this program can use for making a chip Real-Secure RFID CREDIT-CARD using:

arduino uno

+ RFID - RC522 module

+ blank mifare classic 1k cards.

note: every mifare classic 1k card has 64 blocks and each block has 16 bytes(char) for personal data(some are "security-blocks").

for this program we need 1 block to save our information and rest of it is blank and usable for other data.

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From: WTF-electronics

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Oyster card hacked - start from 44 secs

The story of the hacking of the mifare classic RFID chip - used in various applications around the world. I made this film for Channel 4 News in the summer of 2008. Excuse the aspect ratio issues - uploaded in a rush from a PC without the right software to fix.

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From: Bill Code

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