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The Quicklock - Programming Additional RFiD Cards, Fobs, Rings & Sticker Labels

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This video demonstrates how to program additional RFiD Key Tags to The Doorlock. The Doorlock will hold up to 50 unique RFiD tags.

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The Smart-Shelf (or wireless inventory control system) uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to allow tracking of books, publications and folders in libraries or archiving departments . Items are individually tagged with RFID labels which are then linked to a database, making them easily retrievable.

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How to process RFID inlay?

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Shenzhen Smartag Technology Co.,Ltd

-Real RFID tag, wristband, smart card manufacturer in Shenzhen,Guangdong,China -Shenzhen Smartag Company- Real RFID Tag manufacturer from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Shenzhen Smartag Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2008, which is a professional manufacturer of smart cards, electronic labels, reader equipments and other RFID  products engaged in the research of RFID technology and products.The products have...

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Technology Solutions Limited UK Superor Asset Tracking with Wearable, Bluetooth-enabled RFID Reader

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Technology Solutions Limited UK (TSL) showcases one of the coolest demos at the RFID Journal LIVE! 2014 with their UHF RFID Bluetooth(r) Readers and TexTrace Woven RFID Label

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Calibrating the Zebra ZT410 RFID Printer

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The Zebra ZT410 Series UHF RFID Printer is a rugged and reliable RFID printer that encodes and prints on RFID labels saving time and money. If your application is need of an RFID printer, the Zebra ZT410 is a great choice, but like many RFID printers - setting it up can be a tedious process if you do not have previous experience calibrating printers.

In order to make the process easy and get the application up and moving quickly, this video walks you through the following:

- Turning the...

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NXP - RFID Demo for Fashion Apparel (RFID Journal Live 2011)

voir la vidéo Choose from NXP's complete range of ICs for smart cards, tags, labels and readers, featuring many coprocessor, security, memory and interface options. NXP addresses all your needs, from low-cost smart label ICs for high-volume supply chain management applications through to our next generation 32-bit smart-computing platform for powerful multi-application smart cards.

To view this and other solutions from NXP please choose your location and view the fantastic...

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Rfid label test

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RFID Testing and programming UFH, HF, & vision inspection.

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RFID label making solution

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it is a compact solution for making RFID fabric label. the function as below:

1.sticking RFID label to fabric tape

2.folding the tape

3.sealing/cutting the label


the solution includes 3 part: label stick and folding device, ultrasonic cutting machine and detecting machine

we are a lead manufacturer of fabric label, garment label, care label washing printing, cutting, processing machinery from China for more than 30 years, we produce flexo printing, rotary printing machine,...

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RFID Tags (made with Spreaker)

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Once the RFID tag is triggered, the tag translates the incoming question and generates a correct response by using the power of the incoming radio wave to power the chip long enough to answer. One of the initial RFID Tags development companies, Alien Innovation leads the industry in developing premium compliant RFID tags, readers and also printers for companies worldwide. Browse this site...

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rfid label,buy rfid,bluetooth tags rfid tags,tracking rfid,home rfid system,rfid tags supplier

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Made in China Nanning XinGeShan RFID technology Manufacture

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Nanning XinGeShan Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd(XGS) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in researching, developing, producing and selling HF(13.56Mhz) and UHF(860-960Mhz) of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Products including Inlays,Labels,Tags, and Smart cards as well as Tickets. OEM service provided. With advance equipment, high quality and competitive price.

Any interest contact me.

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Star RFID Manufacturing Process

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This video is an overview of the manufacturing process of passive RFID labels and tags by Star RFID. Beginning with the design and testing and moving into the production.

Star RFID is a manufacturer of passive RFID labels, tags and inlays. Star RFID is based in Thailand and serves many markets both domestically and internationally.

Star RFID Homepage

Star RFID sister company - Star Systems Intl.

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ODYSSEY's iRAPT Console Makes Creating Compliant MIL-129 Labels Easy

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Odyssey’s iRAPT Console makes creating compliant DoD MIL-129 transaction-specific labels, including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels, a snap. Gone are the days of headaches caused by using unrelated tools to create compliant labels. Filling any DoD order is just a few clicks away since all tasks related to label creation can be completed with one integrated solution. On top of that, the MIL-129 labels are guaranteed 100% compliant and include RFID and MSL labels, which are...

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RFID Labels Cheap At Label Rack | 1-888-735-4760

voir la vidéo - Looking for affordable RFID labels? Contact Label Rack today to see what we have available to you 1-888-735-4760

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Frontweb Vehicle tracking rfid tags with 30+ foot read range

Passive Gen 2 ISO 18000 6C Alien ALN-9654 G Higgs 3 RFID Domed Labels for Glass Vehicle Windshields etc.

An inexpensive rfid solution for tracking vehicles in dealerships

customer service tags for fast customer processing, gated community authorized access tags etc.

Custom full color printing with matching barcode programmed

to the rfid chip is available. Priced Low As $0.99 cents each in quantities of 10,000+ pieces.

We are...

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Anil Printers Ltd | United Tectsa Corporate Presentation

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Anil Printers Ltd. - United Tectsa is a manufacturer of, Smart Card, RFID and Secure print products in India.

The parent company Anil Printers Ltd is established in 1983 to manufacturer Pin Mailer, Airline Tickets and scratch cards in India. We are Reserve Bank of India approved security printers and provide unique & cost effective solutions along with security.

United Tectsa is the only plant in South-East Asia which provide one stop solution to its customers right from Smart Card, RFID...

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FPC Micro Mini RFID Tags Factory

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FPC micro mini rfid tags can be used for tagging small size products, such as RFID wristband, NFC rings, toys electronic tags, cameras, drugs and other security labels.


1: Mirco size can less than 10mm, 8.7mm etc

2: Double copper antenna reading distance can reach to around 2CM

3: PET waterproof, resistance of chemical and heating

4: Wet inlay or custom LOGO printing

5: Can be anti metal

6: Shape and size can be customized

Free sample is available for testing, please contact me by...

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XGSun RFID Labels and Inlays Packaging

How XGSun packed the RFID labels and inlays products for customer.

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From: XGSun Alvin

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RFID Sticker Label Tag Application Show

RFID Label Application Show in Warehouse , Logistics, production line and medical equipment etc

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From: RFIDHY Technology

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rfid label,buy rfid,bluetooth tags rfid tags,tracking rfid,home rfid system,rfid tags supplier

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From: angel li

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RFID Tags: How They are Made How are RFID tags made? Video shows the process of how RFID chips are converted to labels. The process is done by special RFID label converting machine.

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From: RFIDTagstore

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Sanhe Labels Garment Label Manufacturer

Manufacturer for garment labels, including hangtags, printed labels, woven labels, RFID labels, heat transfer labels, stickers, packing bag and box.

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From: Sanhe Labels

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What Are Radio Frequency Identification Systems

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rfid nfc,

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From: all about bengal

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inlay production workshop

Shenzhen Frondent Technology Co., Ltd is a professional RFID and NFC products manufacturer from China .mainly supply:

-NFC card ,NFC inlay,NFC sticker,NFC tag,NFC card reader

-RFID card,RFID Inlay,RFID tag,RFID label,RFID wristband,RFID keyfobs,RFID reader etc

-Magnetic card ,HID card,membership card,plastic card,cleaning card,epoxy tag,contact IC card etc

This video is one of our rfid inlay workshops,it would be help for you know about the RFID cards production proceeds .

More details ,freely...

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From: Hugo Zhong

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2Convex Code Production Gold Embossed Processing smart card

NFC card,RFID card,Plastic card are manufactured by Xiamen XinChao Smart Card Technology Co.,Ltd, Your ow factory in china

smart card | NFC card | RFID card | Plastic card | NFC tag | pvc card | NFC label | rfid label | china | chinese factory| Smart Card Wristband rfid Tag

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From: China Smart Card

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RFID Printers (made with Spreaker)


A common RFID printer is a thermal printer that is used to print clever labels. They encode the chip in the RFID inlay as well as print barcodes containing human legible alpha numeric characters. The majority of the RFID printers could print labels that are 4 inches vast. There are some RFID printers that could print 6 inch labels. A RFID Printers is a gadget that could create raw data into an RFID tag then utilize the data to...

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From: Archie Rosa

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The World's Best Anti-counterfeit RFID Label Supplier. Fragile label ,Easy Shredding

RFID Anti-counterfeit Label Model:NFC-BP01

Self-destructive NFC Tag 13.56MHz 14443A Fragile label ,Easy Shredding

Electrical specifications

IC :FM11RF08 (NXP mifare 1k compatible)

Frequency :13.56MHz

Protocol :ISO 14443A

Memory :1k byte


Delivery information

Surface Material :Brittle paper

Inner core size :76mm (3 inch)

Quantity per roll :5000pcs(Label)

Unwinding :Chip side up

Quality : 100%tested,NG replaced


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From: Andy Zhao

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