Omni-ID: IT Asset Tags | RFID Journal LIVE! 2014

We recently attended RFID Journal LIVE! 2014 in Orlando, Florida. While at the show, we interviewed leaders, systems manufacturers, and solutions providers in the RFID industry. In this interview, we spoke with Ed Nabrotzky about asset RFID tags.

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IOT-Link: Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Active RFID system for RTLS, real time location system

The Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Active RFID system include the items.

1. BLE Tag: support panic button, G-sensor or various sensors

2. BLE Reader: read all the data broadcasted from the tag.

3. WiFi Gateway: bridge all the tag data read from the reader to the control center.

The RTLS system will support the applications.

 Location system: Asset, Passenger, Patient, Trailer

 Access control: Garage, Enterprises, Bank, Vehicle, Factory, Hospital,

Superstore, School, Warehouse

1. Logistic...

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Campus Safety - University Police Department Installs LEID Products BACS System to Secure Assets

Campus Safety - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) achieves immediate benefits using BACS asset management system for accurate control and tracking of officers shared equipment. SIUE Chief of Police Gina Hays shares her experience with LEID Products. With 39 police officers staffing two SIUE campuses, the majority of department assets are shared. SIUE purchased the BACS Asset Management System for its accessibility, accountability and efficiency. BACS (Biometric Access Control...

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Active RFID Tracking Web Application Trilateration Demo

Active RFID people / asset tracking system video showing an attempt at using trilateration to determine the unknown position of tag using the known position of 3 readers, and signal strengths to them.

Large orange spots indicate positions of readers.

The tag was first placed in the centre, then moved to the top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left, top left, then back to the centre.

As can be seen the code needs...

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Logistics and Asset Tracking using RoboMQ & RFID Integration

Learn about how you can use RFID stickers , tags and RoboMQ integration to the backend CRM, ERP, and warehousing & asset management systems to manage and track your assets and improve order management, delivery & shipment to increase customer satisfaction and achieve better customer and supplier relationships.

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JSPCHECK™ RFID - Asset Management Solution

JSPCHECK™ RFID - Asset Management Solution

JSP Height Safety Equipment is manufactured with RFID tags ready fitted for easy, instant inventory control and in-field inspections, manage documentation and reports by tracking tools and equipment in seconds.

The system also allows you to tag any of your own equipment with one of our RFID tags.

Manage all of your business assets in one place from tools to plant equipment.

Find out more:

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1Rwave Active RFID Tags and G Element Nucleus 3D platform (HD)

1Rwave provides Active RFID Tag locationing system together with G Elements Nucleus 3D Building Management platform. This zonal locationing and 3D visual monitoring provides an effective and efficient way of tracking personnel or smart objects in any building or large area facilities like hospitals, school campuses, corporate offices, factories and logistic parks.

Together with other environmental and operational sensors, this integrated system is ideal for effective asset and building...

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Vivarium Census System: How does it work?

VCS is an RFID and barcode cage census software package that allows animal research facilities to perform an accurate cage census in minutes. With a .NET architecture, RFID labels, and a portable handheld reader, VCS lets you:

Perform wall-to-wall census and asset locating: RFID cage census softwareRFID tags, unlike barcodes, you do not need line-of-sight reading. The RFID device will capture the tags signal and will transmit that information to a server or a computer using VCS™. RFID...

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Rfid Technology

Hopmax Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in producing the first-class RFID reader, tag, antenna, and own professional R & D, produce and market team on UHF RFID devices.Currently, our products are used widely in intelligent transportation systems, automated warehouse logistics system, colliery transportation and sale systems, asset management, food traceability systems, personal locating, Production line automatic recognition systems and so on.Hopmax always adhered to the...

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InfraMarker RFID System: Installing an RFID Tag

This video is an animation of the process of installing an InfraMarker RFID tag.

To install the InfraMarker RFID tag you will need the following equipment: an InfraMarker tag and an InfraMarker enabled RFID reader.

Begin by identifying the asset to be marked. Take a photo and/or video of the asset. This photo/video will be stored in the Cloud database for future reference. Place the InfraMarker RFID tag in the ground along with the asset. Select identifying tag information from the drop down...

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