How to Pair Your iPad and iCMP Device

This video explains how to pair your iPad with an iCMP Ingenico device which serves as a credit card reader and RFID room key encoder.

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From: StayNTouch, Inc.

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Quick View: Motion Trend Men's RFID Blocking Wallet

Combine Fashion with Function

Most modern credit cards are now embedded with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips which make the valuable information on these cards at risk of electronic pickpocketing using RFID readers. Our fully tested RFID blocking wallet blocks signals from RFID readers, protecting your credit cards and providing you with the peace of mind in knowing that your information is safe from electronic theft.

Made with 100% napa cowhide leather, the Motion Trend RFID...

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From: LINKYO Corp

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What is RF Shield Wallets

Every single pocket in the wallet is shielded with RFID blocking material. The RFID sleeves locks your credit cards and ATM card from any RFID scanner and keep it secured even when the wallet is open. Every single wallet sleeves is tested with HID R90 Long Range reader and an HID iClass card. Stylish designed wallet made of quality material from cowhide at the top layer. Unique design slim wallet that is catered for people who likes to travel and shop with credit cards

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From: My Smart Gadget

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Blockit Flower Design

I just got this great BlockIt card cover. The BlockIt card cover is a great little card cover that has RFID blocking protection. The RFID blocking cover keeps your credit card safe from thieves. These day thieves are so high tech, they don't even have to touch your credit card to steal your information right off it. With the cover from BlockIt they will not be able to scan your card from afar. You can be sure that your credit card information is safe when you cover them with the BlockIt. ...

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From: Sweepstakes Diva

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Electronic Pickpocketing with RFID Readers

MIRRORED : WREG - News 3 (sent by AnotherBrotherMark)

News 3 exposes $100 technology that can read RFIDs and steal credit card information or from any other items storing personal information via Radio Frequency Identification simply by waving the device near the victim's wallet.

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From: ThickShades1

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EMV to be Enacted Oct 1st 2015, RFID Chip to be put in all Credit & Debit Cards Mandatory info

Bombshell Mark Beast News: Oct 2015 ALL Credit Debit Cards will only use RFID Chip

Mark Beast News: Oct 2015 EMV readers will be contactless to just swipe hand & go

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From: strongtower0914

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Mens Slim Wallet with Radio Scanner blocking technology secure Credit Card Holder!

( the technology is radio scanning blocking technology not infrared)

Mens Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Credit Card Holder

• 100% Napa Genuine Leather (Softer, more Breathable and Glossier)

• Measures: 4.4 " x 3.15" x 0.12" (11.2cm x 8cm x 0.3cm)

• 6 card slots, 1 ID window and 1 money or receipt pocket

• RFID Blocking Wallet: Keeps your vital information Secure.BE SAFE and PROTECTED from Electronic Pick pocketing; Blocking all RFID scanners and readers


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From: lawmanfj

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Electronic Pickpockets and RFID Scan Theft | Women Are At High Risk

Best Identity Theft Protection from Electronic Pickpockets

Protection Against RFID Scan Fraud and Theft | Credit Card Skimming

The Stealth Card® is ALL YOU NEED to protect yourself from electronic pickpockets and scan fraud! Anytime you are in public, YOU ARE EXPOSED to this dangerous new crime wave.

Electronic pickpocket thieves are everywhere. Using LEGAL and easily obtained NFC readers and scan software, they can capture the information from your RFID...

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From: Quick Reach Media, Inc.

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Hey Gang My credit cards were hacked for the third ..Mind blowing how they can use RFID readers now to steel youre info Just by Walking by you .So just wanted to share some info on how to prevent them from stealing your info With RFID Blocking Sleeves

Heres the Link to the RFID Blocking Sleeves

Thanks For Watching guys



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From: Bluetunder40

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Hymar RFID Blocking Card Factory Test

Hymar RFID blocking card desgin for credit card and ID Passport bank card protection .

Main working on blocking high frequency data card ( eg credit card bank card ID  passport )Only ONE Hymar RFID Blocking card as enough . 

Secondary  Working on blocking  low frequency data RFID card ( eg..Doorway entry cards Transportation cards  )  Two Hymar RFID work as well 

there is best way to test does  exactly hymar blocking card works or not ,

Contactless payment terminals   test way( high...

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From: Hymar Trading

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