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Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

An RFID tag is an object that can be applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader.

Most RFID tags contain at least two parts. One is an integrated circuit for storing and processing information, modulating and demodulating a radio-frequency (RF) signal, and other specialized...

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Which RFID tags are best for vehicle tracking?

Today, Alison looks at a few UHF (Ultra High Frequency) passive Gen2 RFID (pRFID) tags that are great for tracking cars, trucks, and maybe even bicycles.

pRFID is where everything is going in the RFID world. It's cheap ($0.20 to a couple of dollars, depending on what you need), doesn't need batteries, lasts forever (or, 10+ years, whichever comes first), and has great range for tracking vehicles (20 feet or more).

Take a look then give us a call to start tracking your stuff!



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Global Printed Batteries Market 2014 2018

Complete Report is Available @ http://www.sandlerresearch.org/global-printed-batteries-market-2014-2018.html .

According to the report, the major growth driver of the market is the increasing demand for printed batteries for passive radio frequency identification tags. Printed batteries have extended the read ranges of RFID tags. The benefit of flexibility prompts the usage of printed batteries in RFID tags. Currently, passive RFID tags are the highest revenue generating segment for the Global...

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What does all of this RFID lingo mean?

In this video we do our best to explain the most common RFID lingo.

- Types of RFID: LF vs. HF vs UHF vs. NFC

- Passive vs. Active RFID

- Operational Frequency / Frequency Range

- Power Level / Sensitivity

- RFID Tags: Tag Memory, Tag Size, IC Type, Read Range, Hex vs. ASCII

-RFID Reader: Fixed vs. Mobile, Region, Power Output, GPIO, Read Range

- RFID Antennas: Gain, Beam width, Front to Back Ratio, Axial Ratio, Polarization, Maximum Input Power, VSWR

- Cable and Connector Types

Download Free...

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RFID Active Passive

This video discusses the differences between active and passive RFID tags.

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Samsung Solve for Tomorrow '14: Kaki Kit

We envision the KakiKit to be a synergistic development with Singapore’s smart city plans. It operates as an Active Reader Passive Tag system, with active systems embedded throughout a smart city and passive RFID tags worn by citizens. The tags contain information about the specific needs of the wearer, providing contextual information for the empathetic environment to react to.

This video highlights how the system benefits the visually impaired in daily activities. KakiKit is a flexible...

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RFID for Supply Chain Management DSIM 518

1- introduction

RFID = Radio Frequency Identification.

2- RFID vs. Bar Code

* Safety.

* Distance.

* Speed.

* Price.

3- RFID Catagories

a/ Tags types:

active - semi-passive - passive - chipless

b/ Major purposes:

Authentication - Identification - Tracking

c/ Tag holder:

Human - Subject

4- Application Consideration

a- connect psychical world to digital world.

b- improve efficiency

c- enhance safety

d- cost.

5- Conclusion

RFID improves businesses.

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On-Site Printable Universal Mini RFID Tags

Small profile, big results! Perfect for on-site printing and on-demand RFID tag encoding and printing.

With a smaller footprint and low profile, the Universal Mini RFID Asset Tag easily fits in smaller places and on assets where other tags may be too large.

Developed using the same premise as our original Universal RFID Asset Tag, the smaller tag utilizes a patented inlay design and passive RFID technology to obtain incredible read ranges on a variety of different materials - metal, plastic...

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OMNI ID Passive Tags

At RFID Journal Live,Ed Nabrotzky, Vice President of Sales and Product Development at Omni-ID, and he showed us some of their new Passive Tags.

More Information can be found at https://gatewayrfidstore.com/product-category/manufacturer/omni/

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Frontweb Vehicle tracking rfid tags with 30+ foot read range

Passive Gen 2 ISO 18000 6C Alien ALN-9654 G Higgs 3 RFID Domed Labels for Glass Vehicle Windshields etc.

An inexpensive rfid solution for tracking vehicles in dealerships

customer service tags for fast customer processing, gated community authorized access tags etc.

Custom full color printing with matching barcode programmed

to the rfid chip is available. Priced Low As $0.99 cents each in quantities of 10,000+ pieces.

We are...

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Electro 3000- Cronk- Fall 2017

This video is about the implication of a RFID Module being used to open up a shower curtain without the use of your hands. The RFID Module is activated using a passive RFID tag. Once the tag and the Module connect a signal is sent to the micro controller, the Arduino, which activates the servos that make the shower curtain open and close with a simple touch. This project was created at Louisiana Tech University in its Engineering 122 class as part of the Living with the Lab first-year...

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Localization with Ambient Sensors (RFID, Bluetooth)

This video documents our research efforts in localizing a mobile service robot with ambient sensors. In this case, a particle filter was used which evaluated the detections of passive UHF RFID tags and the signal strength of Bluetooth nodes. The motion model relies on odometry. Another options is to incorporate WiFi round trip times (time of arrival measurements) or to fuse all sensors. The video shows that the mobile system can track its pose quite accurately. The mean localization error is...

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Basics and Benefits of RFID Asset Tracking

A2B Tracking's VP of Technology Darryl Layne discusses the basics of barcode tracking vs. RFID asset tracking with CEO, Peter Collins. In this A2B Tracking video, they'll discuss the basic benefits of barcode asset tracking and RFID asset tracking, where each type of tracking is valuable, and the difference between active and passive RFID tags.

Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLEC...

Check out our other information resources like eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, case...

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CSL's BAP RFID Makes People Tracking Possible

People Tracking, Personnel Tracking, & Employee Tracking are now possible by using BAP RFID or battery assisted passive RFID.

RFID.net reviews the BAP Badge RFID tags from CSL. Host: Louis Sirico

CSL’s Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) ID Card solves an ancient issue of providing automatic, hands-free identification of people and assets at the right price point. The ultra-thin battery boosts the RF signal yet still allows the ID card to fit into a wallet and is pre-printable. The BAP ID Card...

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RFID Hand-Held Inventory System

Bulk identification of products and short scanning time are two of the prime advantages of using RFID tags, instead of bar code labels, An RFID tag can either be active or passive. An RFID tagged product, may either be passed through a reader or scanner. The tag reading process, begins with the RFID antenna, sending a scanning signal which activates the transponder in a tag to respond. An RFID reader consists of a scanning antenna that are attached to computers, which can receive signals from...

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Omniid Solo Rfid Tag Pack of 10

Amazon-US: http://babbleify.info/slus/2/com/B01CRAHRLU/info

The Omni-id Solo is a special purpose passive Rfid tag that delivers high-end performance in a low-cost, durable encasement for customers who require real-time, supply chain visibility of assets.

Intended for single use, the is ideal for rental or pooled likely to be processed many times throughout their lifespan that are exposed to harsh indoor or outdoor environmental conditions.

The is available as a regionally-tuned with a read...

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Use of embedded RFID tags to guide a blind person towards the bus using passive RFID Tags

Use of embedded RFID tags to guide a blind person towards the bus using passive RFID Tags. Tested at Amrita School of Engineering,Bangalore on 19-05-2014

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Open RFID Tag - EM4100 cloner firmware

How the EM4100 cloner works.

Pressing button S1 when approaching the Open RFID tag to a RFID reader will boot the capture mode.

In this mode, the Open RFID Tag sniffs and decodes the communication between the RFID tag and the RFID reader. If an EM4100 memory map is correctly captured (the CRC and parity is checked), the memory map is stored and LED1 is switched on.

If S1 is not pressed, the Open RFID Tag emulates the latest RFID tag captured.

100% passive. No battery.


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RFID Tags Used For Access Control, Food Traceability, Traffic Payment,etc

More Tags information at: http://www.asiarfid.com/RFID-Tags.

RFID Passive Tags usually have three materials, paper, pvc, pet. Asiarfid.com could provide you custom chips, sizes, colors, print, etc. You can use them in library, supermarket, company, concert, etc.

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