Security Analysis of Sasi Protocol

The ultra lightweight RFID protocols only involve simple bitwise operations (like XOR, AND, OR, etc.) on tags for security. In this paper, we show that the ultra lightweight strong authentication and strong integrity (SASI) protocol. This protocol has two security vulnerabilities, namely, denial-of-service and anonymity tracing based on a compromised tag. The former permanently disables the authentication capability of a RFID tag by destroying synchronization between the tag and the RFID...

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RFID security access control system - RFID tag reader to read the data present on the tag to compare the same to match the built in data for status display and indication with a lamp. - Mtech Projects Wing offering Embedded projects,Embedded systems,embedded seminar topics,Project works,Robotics projects,Robotics system,Final year project,EEE projects,ECE projects,Power Electronic projects,8051 micro controller projects,Latest Embedded projects,IEEE based projects,GSM based projects,RFID based...

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Arduino and RFID based Circular platform car parking system

I made highly secured automated car parking system, it is a very useful future parking system particularly for apartments, private company etc for the better safety of vehicles which are parked. The car is made to park using individual ID only. Each car has own platform and no one is allowed to park, i.e each place is allotted for particular car.

This idea uses

RFID Reader RC522,


Stepper motor,


Arduino Uno R3

Cardboard and some connecting wires

RFID library is at...

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From: Bhadrappa R Hiriyur

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RFID Security - Part 7

RFID overtakes the barcode - Part 7

RFID Security

- Can you fake an RFID tag?

Every year, RFID adoption picks up the pace, moving into different verticals and finding new applications.

The burning question is: will RFID replace the barcode, and if so when?

Heikki Seppä is a senior research professor with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a nonprofit organization and the largest

multi-technological applied research organization in Northern Europe.

Jorma Lalla is CEO of...

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RFID Reader with RGB LEDs

Update on the progress of my RGB LED, RFID messenger bag. I have connected the RFID (radio frequency identification) reader to my LED panel. The reader picks up the unique ID number from RFID tags (the same as security badges that unlock doors) which then causes a certain color or animation to happen.

I'm using an Arduino Uno to power the LED matrix and RFID reader.

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From: Kathryn McElroy

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STid Corporate Overview- Your RFID partner in contactless identification

STid, your partner in contactless identification

STid was established in 1996 and boasts 15 years experience specializing in RFID. STid designs, produces and sells innovative RFID readers and tags for high security personal identification (access control...), long range vehicle identification (Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), car park applications, fleet management...) and product identification in demanding environments (aerospace, health industry, railways...). STid offers a full...

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XMinnov RFID Tag Worldwide Manufacturer of NFC Sticker RFID Security Label Factory

XMinnov RFID Tag Worldwide Manufacturer of NFC Sticker, RFID security label, RFID reader for vehicle transportation toll collection parking security payment customized tag design

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Barcode India

Bestbarcodeworld is Barcode Labels, Printer, Scanner, Ribbon Suppler and manufacturers in Sahibabad Ghaziabad. We are looking for Best technical devise. As-

• Barcode scanners (1d, 2d, in counter scanner and tabletop scanner)

• Portable terminals (Honeywell, Motorola, MPTIC)

• Barcode printers (Entry level, semi-industrial, industrial and mobile printers)

• Card printers (standard, professional, high security Retransfers, high performance)

• Receipt printers

• RFID printers,...

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Theory Plus Practice in Computer Security: Radio Frequency Identification and Whitebox Fuzzing [1/4]

I will describe two areas in computer security that demonstrate the wide range of techniques, from both theory and practice, we need to make impact. First, I treat privacy and security in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID refers to a range of technologies where a small device with an antenna, or tag is attached to an item and can be queried later wirelessly by a reader. While proponents of RFID promise security and efficiency benefits, the technology also raises serious security...

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From: Microsoft Research

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BeagleBone Black RFID ( MFRC 522 ) Read Write in Android

In this video shows Read and Write Smart Card ( Mifare 1k , Ultralight ) using Android application run on Android Ported Beagle Bone Black.

This is a very useful application of RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and is very commonly used in institutes, offices, homes and so on. An RFID system consists of a MFRC522 (RFID Reader) and a Smart Card . A Smart Card or tag has a unique serial number which is identified by the reader. Here RFID has been interfaced with BeagleBone Black to provide...

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From: Sarath AK

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