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RFID Smart Attendance System

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This is a wireless RFID Based Automatic School Attendance System. Parents get an instant SMS Notification through integrated Automatic SMS on their mobile phones as soon as their child Enters/Exits the school. Children are given RFID Based I-Cards. As they show this card on the RFID Reader during Entry/Exit to the school, their parents whether they are at home or at office, they come to know that their child has entered or Exit the school through an instant Real-Time Automatic SMS...

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1153 Bluetooth Wearable UHF RFID READER

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1153 Wearable bluetooth UHF RFID Reader is a compact wireless high performance Reader with Batch Data Collection, OS Independence, hardware platform independence

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This following video presentation demonstrates dispensing RFID Debit MIFARE VendaCards. Accepts cash and also optional credit cards. Available in 4 different configurations. (1.) Low cost $795.00 Model 5002E single card dispenser. (2.) Low cost $995.00 Model 5002E dual card dispenser. (3.) Combination $1,995.00 Model 5096 dual dispenser with cash acceptance, 2x20 back illuminated LCD, IP address for remove internet polling and RFID MIFARE VendaCard Reader-writer. (4.) Model 5096 with...

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ARDUINO-RFID-LCD (rfid security system)

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In the following project we are going to make a rfid card reader by using the arduino uno and a rfid card reader.

the following project can do a lot of things such as reading a tag adding of the tag and also the deleting of the tag

all the nessary diagrams for the rfid projects can be found out on my instructables page


link to my older videos are


2.Arduino IR Remote - Convert Any Old...

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Attendance management system | Biometric Attendance System | RFID Attendance Device | gps biometric

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we are the manufacturers of attendance management systems embedded products customized billing machines feedback management systems GPS biometric and biometric RFID Readers and other product. All over India biometric, RFID, UHF readers.

manufacturers and suppliers


Mobile: 9642893089


Attendance management systems

Gps biometric device

Gps tracking device

Rfid attendance device

biometric attendance...

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Webscorer Test with NFC, RFID Tag and QR Code

Conforming to ISO-14443A, ISO-14443B, ISO-15693, NFC standards, MR10A7 mobile NFC reader is an ergonomic pocket-sized wireless high-performance companion for users who work on laptops, tablets, smart-phones or other mobile devices with iOS®, Android® and Windows®.

For more information, please visit:

Conforming to EPC Class 1 Gen2 and ISO 18000-6C standards, MR11A7 RFID reader is a wireless lightweight, pocket-sized UHF RFID reader...

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rfid technologies,rfid asset tracking,rfid portal,secure rfid,rfid tag source,wireless rfid readers

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walk through attendance system The SmartGate is a wireless RFID based automatic school attendance system offering a complete Student Attendance monitoring solution. Students carry an RFID based I-Card with them during the school day. It’s simple like normal ID Card. The card is presented to the RFID reader upon either entering or leaving the school premises. The RFID reader is located in a walk-through gate

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NXP demonstrates UCODE I2C Interactive RFID with a Bidirectional Wireless Bridge for Electronics

NXP demonstrates bidirectional Interactive Gen2 RFID for Electronics and sensors using the new UCODE I2C at RFID Journal Live! 2011.

See how RFID is used to enable, provision and configure electronic devices through a wireless bridge between a wireless reader an a microprocessor or sensor using the new UCODE I2C via a standard I2C serial interface.

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Configuration Card Quick Demo

This video is a quick start demonstration of our newest device the TWN4 CONFIG Programmer. It is used to write RFID reader configurations on contactless cards - TWN4 CONFIG Cards.

The TWN4 CONFIG Cards are used to wireless (re)configure Elatec RFID cards readers. This helps to reduce the configuration time since a reader does not need to get disassembled or connected to a computer.

Further information on TWN4 CONFIG...

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Long Range RFID Attendance Gate Reader for School

Walk Through Long Range RFID Attendance Gate Reader for schools. Live working in school. Mount Litera Zee School

RFID based attendance system for school. Wireless RFID gate for school attendance

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Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet with Pocket Sized GEN2 UHF RFID Reader

In this video we're going to demonstrate using an Android Tablet running Android 2.2 with a Blueberry Bluetooth (SPP Serial Port Profile) UHF (GEN2) RFID reader to scan grocery items and look them up using the List-in-Hand Mobile List application.

This is a Dell Streak 7 and this is a Blueberry bluetooth GEN2 (UHF ) RFID reader. We'll turn on the Bluetooth reader, then we'll use the Menu Connect in the Mobile List application.

The scanner shows in the Bluetooth devices list since we've...

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From: SerialMagic

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Readers for UHF RFID Wireless Sensors (Part 6 of 7) Tutorial

Learn more at - the inventors of battery-free wireless RFID sensing. Readers that support UHF RFID sensors are explained in this video. These readers include Intermec (Hand Held and Desktop), Feig OBID, ThingMagic, and custom readers. All of these readers (other than the custom reader) are off the shelf and use firmware developed by the reader manufacturer to read RFID sensor tags. The tags can be battery-free passive RFID sensors, Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP)...

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Nordic ID and RFID: Passion for wireless - Part 10

RFID overtakes the barcode - Part 10

Nordic ID and RFID: Passion for wireless

Every year, RFID adoption picks up the pace, moving into different verticals and finding new applications.

The burning question is: will RFID replace the barcode, and if so when?

Heikki Seppä is a senior research professor with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a nonprofit organization and the largest

multi-technological applied research organization in Northern Europe.

Jorma Lalla is CEO of...

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From: Nordic ID

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1153 Bluetooth Wearable UHF RFID READER

1153 Wearable bluetooth UHF RFID Reader is a compact wireless high performance Reader with Batch Data Collection, OS Independence, hardware platform independence

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