this program can use for making a chip Real-Secure RFID CREDIT-CARD using:

arduino uno

+ RFID - RC522 module

+ blank mifare classic 1k cards.

note: every mifare classic 1k card has 64 blocks and each block has 16 bytes(char) for personal data(some are "security-blocks").

for this program we need 1 block to save our information and rest of it is blank and usable for other data.

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From: WTF-electronics

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Tutorial:Using a RFID Card Reader with the Arduino (Update)

This tutorial was developed for the MAKE course at the University of South Florida ( This tutorial discusses the use of MF522-AN and RC522 RFID readers and MIFARE Classic 1k tags/cards with the Arduino. The basics of RFID communication are reviewed as well as the MIFARE card hardware. A library for the MF522 that can be found at github ( is being used for a simple Arduino sketch that allows the writing and reading of blocks on a MIFARE...

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From: Make Course

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Control Linux with Arduino Using Python and RFID to launch Pithos (Pandora)

Linux Mint 15 (or ubuntu), Arduino Uno Rev 3, SainSmart Mifare RFID RC522 reader, Parallax Serial 3-pin LCD, and Python 2.7.4.

Haven't tested code for any other setup except what I listed above. I'm sure my code/setup is pretty universal, but I'm not making any guarantees.

I'm no cinematagrapher, but this is a simple video showing the RFID reader launching either Firefox with Facebook and Gmail in separate tabs OR Pithos, a native Pandora or Pandora One client for linux.

The instructions can...

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From: Josh Martens

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Create a simple electronic lock with RFID using a RC522 [Anything Arduino] (ep13)

In this episode we connect and setup the RC522 to read the Unique ID of MIFARE RFID tags and use specific ones to open a lock. I also show a few simple locking mechanisms.

The sketch/code and more project information can be found here:

The library can be downloaded from here:

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From: Kristian Blåsol

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LED + RFID Desk Toy

In this video we build a fun RGB LED desk toy that uses RFID cards to let visitors to my office easily change the colors.

The desk toy features my name, modeled in Fusion 360, and printed on a Printrbot Metal Simple. Each letter is backlit using a WS2812b RGB LED. To facilitate interaction, the project has a Mifare-style RC522 RFID reader. The project is driven by an Arduino Pro Mini.

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From: Nate Smith

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