches early October 2006 at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

ProScan has been at the forefront of the RFID in South Africa and recently established a...

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Date: 2018-01-12 08:12:51
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RFMAX Hand-Held RFID Antenna Tester - An Excellent Tool

RFMAX Hand-Held RFID Antenna Tester - An Excellent Tool

RFMAX Hand-Held RFID Antenna Tester - An Excellent Tool

September 4, 2015 9:43:52 AM EDT

I wanted to post this review that I received for the RFMAX brand hand-held UHF RFID antenna POWER MAPPER.

Check out the Device HERE.

The RFMax Power Mapper is a compact tool to determine the radiation pattern for an installed UHF RFID transceiver...

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File Tracking Software for Archives / Box Management

Smart Folder Software  manages and tracks at the box, record and document level.  Smart Folder Software  delivers records management software to manage active and archived records, with automated calculation of retention values and destruction dates for all records and boxes.  Retention can be defined at the...

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심천 사물인터넷 박람회 IOTE 2017 - icetour.co.kr

[RFID Products]

RFID Chip (Compliant with LF, ISO15693, ISO14443, ISO18000 and EPC standards)

RFID label antenna (made of aluminum, sliver, copper, and etc), productive machine of RFID label antenna

RFID standard cards or RFID labels

Special RFID tags (with special form, or applied in extremely environments, such high temperature, high pressure, metallic and chemical environment)


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RFID Applications: Determining the Total Cost of Ownership ...

RFID Applications: Determining the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

How to Determine the Total Cost of an RFID Application

Determining the cost of deploying and maintaining a radio frequency identification (RFID) application is not a trivial matter, as the magnitude of your investment will depend on several factors that may or may not influence the cost of other components within the system.


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Date: 2017-03-04 01:42:14
Website: http://store.abr.com

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Collection of RFID related Open Source ... - OW2 Consortium

Description: According to the EPC network documentation, the Middleware is responsible for:

Managing various tag and sensor readers,

Gathering tag/sensor readings from the readers ,

Filtering, aggregation and counting of tag data,

Delivering preprocessed data to EPCIS and enterprise systems.

Our prototype implementation will be very limited in scope and will not provide complete functionality. It is a testing tool or proof of concept...

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Date: 2006-10-10 10:30:21
Website: http://rfid.ow2.org

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UHF RFID Printer for RFID paper tags encoding - Alibaba

UHF RFID Printer for RFID paper tags encoding

l����������Based on proprietary intellectual property development, printer adapt to global band set to work.

l����������Metal structure and industrial level print performance, can be competent for all customer requirements.

l����������Metal structure and industrial level print...

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RFID Solutions | RFID Inventory Management | Million Tech

RFID Security Alarm System with Wave Antenna

RFID Document/Filing Management

We have adopted the use trending Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM) RFID technology. PJM RFID is the answer for situations where large volumes of tagged items need to be quickly and accurately identified. On top of providing 100% accuracy, it is especially designed for dynamic situations where items are stacked or stored in...

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RFID Software | Sensor Control | Access Tracking

You are here: Home > RFID > RFID Software

RFID Software

Radio Frequency Identification technology, commonly referred to as RFID, uses electromagnetic fields for the purposes of identifying and tracking objects. More recently, the technology has moved into mainstream applications that speed up the handling of manufactured goods and materials by attaching RFID tags to them. RFID technology has been...

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Using RFID to Overcome Inventory Control Challenges ...

July 15, 2009

1 Introduction

In recent years, (Radio-Frequency Identification) RFID technology has attracted the attention of the industrial community as well as the scientific community. RFID technology is a wireless automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology [1] that enables the identification of any tag item in real-time in a given supply chain with a minimum human...

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RFID tag antenna based temperature sensing in the ...

Abstract--The efficiency of cold supply chain operations can

be improved with pervasive temperature sensing. In this paper,

we investigate the design of a low-cost, single-use RFID based

temperature threshold sensor that is capable of relating the

violation of a temperature threshold to a shift in the optimal

operating frequency at which the tag antenna is well matched

to the tag IC. This shift...

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Date: 2016-11-23 11:26:46
Website: https://www.researchgate.net

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RFID Labels | Zebra

RFID Labels

The Largest Selection of Stock RFID Labels, Tested for Your Zebra Printers

RFID solutions give you the real-time asset visibility you need to streamline operations, maximise asset utilisation and error-proof asset-related data. Only Zebra provides end-to-end solution simplicity with every thing you need to implement RFID in your organisation -- from well-tested, industry-leading...

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HF RFID Reader USB Module - deciphe it


Technical Description of the USB HF Reader Module

The URM (Universal HF Reader Module) is an ISO 14444A and ISO 14443B compatible proximity RFID read/write device operating at 13.56 MHz.

The HF RFID Reader is able to inspect, test, and personalize all compatible transponders as they are e.g. used in the public transport or e-Government sector and moreover it is fully compatible with the...

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PT RFID INDONESIA – #1 RFID Company In Indonesia

PT. RFID Indonesia is a prominent RFID, security and automation equipments product distributor, reseller and integrated solution company in Indonesia. Since 2004, our company has involved in numerous RFID projects in government and local companies to deploy customized RFID solution for warehousing, manufacturing/WIP tracking, indoor & outdoor corporate asset tracking, physcial access control/time attendance, people/animal tracking, document management, library and parking system.Our company aim is to...

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Date: 2017-08-04 22:05:27
Website: http://www.rfidindonesia.com

Improve Your RFID Read Range with these Six Factors

Please let us know if there is ever anything else that we can do to help.

Tom Sky

Hi James,

I am going to make a UHF RFID based medical implant for my project. Could you please give me some ideas about transponder and reader, like which will better solution for this matter?


James Thrasher

UHF RFID probably wouldn't be ideal for use in a medical implant since the human body would likely...

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Website: blog.atlasrfidstore.com

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RFID: A Tool For Tracking Products, Assets And More | Food ...

RFID: A Tool For Tracking Products, Assets And More

by Elliot Maras On Dec 17, 2015

Photo credit: Barcoding Inc.

The facility map in the yard management solution by PINC Solutions gives East Coast Warehouse & Distribution visibility over its container locations.

The PINC Solutions yard management system includes a dashboard that allows East Coast Warehouse & Distribution to track assets.


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Website: http://www.foodlogistics.com

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How Vehicle Manufacturers Can Use RFID to Track Inventory ...

Any modern business knows that they need to track assets and inventory to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and respond quickly in case of a recall. Vehicle manufacturers are no different. Whether they produce cars, forklifts, motorcycles, or even golf carts, they need complete visibility into their operations.

The challenges that vehicle manufacturers face are twofold:

The must quickly and...

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RFID / NFC : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY ...

Wireless / RFID / NFC

RFID / NFC technology is a great way to interact with projects. NFC (Near Field Communications) is a way for two devices very close to each other to communicate. Sort of like a very short range bluetooth that doesn't require authentication. It is an extension of RFID, so anything you can do with RFID you can do with NFC. Because it can read and write tags, you can always just use this for RFID-tag projects. For a good example of how these boards can be used, check out Becky...

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Website: https://www.adafruit.com

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RFID Laptop Tracking and IT Assets - CopperSpiral RFID

RFID Laptop Tracking and IT Assets

RFID Laptop Tracking is a popular usage of RFID in large IT companies and Fortune 500 corporations.

It is a well known fact that as organisations grow larger, there needs to be greater emphasis on using automated methods to track, trace, log and report on movement of the most important assets of the organization.

CopperSpiral has completed dozens of pilots and...

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Website: http://www.copperspiralrfid.com

HF vs. UHF: Which type of RFID solution is better?

HF vs. UHF: Which type of RFID solution is better?

Industrial manufacturing is constantly adapting to ever-increasing productivity and efficiency demands, and track and trace technologies play an important role in reaching these goals. RFID delivers high-quality monitoring, control and visibility that increases efficiency gains and improve automation production.

Radio frequency identification...

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Website: http://www.iebmedia.com

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LIBREADERLP101 RFID Tag Reader User Manual L-P101 Library ...

LIBREADERLP101 RFID Tag Reader User Manual L-P101 Library USB Reader Tagsys S.A.

Tagsys S.A. RFID Tag Reader

Trouble Viewing? See the or view the HTML Version or PDF in frame

L-P101 Library USB Reader User's Guide Revision 1.0 August 2005 L-P101 Library USB Reader Publishing Information Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability All information herein is either public information or is the property...

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Authorized Test Laboratories | Wi-Fi Alliance


Authorized Test Laboratories

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED[TM] program assures tested and proven interoperability among Wi-Fi® devices. This certification gives users confidence that Wi-Fi products bearing the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo have passed rigorous interoperability certification requirements.

The following independent laboratories are accredited to perform certification testing for Wi-Fi...

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Date: 2017-03-04 00:20:41
Website: http://www.wi-fi.org

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Library RFID Technology Update - chaley102 - Google Sites

Chicago State University

December 9, 2008 

It has been ten years since the first RFID system was installed in the National Library of Singapore in 1999. Since then, RFID technologies have been rapidly evolving with advancing technologies. Additionally, falling prices are making RFID more affordable. Mike Monk, Vice President of EnvisionWare says, " EnvisionWare delivered a new price point for...

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Date: 2017-02-23 08:58:04
Website: https://sites.google.com

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Tahoe Designer | HOW TO: Simple Arduino LF RFID Tag Spoofer

This instructable will show how you can use an Arduino and a few simple components (wire coil, transistor, capacitor, resistor) to make a device that can spoof an 125 KHz (low frequency) RFID tag. �This is version 1, so there are many enhancements that can be made, but this version is stupid simple, yet it works. �I did this in a few hours without much previous knowledge of RFID and...

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Website: http://tahoedesigner.com