RFID Inventory Tracking: A Hybrid Approach

There are two types of RFID tags - passive and active - and both offer their own set of advantages and lend themselves to track a particular class of assets. Passive tags rely on readers to pick up their signal in order to supply the power necessary to respond to and broadcast their data. These tags are used for tracking a high volume of lower-cost items. Conversely, active RFID tags use their...

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RFID Technology: A Complete Overview | Electronics For You

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology involves the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object, animal or person. It has established itself in a wide range of markets including livestock identification and automated vehicle identification because of its ability to track moving objects. The technology...

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RFID: Business Solutions | NEC

Identify and track objects the contactless way. Innovation for your business success.

RFID Solutions by NEC

RFID - a key technology

Today, companies use this groundbreaking, future-oriented technology to control their business processes to a greater degree while improving on effi ciency and productivity. RFID is emerging as the standard in processes and operations.

Radio Frequency Identifi cation...

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RFID Starter Kit with Passive UHF RFID Reader | Strategic ...

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RFID Starter Kit

This starter kit is designed specifically for companies needing�a way to explore the capabilities of passive RFID technology in an easy-to-use application.�Well suited to fundamental asset tagging and basic inventory activities, the kit includes:

- 1 Alien ALR-H450 handheld RFID reader

- 1 StrategicRFID[TM] Mobile Utility license

- 100 assorted EPC Gen 2 passive...

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Patient safety driving increased RFID use in hospitals ...


Patient safety driving increased RFID use in hospitals

'I think people are going to continue to push the envelope to see how the chips could be leveraged'

09:29 AM


The University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, Vt., announced recently that five million medications have been tracked using radio frequency identification technology.

Adam Buckley, MD, interim chief...

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Microsoft Enables Real-Time Business Decisions With ...

LAS VEGAS, April 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- At RFID Journal LIVE! 2008, Microsoft Corp. today unveiled Microsoft BizTalk RFID Mobile -- a lightweight platform for a variety of mobile devices, which simplifies the development of mobile applications that expose relevant, real-time business information. BizTalk RFID Mobile enables delivery of relevant information from mobile devices to core...

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Custom Cattle Ear Tags, RFID Animal Tags, RFID Dog Tags ...


The earliest Livestock ear tags were developed in 1799 in England under the direction of Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society. The purpose was the identification of Merino sheep in the flock established for King George III. The first tags were made of tin. The use of cattle ear tags came into vogue with the outbreak of BSE in the UK in the early 20th century. This was mainly...

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RFID Consultant | RFID Consulting

RFID Consulting Services

SkyRFID is a is a leading provider of RFID hardware, solutions and technical consulting that is located in and near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

SkyRFID provides RFID technical consulting services on-site, via web and via telephone for simple or fully detailed RFID consulting assignments.

Consulting services includes privacy consulting, new product designs for readers and...

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RFID and DoD Compliance - Advance Distribution Services

RFID regulatory compliance is hitting some Department of Defense suppliers on their next shipment!

Are you ready to negotiate reasonable cost reimbursement with the DoD?

Do you know how RFID compliance will impact your profitability and revenue?

Request a DoD RFID Compliance Briefing

For years the Department of Defense (DoD) has struggled to implement a clause into DoD supplier contracts...

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Pros and Cons: The Use of RFID for Inventory Management

Pros and Cons: The Use of RFID for Inventory Management

Aug 7, 2017


Knowing your current inventory is at the heart of your company, and for warehouse managers and operations, inventory visibility and control are key to maximizing throughput and boosting productivity. In fact, new inventory management technology, like radio-frequency identification ( RFID ) tags, have been created to...

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RFID and Android | Gateway RFID Store

RFID and the Growing Use of Android

Android is being increasingly seen as the operating system of choice for the next generation of RFID reader devices. The proliferation of smart phones and tablets that are Android-based are making them prime candidates for the reader app devices that are now enabled in various ways with RFID radio devices used to interrogate RFID tags.

Android is developed by...

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How have the capabilities and cost of RFID tags evolved?

Evaluate Weigh the pros and cons of technologies, products and projects you are considering.

How have the capabilities and cost of RFID tags evolved?


Ann Grackin

ChainLink Research

In the past, the cost of RFID tags has limited where RFID could be used. Today, lower prices and more advanced capabilities are starting to enable wider, more effective use.


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How have the capabilities and cost of RFID tags evolved?

Evaluate Weigh the pros and cons of technologies, products and projects you are considering.

How have the capabilities and cost of RFID tags evolved?


Ann Grackin

ChainLink Research

In the past, the cost of RFID tags has limited where RFID could be used. Today, lower prices and more advanced capabilities are starting to enable wider, more effective use.


Share this item with your...

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Defense and Aerospace Industry Leaders to Discuss RFID's ...

RFID Journal's 15th annual event, being held on May. 9-11 in Phoenix, Ariz., will feature a defense and aerospace conference track including a DoD session panel.

By RFID Journal

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Apr 20, 2017--

RFID Journal announced today that key leaders from the defense and aerospace sectors will discuss the benefits that they are achieving from using radio frequency...

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RFID Based Smart Grid with Power Factor Maintenance in ...

Smart grid is a combination of hardware management and reporting software,built atop and intelligent common infrastructure.In the world of smart grid the consumers and utility companies alike here tools to manage ,monitor and respond to energy issuses. Eassily installable and highly reliable data communication over power line is a requirment to make a smart grid more useful than fixed grid...

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RFID Tool Tracking System - gigatrak.com

RFID tool tracking systems. We use the latest software and tracking technologies to deliver solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.

RFID (radio frequency identifier) tags are small tags that can be read by wireless, non-contact readers. They are used to track and manage assets (such as computer equipment, printed documents or vehicles).

RFID tags have a number of advantages over...

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RFID vision in the DoD supply chain. - Free Online Library

<a href="https://www.thefreelibrary.com/RFID+vision+in+the+DoD+supply+chain.-a0132839876</a>


MLA style: "RFID vision in the DoD supply chain.." The Free Library. 2005 Defense Acquisition University Press 09 Dec. 2017 https://www.thefreelibrary.com/RFID+vision+in+the+DoD+supply+chain.-a0132839876

Chicago style: The Free Library. S.v. RFID vision in the DoD supply chain.." Retrieved Dec...

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What is RFID? - Control Electric Company

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is an electronic method of exchanging data over radio frequency waves. There are three major components to a RFID system: Transponder (Tag), Antenna and a Controller.

The Transponder (Electronic Transmitter/Responder) contains a silicon microchip, smaller than a grain of rice, and a small antenna. Some Transponders have integrated batteries for powering the...

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Date: 2008-05-21 13:16:10
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Library Book Tracking - rfid.thingmagic.com

Library Book Tracking

My guess is that Melville Louis Kossuth Dewey wouldn't be too upset with advancements of today's library systems. Dewey was a pioneering influence in the development of libraries in America at the beginning of the 20th century. And yes, he is best known for the classification system that is used in most public and school libraries - know as the Dewey Decimal System.

But the...

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Turning RFID Data into Information : Page 2 - DevX.com

Understanding the tasks and challenges in converting raw RFID data into valuable actionable information is the first step in choosing a solution that provides the flexibility to get your RFID system off on the right foot.

by Matt Teskey

Page 2 of 4

Custom Tag Data Requires Flexible Decoding

The examples above for supply chain and animal tracking showcased two different tag standards, emphasizing...

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Innovations in Traceability Systems and Product ID Tools ...

TECH TRENDS | December 2005/January 2006

Innovations in Traceability Systems and Product ID Tools

By Sarah Fister Gale

As the global food economy struggles to reconcile itself with new concerns about bioterrorism and the emerging implications of foodborne illness outbreaks, its response has been to take greater control over processing and distribution channels through the traceability of...

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Use Cases for RFID Inventory Control - LPM

A 2014 survey of 120 major retailers polled by Chain Link Research found improved inventory accuracy, which translated into reduced out-of-stock and better on-floor availability of merchandise, was the number-one reason for implementing an RFID inventory control program.

According to Su Doyle,�IoT and RFID industry program lead for Checkpoint, several of the company's apparel retail and...

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RFID Journal Virtual Event: RFID for Warehouse and ...

RFID for Warehouse and Inventory Management 2016

September 13, 2016 EDT

Learn how to benefit from deploying radio frequency identification within your warehouse, by managing your inventory and coordinating your supply chain. Hear real-world case studies explaining the tangible business benefits of how RFID can help your organization improve visibility regarding product movements and related...

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RFID Tool Tracking System - gigatrak

GigaTrak should be your first choice for high quality RFID tool tracking systems. We use the latest software and tracking technologies to deliver solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.

RFID (radio frequency identifier) tags are small tags that can be read by wireless, non-contact readers. They are used to track and manage assets (such as computer equipment, printed documents or...

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Date: 2017-12-05 20:08:31
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Metal Mount RFID Tags Benchmarked By ODIN Technologies

Recently ODIN technologies, the leader in RFID deployments, research and automation software released the industry's first scientific evaluation of passive RFID tags designed to work on metal objects. There is a well circulated myth that passive RFID does not work on metal. There are other myths that only one or two tags will actually work reliably on metal objects. Both myths are conclusively...

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Development of RFID Library Management Information System

Development of RFID Library Management Information System

Keshinro K. K�

�Department of Computer Engineering, Lagos State Polytechnic Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria


�Department Of Elect/Elect, Lagos State Polytechnic Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria


�RFID-based systems move beyond security to become tracking systems that combine security with more efficient tracking of...

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Who Makes the RFID Chip Implants for Humans? - Nanalyze

More pragmatic use cases for RFID include tracking things like pets, goods, baggage, retail items in stores, sport memorabilia, and now humans. Let's look at a few companies that are developing RFID chips for use in humans.

Who Makes the RFID Chip Implants?

Our first company is actually a Swedish startup (no surprise there) that's turning the "Internet of Things" into the "Internet of Us" with...

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Turning RFID Data into Information - DevX.com


Turning RFID Data into Information

Understanding the tasks and challenges in converting raw RFID data into valuable actionable information is the first step in choosing a solution that provides the flexibility to get your RFID system off on the right foot.

by Matt Teskey

Aug 24, 2006

Page 1 of 4

hen designing an RFID system, you should first understand and consider two key aspects of turning...

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RFID Asset Tracking: Answers to Your Top Questions

Can be scanned through many types of materials


Close to a few feet

Certain tags can be scanned hundreds of feet away

Read Rate

Scan one barcode at a time

Scan potentially thousands of tags at once

You might now have an additional question: Why do these capabilities matter for asset tracking?

Let's say you walk onto the manufacturing plant floor and want to retrieve the asset details for...

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BizTalk RFID Mobile Unveiled -- ADTmag

By Kurt Mackie


Microsoft today described its new platform to help developers more easily create mobile applications that make use of radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology. The company unveiled BizTalk RFID Mobile, a solution designed to work with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and other Microsoft products.

General availability of BizTalk RFID Mobile is expected in "late 2008," according to Microsoft's announcement. In the mean time, the company started a program for its customers and partners to test out the solutions. They can sign up for Microsoft's...

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RFID is ready to revolutionize the retail industry ...

RFID is ready to revolutionize the retail industry

RFID is ready to revolutionize the retail industry

Business Operations , Current Issue

Much has been said about its ability to track inventory, but the implications of RFID go far beyond fixing a chip on a sweater to track its movement through the supply chain. The technology can positively impact everything from sales and online cart abandonment...

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Archived discussions are read-only. Learn more about SAP Q&A


I am very new to RFID Technology. My company is thinking to implement RFID .

As i am novoice to RFID , Please help me to understand few concepts.

1. When we are talking about the business process , lets consider we have RF guns in our business line - now when we are implementing the RFID what all changes?

2. Do we need to...

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PDC and GUARDIAN RFID® to Exhibit New Clincher® Extra Wide ...

PDC and GUARDIAN RFID® to Exhibit New Clincher® Extra Wide Inmate ID Wristbands at the 2014 American Jail Association Conference and Expo

Wed, Apr 16, 2014 09:00 CET

Detainee RFID Wristbands Help Jails Save Money, Time, and Resources by Working Faster and Increasing Productivity  

PDC , the global leader of innovative identification solutions, in partnership with GUARDIAN RFID® , the global...

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Date: 2018-01-12 08:16:12
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PDC's Smart Band(R) RFID Wristband System Enhances the ...



VALENCIA, CA--(Marketwired - June 07, 2016) - PDC , the global leader of innovative identification solutions, announced today the installation of its Smart Band® RFID Wristband System at Great Wolf Lodge® Southern California, the brand's newest property located in Garden Grove, for electronic access control and cashless payments. The indoor waterpark resort is the latest of nine...

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(PRN) New Sun Java System RFID Software 3.0 Lets Enterprises ...

Medical examiner on Heights bones case: 'We really do believe...

Sun Java System RFID Software 3.0 offers customers several important enhancements, including certified integration with the SAP (R) Auto-ID Infrastructure component of the SAP NetWeaver (R) platform. This integration will allow RFID data network communication between Sun and SAP RFID technology, allowing for seamless data flow from...

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Microchips in our passports and credit cards: Are they ...

The tiny plastic chips embedded in passports and credit cards are primarily designed to thwart fraud and counterfeiting. But they also make many credit card users and travelers uneasy about the potential for someone with prying eyes trying to steal their personal data.

Susan Levitsky, a seasoned traveler who spent a month last fall in France and Morocco, said she's concerned. "I've heard that the...

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Labelview RFID Label Software - Met Speed Label

Home  /  Label Equipment  /  Label Software  / Labelview RFID Label Software

Labelview RFID Label Software

LABELVIEW is for companies with mid-level labeling complexities. It adds a powerful, easy-to-use...

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The role of RFID in the smart factory

RFID technology will have a big role to play in the smart factory of the future, enabling 'things' to communicate in real-time with manufacturing systems.

In Europe we call it Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems and the 'internet of things' (IoT). In America it comes under the umbrella of the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition or the Industrial Internet. However, we are all alluding to the...

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RFID versus Barcode | Pharmaceutical Technology

There has been rumor that RFID is not as reliable as the barcode in capturing the vital information needed to track assets. The real issue at stake is not whether RFID or a barcode scanner reads information better, as both are proven technologies, but rather which solution is best suited for a particular application. Because a barcode is an optical technology, it requires a line of sight to...

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Date: 2018-01-12 12:50:57
Website: http://www.pharmtech.com

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SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure - Wikipedia

Program History[ edit ]

2008 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Real-World Awareness (RWA) Program at SAP. The program has grown to include over 350 companies as customers, spread across 18 countries and representing 16 industries. A review of the program history puts the RFID evolution in perspective and sheds light on the future of auto-ID technologies in the enterprise

The Genesis:...

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Date: 2017-02-12 04:55:29
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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RFID Journal Webinars - RFID Journal Events

Common Traits of Successful RFID Projects in Supply Chain and Manufacturing

There's never been more pressure to manufacture with less cost. To remain competitive, successful companies are looking for practical ways to obtain better information faster. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a proven technology that lends itself to a wide array of data collection applications in the warehouse and...

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New credit cards pose security problem - Technology ...

Anyone can buy an RFID credit card reader online, where second-hand units sometimes sell�for under $10, and start scanning cards in public -- without cardholders knowing.

"It's not encrypted, which is not what we were expecting," said Holman, who has gone on U.S. TV newscasts to demonstrate the security gap. "It's really easy to read. ... Now you can get a generic RFID reader and use...

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Website: http://www.cbc.ca

RFID AT THE DoD - American City & County

RADIO TECHNOLOGY is enabling the Department of Defense to streamline and improve the world's largest supply chain When General Grant took command of union forces in the Eastern Theater during the Civil War, his first orders aimed to repair a malfunctioning system of supply lines. Historians credit Grant's logistical expertise as crucial to his victory over Robert E. Lee's army. Ever since, the...

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Date: 2017-12-10 02:14:49
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Time Card Calculator - Calculator.net: Free Online Calculators

Time Card Calculator

Time Card Calculator

Use this Time Card Calculator to calculate and generate weekly time reports. The fields can be left blank if no data is available. It takes most time format, e.g. 8:00AM, 8.30, 15:30, etc.


Clear All

Time cards have existed since the late 19th century, a phenomenon linked to industrialization and the increasing use of factory labor.

Originally called...

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RFID Software Solutions Systems Companies

RFID Software Solutions

Learn More or Order Now!

The Department of Defense (DoD) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) continue to ramp up enforcement of the DoD RFID Mandate making compliance a reality for most contractors, as required by amendments to the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). Compliance with the mandates is an important factor in efficiently tracking...

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RFID Reader Starter Kit | IDBLUE

Starter Kit Overview

Want to leverage your growing Smartphone and Tablet infrastructure by adding RFID? Don't want to blow the budget with expensive, single-purpose handheld readers? Let IDBLUE help you rethink mobile RFID.

Designed specifically for companies wanting to test the potential value of using a passive HF system, IDBLUE is pleased to introduce the first RFID Starter Kit for...

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or Contactless cards

Online Shop

RFID Cards

Here at Company Cards we have the ability to produce your RFID cards in full colour digital print.

What is RFID and How Do RFID Systems Work?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a contactless method for reading information. The plastic ID cards manufactured with a chip that contains all the necessary personal information. This is then transmitted wirelessly and is picked up by an RFID reader.

RFID or Contactless cards, as they are commonly known, are becoming increasingly popular for use as identification, access...

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Website: http://www.companycards.co.uk

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ProScan backs RFID Test Centre project | ITWeb

ProScan Systems, a SA leading provider of supply chain, automated data collection and mobile computing solutions, announced today its participation and sponsorship of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Test Centre project, which launches early October 2006 at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

ProScan has been at the forefront of the RFID in South Africa and recently established a...

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Date: 2018-01-12 08:12:51
Website: itweb.co.za

Inventory Management Lessons From RFID Power Users

Inventory Management Lessons From RFID Power Users

06/29/2017 - 11:32am


Michelle Covey

A "perfect storm," "a crossroads," "a tipping point." These are all familiar phrases used lately to describe the state of retail. Retail is, in fact, rapidly changing and entering an exciting new phase. But there is much work to be done to effectively deliver on consumer demands for a better, faster,...

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Website: https://www.mbtmag.com

Hospitals are finding ROI from RFID | Healthcare IT News

Hospitals are finding ROI from RFID

'The time-savings justify the cost of the chips'

11:08 AM


Just a few years ago, discussion of the use of radio-frequency identification in healthcare was usually limited to drug manufacturers and wholesalers, who use RFID as a way to track drug products through the supply chain or to combat counterfeit drugs.

[See also: RFID & RTLS can save lives...

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Date: 2017-03-03 21:47:16
Website: http://www.healthcareitnews.com

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