What Are Radio Frequency Identification Systems

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UHF RFID labelling in the library

Procedure of RFID labelling in the libraries.

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RFID Application case - Automated Warehouse

A video where you can see the first step in an automated Warehouse system, thanks to RFID UHF technology and a UHF RFID Metally label

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From: Global Tag Srl

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ETC Car Parking Tamper evident Windshield RFID TAG UHF Label Vehicle motor

Tamper Windshield Transparent RFID TAG Label with waterproof function also, break on removal, anti-counterfeiting, motor vehicle management, ETC toll station, automatic car payment

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From: RFIDtagworld Xminnov

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Card Cube Group RFID Product Video

Card Cube specializes in manufacturing contact and non-contact IC cards, RFID/NFC tag products, RFID/NFC wristbands and smart card readers, all of which are used in transportation, social services, telecommunications, finance, public transportation, express ways, campuses, shopping malls and more.

Main Products: We supply non-contact RFID cards, UHF cards, RFID USB cards, Alien RFID cards, contact cards, RFID photo cards, RFID antennas, 3D RFID cards, RFID label inlays, single use wristbands,...

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From: Elva Zhang

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RFID UHF tamper evident Windshield type 1

Xiamen Innov Inforamtion company star product-UHF tamper evident RFID DESTRUCTIBLE label tag. This label tag is passive and have UV protection, break on removal.Own patent glue.

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From: Norah Ho

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Flexstr8 Clip-On RFID encoder for the Epson 7500

Instantly transform the Epson 7500 label printer into a high speed RFID label printer with the Flexstr8 Encoding system.

This system can print and encode full color UHF RFID labels at 12 inches / second. Our included print / encode software can encode unique EPC data and print unique images to every RFID label.

Contact us at sales@flexstr8.com

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From: Flexstr8 media

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Calibrating the SATO CL4NX RFID Printer

The Sato CL4NX UHF RFID Printer is a universal, industrial RFID label printer that has intuitive menu navigation and full color interactive LCD. If your application is need of an RFID printer, the Sato CL4NX is a great choice, but like many RFID printers - setting it up can be a tedious process if you do not have previous experience calibrating printers.

In order to make the process easy and get the application up and moving quickly, this video walks you through the following:

- Turning the...

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From: Atlas RFID Store

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Introduction of UHF 860–960 MHz Gen2 Desktop RFID Reader (236007)

GAO RFID's UHF Gen2 RFID Reader is designed for the desktop. It is compatible with both EPC Class1 GEN 1 and GEN 2 Protocols operating in the UHF 860-960 MHz band, supporting both North America and the EU standards. The 236007 desktop RFID Reader makes it easy for a small to medium size business to handle anything from meeting government mandates to investigating the potential of RFID labeling for the supply chain. Developers will find the 236007 Standalone RFID Reader/Writer an excellent tool...

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From: GAO RFID Inc.

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Technology Solutions Limited UK Superor Asset Tracking with Wearable, Bluetooth-enabled RFID Reader

Technology Solutions Limited UK (TSL) showcases one of the coolest demos at the RFID Journal LIVE! 2014 with their UHF RFID Bluetooth(r) Readers and TexTrace Woven RFID Label

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From: Kelly Stark

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