DormMan RFID demo

This is our automated door locking and unlocking system. It uses an RFID card through the door to authenticate a user. It is...Legit. Created by Derek Seaton (Mechanical Engineering) and Steven Calderwood (Computer Science) at NIU.

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From: Alt0id9

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Car Security System by Micro Controller interfacing with RFID & Bluetooth

DIY security system using Arduino interfacing with multiple ports controlling by RFID (Smart Card) and Bluetooth Cell Phone has planted in Japanesse Car (Suzuki Arena - Luxury). Just like an expensive car. The program system including :

1. Door Lock/Unlock.

2. On Off Starter Engine.

3. Panic Alaram.

4. Hazard.

5. Beam Lamp.

6. Power Window Up & Down

7. Unlock Bagage Door.

Next project I am going to planted the GSM/GPS and moving sensor to detected if stranger get inside into the car and fire...

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From: Afot Sahri

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NEW Advanced Keys Remote Start, Push Start, Smart Keyless Entry System Lexus IS300

The NEW Advanced Keys AK104B Remote Start + Push Start Ignition + Smart Keyless Entry System installed onto my Lexus IS300 featuring:

- Smart Keyless Locking/Unlocking

- Compact Sized Smart Keys

- Dual-Antenna Setup

- Bypass Transponder RFID Cards

- Vehicle Anti-Theft Function

- Ignition Controlled Lock/Unlock

- Auto Vehicle Battery Power Saving

- Door-Not-Closed Reminder

- Smart Key Battery Low Reminder

- Locking-Delay Function


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From: LTunedX

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TOMTOP Mistake of RFID Proximity Door Lock Access Control System

No security at this system! The coil of relais worked invers! After poer on the µ-controller need time for reset and during this time the coil of relais have no power and a door opener worked at this time. The relais should only worked if a correct code or RFID-card is entered. At the moment the relais goes off when correct card/code is entered - this is not correct!

Everybody can enter the room by pulling out the fuses and get them in again, after every power on the opener works - very bad...

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From: Stroboking9

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Arduino RFID Door Lock | Security Access

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In this video, we are going to build a Arduino System Electric Door Lock and RFID to authenticate, so your RFID tag will act as a key.

If you place wrong RFID card near RFID reader a buzzer will beep to alert about wrong card.

If you are new to RFID first read its working an interfacing with Arduino.

What You Will Need :

Arduino Board

RFID reader RC522



Jumper Wires

Link to the Code...

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RFID Overview

This project gets you started using the RFID-RC522 unit. In this project, the user will scan a card and either get a red or green light as well as some info on the Serial Monitor.

Advanced users should turn this into a door locking system or even a security system for a computer, printer, etc.

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From: McCaskey Robotics

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Homemade RFID door lock system


(when I used it in the video it was still a WIP)

The lock uses an ATmega328P I had laying around.

The RFID tags values that are allowed to open the door are stored in an SD card (I was too lazy to use the MCU's EEPROM).

The electromagnetic lock is switched on or off using a TIP142T.

And the RFID reader is an old RDM6300 module I also had laying around.

The micro switch is used to detect if the door is closed or not.

I'm planning to make an inverter...

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From: Sceeker

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Hotel RFID Lock With Switch Energy Saving Solution - Connectify Pakistan

1.Hotel card lock (Installed on the hotel room door)

2.PC(usually located on the reception desk of hotel lobby)

3.Hotel lock management software(Download to PC,setting the software system )

4.Encoder (Connect to PC,Issue the cards)

5.Cards (Open doors)

Elegant Design, Waterproof,High Sensitivity(proximity response in second with 3cm distance)

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From: Connectify Pakistan

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The Unlock Ways Of Omni RFID Card Keypad Digital Door Lock

Omni Keyless Entry System you can open your keyless entry door lock with a personalized code.Electronic locks can be conveniently opened at the push of a button or with wireless technology.

Unlock Method: RFID +Mechanical key+ Keypad.Omni RFID Card Keypad Digital Door Lockgive you convenient keyless entry solution.

Welcome for inquiry:

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