RFID Motion Sensor

An enhanced passive UHF RFID tag able to monitor human movements

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Readers for UHF RFID Wireless Sensors (Part 6 of 7) Tutorial

Learn more at http://www.phaseivengr.com - the inventors of battery-free wireless RFID sensing. Readers that support UHF RFID sensors are explained in this video. These readers include Intermec (Hand Held and Desktop), Feig OBID, ThingMagic, and custom readers. All of these readers (other than the custom reader) are off the shelf and use firmware developed by the reader manufacturer to read RFID sensor tags. The tags can be battery-free passive RFID sensors, Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP)...

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From: PhaseIVEngineering

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Farsens Pyros - Battery Free Thermistor Temperature Tag.

Pyros: Battery free wireless RFID thermistor probe monitoring water temperature demo. The Pyros tag is a passive RFID sensor tag. Built in a compact PCB format, the tag includes 10KOhm thermistors with measurement ranges from a minimum of -50°C to a maximum of +300°C degrees with a maximum accuracy of ±3°C degrees. RFID tag operation range is -30°C to +85°C degrees.

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From: APC Hero

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Introduction (1 of 7) UHF RFID Sensors

Learn more at http://www.phaseivengr.com. Part 1 Introduces UHF EPC RFID sensor tags that have revolutionized RFID sensing with long read ranges. These tags can be battery free (passive) or battery assisted data logger.

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From: PhaseIVEngineering

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Breakthrough RFID Sensing Solutions from SMARTRAC

Long Live Diversity! That was SMARTRAC's inofficial motto when presenting its new sensor tag family during RFID Journal Live! in Orlando. Learn how passive RFID tags can provide effective moisture and temperature sensing in multiple, diverse applications.

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Off the Beaten Path in Pervasive Computing

Many of our current research projects at MERL are squarely in the pervasive-computing realm, such as: interactive multi-user tabletop displays, operator-identifying automotive controls, digital home networking, location-aware RFID tags, semi-passive RFID tags for sensor networks, novel physical and chemical sensors, speech-based information retrieval for mobile devices, and vision-based person/object tracking.  But because the results of this work have been or will be presented in forums...

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From: Microsoft Research

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Metal Mount (3 of 7) UHF RFID Sensor

Learn more at http://www.phaseivengr.com

In Part 3, special metal-mount UHF EPC RFID passive battery-free wireless sensor tags are demonstrated.

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From: PhaseIVEngineering

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Sensor Tadpole

Sensor Tadpole is an award-winning passive RAIN RFID sensor tag, used to detect small amounts of water leakage inside vehicles. Several OEM’s have successfully tested the cost-effective UHF tag in cars to ensure that they leave the factory watertight. The comprehensive RFID solution may also find applications in aviation manufacture, shipbuilding and many more. Sensor Tadpole won the "Best New Product" category at the prestigious 2016 RFID Journal Awards in Orlando, Florida.

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Passive Wireless RFID Temperature Sensor Demonstration & Tutorial. Ideal for Food Safety.

RFID Sensors have the amazing ability to wirelessly transmit temperature data from a sensor that has no battery. The sensor uses the RF energy from the RFID reader to power the electronics and transmit the reading. No battery makes these sensors ideal in many applications, such as food safety. This video demonstrates the reading of a tag with multiple hand held readers. It also shows the performance of the tag at low freezing temperatures and against metal. The video highlights several of...

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From: daviddavid442

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Localization with Ambient Sensors (RFID, Bluetooth)

This video documents our research efforts in localizing a mobile service robot with ambient sensors. In this case, a particle filter was used which evaluated the detections of passive UHF RFID tags and the signal strength of Bluetooth nodes. The motion model relies on odometry. Another options is to incorporate WiFi round trip times (time of arrival measurements) or to fuse all sensors. The video shows that the mobile system can track its pose quite accurately. The mean localization error is...

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From: ZellTuebingen

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