Arduino RFID ID-card Scanner

Project for college.

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From: Chugins

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How To Make Arduino RFID Reader?

Arduino RFID Reader - Complete guide and step by step process to make this project along with code.

Here is source link

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A secured dual-level authentication protocol using Arduino, RFID and fingerprint sensor


In this project using hardware components arduino, RFID reader, fps, buzzer, dc motor and lcd.

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Home automation with raspberry and arduino RFID

This video is our demonstration on our project Home automation by scanning RFID, detecting motion inside and home lights controller through wifi.

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From: Surya Prakash

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Rfid - Arduino - LED

Small research task for a uni project experimenting with parallax RFID readers interfacing with an arduino board. This concept shows how ID cards can change my 'ghetto' ambient orb (a cheeselet biscuit tin -_-) my camera doesn't do it justice but in the dark it is very predominant.

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From: Nick marshall

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Book returning system using RFID

Arduino uno based project which involves RFID reader and servo motor

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From: neetika agarwal

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RFID Scanner/ Reader with Arduino : An Original Design

HEROES Academy student Daniel Vergilis presents his progress so far in developing an RFID Scanner/ Reader based in Arduino. See how his project is coming along, what he's learned and what he hopes to accomplish!

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From: HEROES Academy for the Gifted

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An android app to scan for items using RFID reader controlled by Arduino Uno. Data transfer through a Bluetooth module.

// We can share the arduino code and connections if any one needs :- ) .................................. - BY Nitin and Mahendra

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From: Nitin Singh

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Arduino Tutorial - Simple RFID LCD alarm

Arduino Tutorial - Simple RFID alarm

A simple project to test the Mifare RC-522 RFID module with an LCD display.

Is a very basic procedure, testing the presence of the RFID tag (any tag on this case of 13,56 Mhz).

For more information and code, please visit:


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RFID based automatic door lock system |Arduino and RFID connection

RFID based automatic door lock system |Arduino and RFID connection,

Arduino RFID door lock system using servo motor you can use this system as a secure locker also.

please find the link to download library file and program.

if u have any doubt feel free to comment.

How to use the RC522 RFID module with an Arduino - Tutorial

Arduino NFC EEPROM электронный ключ RC522 Card Read Module RFID OLED LCD Display

Arduino RFID Door Access

rfid based automatic door system.

RFID door lock...

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