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From: Mazen Reda

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Arduino Home Automation system, my final year project

Please watch: "fidget"








hello dear friends, This is my Final year project of home automation system witharduino + blutooth ......

Thank you for...

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From: Tech EducationGuru

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Arduino RFID Project

This project shows how an RFID can be used to unlock a door.

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From: My projects

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RFID based automatic door lock system |Arduino and RFID connection

RFID based automatic door lock system |Arduino and RFID connection,

Arduino RFID door lock system using servo motor you can use this system as a secure locker also.

please find the link to download library file and program.

if u have any doubt feel free to comment.

How to use the RC522 RFID module with an Arduino - Tutorial

Arduino NFC EEPROM электронный ключ RC522 Card Read Module RFID OLED LCD Display

Arduino RFID Door Access

rfid based automatic door system.

RFID door lock...

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From: My Quick Tips

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How RFID Works and How To Make an Arduino based RFID Door Lock

http://howtomechatronics.com/tutorials/arduino/rfid-works-make-arduino-based-rfid-door-lock/ ► Find more details, circuit schematics and source codes on my official website.

Collection of Arduino Projects: http://howtomechatronics.com/arduino-projects/

In this tutorial we will learn what RFID is, how it works and how to make an Arduino based RFID door lock. RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification and it’s a non-contact technology that’s broadly used in many industries for tasks...

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From: Dejan Nedelkovski

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RFID Security Project with Arduino

Aaron Nevins - RFID Security using Arduino Board. System reads 10 bit RFID code and verifies user or denies access. Servo connected to small door that opens for valid access. Student Tech Fest Project. RoboticsProfessor at www.RichardVannoy.info

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From: RoboticsProfessor

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Arduino Project - RFID Scooter keyless start

Just an arduino project I did that would read an rfid card ID verify it is the correct card - turn on igition and start engine. Reader was later placed a the front of the scooter behind the emblem badge on the front :)

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From: Dave Vet

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Arduino RFID Controller

Arduino Uno with Display and RFID Reader

Private Project (Access Control System, Door Opener, Car Access etc.)

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From: Mike Pikowski

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RFID based Door Lock System using Arduino

I have used EM-18 RFID Reader Module and Arduino UNO board for this project. RFID Reader reads the unique rfid number from the RFID cards or RFID tag and sends it to microcontroller.The system/Door allows access based on the RFID tag received on the RFID reader.

Controller: ATmega328

RFID Reader: EM-18 Module

Software Environment: Embedded C, Arduino IDE, Serial Monitor/PuTTY

Special Features: RFID Interfacing, Serial Communication

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From: king07kd

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Arduino RFID reader.

My second Arduino project. Pass, fail RFID reader.

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From: Kip Ricker

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