What is the Difference Between Active Tag and Passive Tag

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID can be defined as a technology which uses electromagnetic radio-frequency to identify tags when near to a reader. The tags are made up of an antenna in order to pass information to the reader. However, RFID cannot be reduced to just one frequency or technology, since many types of tags or chips exist with different power supply sources and communication...

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Alien® and SensThys Launch Highly Networked IoT Solution ...

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Alien® and SensThys Launch Highly Networked IoT Solution that Addresses RFID Tag Visibility at Breakthrough Cost

RFID reader and antenna device simplifies installation, resulting in reduced costs while enabling extensibility in Retail, Manufacturing and Transportation applications

November 15, 2017 08:00

ET | Source: Alien Technology Corporation


Alien Hydra...

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Near Field Communication, Smart Phones and RFID - How RFID ...

Near Field Communication, Smart Phones and RFID

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NFC technology is promising because it presents the next evolution of convenient payment with an added layer of security. Some credit cards have NFC chips embedded in them and can be tapped against NFC payment terminals instead of swiped, which eliminates the possibility that someone could skim your data via the magnetic...

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EM card - ZoTei Group Limited,RFID Tag/Label,passive RFID ...

EM card was offered by EM company , which its working frequency is 100 kHz ~ 150 kHz,and has read/write function of contactless RFID chip. It's low consumption and can provide various data transmission rate and data encoding .

Since EM chip is not only compatible with ISO 11784/11785 standard chip, also in line with ISO FDX / B animal identification standards, therefore, the chip can be widely...

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Date: 2017-12-01 09:42:08
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