RFID Guardian protecting an NFC enabled Credit Card in a Wallet

Watch as RFID Guardian's newest version of the Guardian Card protects an RFID/NFC enabled credit card from identity theft.

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From: ActiveWave, Inc.

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Contactless (RFID) Payment Security, by Mark Roberti editor of RFID Journal

Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal (www.rfidjournal.com), explains security features built into contactless (RFID enabled) credit and debit cards and the payment network that protect consumers against fraudulent transactions.

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From: RFIDPaymentSecurity

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#26- Beware of Thieves You Can't See- Manage RFID Risks

Read more: http://www.richardbangs.com/2014/05/travel-tip-26-beware-thieves-cant-see-manage-rfid-risks/

What I learned this time around:

1) Radio frequency ID chips are imbedded in newer credit cards and passports, allowing transactions without touch. Thieves can also read these, just by getting close to you in a crowd, and then they can imprint your information on a blank credit card and go on a shopping spree.

2) First step is simply to know if you are carrying an RFID-enabled credit...

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From: Richard Bangs

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RFID chip enabled credit card DEACTIVATION in Canada- HOW TO prevent identity theft

Most merchants require chip enabled credit cards (CC) in Canada now. To protect your information from being stolen and used for fraudulent activity simply deactivate it yourself. When paying, another option of either swiping or a manual transaction can be used. Also by leaving your CC unsigned on the back, along with having a hole in the chip, staff are forced to ID the customer. This is more secure.

(update may 2013- i lost my credit card and luckily nobody could "tap" my card on "paypass"...

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From: imacku

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Travelon RFID Blocking Leather Cash and Card Sleeve

Travelon RFID Blocking Cash and Card Sleeve is a slim line leather wallet big on security and function.

More Info: https://www.corporatetravelsafety.com/catalog/rfid-blocking-leather-cash-and-card-sleeve.html

You lock your car, and your house, why not lock your personal data as well? This RFID card case prevents unauthorized RFID access to your personal information. The Travelon RFID Blocking Cash and Card Sleeve is designed to enable you to be aware when your RFID enabled credit cards and...

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From: Travel Gear and Advice by CorporateTravelSafety

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How the RFID Blocking Card Protects You

A smartphone is all a hacker needs to steal the information from your NFC-enabled credit card. Learn ways to protect yourself.

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From: Huayuan Smart RFID

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How to hack RFID-enabled Credit Cards for $8 (BBtv)


What's in Your Wallet?

Get 0% Interest fee now!

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From: TheHammondClark

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VAULTCARD - Ultimate Protection For Your RFID Credit Cards & Passports

VAULTCARD™ is your pocket-sized protection against RFID fraud, shielding credit and debit cards to keep personal data safe.

With contactless card payments growing in popularity, our personal data is increasingly at risk of interception by fraudsters. The RFID technology that allows them to function is not entirely secure and can be accessed by scanning devices that are freely available online. VAULTCARD™ is a credit-card-sized tool, which can be placed inside a wallet to block...

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From: Vaultskin

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The Downside of Contactless Payment

Contactless payment systems are credit cards and debit cards, key fobs, smartcards or other devices which use RFID for making secure payments. The embedded chip and antenna enable consumers to wave their card or fob over a reader at the point of sale. Some suppliers claim that transactions can be almost twice as fast as a conventional cash, credit, or debit card purchase.

At the same time the thief have also become smart. They have devised methods to copy customers card details on their...

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From: tinuzzzz

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Protected Cards RFID Blocking Cards

How a Blocking Card Simply and Effectively Protects your VISA Pay Wave Credit Card and RFID enabled Passport from Theft?

RFID Block Card is a simple and inexpensive device slipped into your existing wallet/smartphone holder/passport and STOPS credit card skimming, sniffer technology, and RFID scanners stealing of your credit card or passport details occurring. Purchase from http://www.rfidhy.com/rfid/rfid-inlay... for peace of mind.

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From: Huayuan Smart RFID

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