[IDRO TV] UHF Fixed Type 4-Channel RFID Reader

IDRO Fixed Type 4-Channel RFID Reader, IDRO900F!

Superior reader range up to 12 meters!

Superior Anti-Collision Performance that allows up to 200 tags per second!

Small Footprint and mono-static antenna that makes the installation easy!

Simple system integration by the use of IDRO API which is user-friendly!

Firmware upgradability available through serial port!

Performance optimization that can achieved through power contorl (10~30dBm)!

High performance. Low cost. and Best service! - Why not?

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Using 2x12mm glass Mifare S50 NFC tags with NFC readers

This video explains how to get a reliable read with a 2x12mm glass NFC compatible RFID tag using a reader with a "flat plane" antenna loop. The antenna coil in the tag is arranged as a cylinder while the antenna coils of most readers are flatted out on a plane. Getting the small tags to energize and interact with these types of readers requires some trial and error, but it is possible to learn how to get a consistent read almost every time you present the tag to the reader.

The 2x12mm Mifare...

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From: Amal Graafstra

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The PAD reader is special designed for reading small quantity RFID tags , especially in book inventory , like the test video show , tell interested friends , how to use RFID reader borrow books quickly and exactly . add my skype ID : chenhui_hb , let's talk more about it .

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From: Cherry

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Animatronic Iron Man helmet wireless

Wireless control test using RFID tag reader, XBee radios with Adafruit XBee adapters and arduinos. I'm using small RFID tags as inputs to control the suit animatronics.

The mechanics of this helmet have been completely changed- the arms that raise the faceplate were scrapped in the new version. See the new version here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFiWT15-hfg&list=UU5V7iutH_nnRxeuSCrVSkKg

Please note that I do not manufacture or sell Iron Man helmets or suits- I am simply installing the...

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From: DIY Animatronics

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rfid reader demo test

The PAD RFID reader is specifically designed for reading small quantity electronic tags.

Mainly Application: Library/Archive Management, Jewelry Inventory, Drug Management, Counter Settlement, etc.

Would you like to have a try ?

For more RFID readers ,please refer to www.iotrfidreader.com

Welcome any inquiry in this field .

Skype ID : chenhui_hb

mail to : cherrychen@gzandea.com

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From: Cherry

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From: angel li

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Active RFID Applications (Empress™ Reader and Hussar™ Tags)

The video presents an Active RFID 2.4GHz solution. Hussar™ Active Tag model (HKRAT-NT02) provides excellent reading range and read/write reliability for high value applications such as people or asset tracking, inventory management, supply chain management and so on. It is small in size and easy to carry around with its key fob design. Together with the wireless EMPRESS™ Reader, the whole system can be easily installed at an affordabe price. This makes it the best choice for Customer...

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From: HK RFID Business Case and Product Demo

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Veneluhf Rfid Moduleusb Longrange Rfid Tag Reader Module

Bei Amazon‐DE: http://bit.ly/29MaRb4

Uhf Rfid Module-usb long-range tag reader is a non-contact Ic card module.

It can widely use in the field of vehicle monitoring, remote control, home alarm wireless meter reading, access industrial data acquisition the tag, identification, Rf card, small terminals, fire-proof biological signal acquisition, hydrological and meteorological robot etc.

Specification Interface:usb Max Working current:200ma Output Power: 24dbm Effective : 50cm...

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From: Laverne Hinkle

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Stigmergy at work

Seven ePuck robots equipped with RFID readers move on the floor of an apartment that hides a hexagonal grid of 1900 RFID tags. The robots read and write information to/from the tags to build and store several navigation maps on the RFID floor. Each navigation map gives at each tag the distance to a given goal tag. Once built, these maps are used by a small ePuck robot, by a mid-sized Turtlebot2, and by a large Scitos G5 robot to perform safe goal directed navigation. To navigate, robots only...

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From: CognitiveRobotic Lab

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USB RFID Desktop Reader Reading and Writing Hitachi USPT RFID tags

Instructional video on using the eChain USB RFID Desktop reader. Load software, read and write to RFID tags and Hitachi USPT (Ultra-Small Package Tag) using eChain desktop RFID reader.

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From: eChain Technology

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