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Human Microchip Implants

A human Microchip Implant is an integrated circuit device or RFID tag encased in silicate glass and implanted into a human's body.

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RFID Clothes Tags For Clothes Smart Management, Supermarket

T-union is one of the best manufacturers and supplier for RFID Card, RFID Wristbands, RFID Tags products. RFID Clothes Tag promotes the clothes management and save the cost of human and materials. It makes the warehouse replenishment smarter. More Products: More RFID Solution:

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Chipless RFID

Chipless RFID

Chipless RFID tags are RFID tags that do not require a microchip in the transponder.RFIDs offer longer range and ability to be automated, unlike barcodes that require a human operator for interrogation.

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RFID Motion Sensor

An enhanced passive UHF RFID tag able to monitor human movements

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Testing RFID tags interacting with iRobot Create

Simple test application, using as human interface, rfid tags, instead of ordinary mouse\keyboard Pc. By sweap rfid cards, it send actions (clean, stop and dock) to irobot execute. proof-concept and easy to setup! program on C#

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SARC-3 RFID TAGS work on all surfaces including metal

RFID Tags for metal and all other surfaces Frontweb SARC3 rfid asset tags read at over 70 feet with fixed rfid reader and over 17.5 feet with motorola mc9090g handheld rfid reader. Excellent tag for tracking assets servers computers rack servers and other high value assets. The sarc3 is available with many options such as human readable matching barcode programming custom imprinting etc.

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"The High-Lighter" - RFID Secure Fire Trampoline

Mikey Sklars completely absurd invention a trampoline that shoots fireballs as children jump on it. The fireballs are propane based and the RFID reader requires his human implanted RFID tag to make the system work.

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FOX IV Technologies and Printronix introduced the 7000e SLPA as a complete solution for the application of RFID labels. This system will encode, verify encoding, print human readable data, and apply the RFID tag. If for some reason the tag is dead it will be rejected prior to application.

Robert K. Luther

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Human tags

RFID implant for identification and security reason. What about privacy? Big brother?

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RFID Radio Frequency Identification Devices Human Tagging Implants Tracking Conspiracy Theory 666 Ma

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Bulldozed American Dreams and RFID Chip Human Tags

Advocates of technologies like radio frequency identification tags say their potentially life-saving benefits far outweigh any Orwellian concerns about privacy. RFID tags sewn into clothing or even embedded under people's skin could curb identity theft, help identify disaster victims and improve medical care, they say.

Critics, however, say such technologies would make it easier for government agencies to track a person's every movement and allow widespread invasion of privacy.

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