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RFID tags connect smart cars to smart highways - small RF identification (RFID) tags are part of the critical communication link between automobiles and electronically directed "smart" highways and there are also...

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13.56MHz RFID Systems and Antennas Design Guide

13.56MHz RFID Systems and Antennas Design Guide:

1 Abstract:

This is aimed at providing 13.56 MHz RFID systems designers with a practical cookbook on how to optimize RFID systems and antennas. A thorough analysis of the most important RFID system parameters is presented. The emphasis is placed on physical concepts, rather than on lengthy theoretical calculations.

2 Antenna ? You said Antenna...

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Mobile Aspects Announces One System Of CARE To Help Bridge ...

Mobile Aspects, Inc., a leading provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced its One System of CARE, an integrated suite of RFID hardware and software solutions that enable healthcare providers to automatically track supplies, drugs, assets, and patients in real time for safer and more efficient patient care.

Today, hospitals...

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RFID Technology and Architecture | Tutorial-Reports.com

RFID Technology and Architecture

Submitted by gc on Fri, 02/01/2013 - 01:33

Before RFID can be understood completely, it is essential to understand how Radio Frequency communication occurs.

RF (Radio Frequency) communication occurs by the transference of data over electromagnetic waves. By generating a specific electromagnetic wave at the source, its effect can be noticed at the receiver far from...

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Date: 2017-12-09 23:35:30
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Complete Guide to RFID: Benefits, Applications, and ...

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a cutting-edge technology that has made this a reality. So, let's see what RFID is?

What Is RFID?

RFID stands for "radio frequency identification." It's a technology that captures digital data encoded in smart labels and RFID tags through a reader via radio waves.

RFID serves a similar purpose to that of a bar code or a magnetic strip of an ATM card where...

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What is RFID Technology - About RFID (Radio Frequency ...

Purpose of Radio frequency Identification and Detection system is to facilitate data transmission through the portable device known as tag that is read with the help of RFID reader; and process it as per the needs of an application. Information transmitted with the help of tag offers location or identification along with other specifics of product tagged - purchase date, color, and price. Typical...

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RFID technology has received more and more attention in many areas like manufacturing

companies, agriculture, hospitality [8], industries, parking management [9] and transportation [10]

sectors. Major applications of RFID are given below:

Healthcare Applications

RFID applications in healthcare [6] could save important resources that can further contribute to

better patient care....

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Date: 2018-07-31 22:01:22
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RFID Security System - Library

RFID Security System

Smart Labels

The core component of any RFID system is the label itself without the label the rest of the system simply cannot operate. It is therefore critical that the labels you chose are 100% reliable and fit for purpose. All Bibliotheca RFID labels are compliant with ISO 18000-3 and ISO 15693 air interface protocols and the SLi-X chips are capable of storing data in the...

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RFID Animal Tracking System for Livestock Tracking and ...

RFID technology�based livestock and animal tracking solutions

RFID for Animal�

The growing number of countries exporting animals to other countries has led to the establishment of record keeping standards that use RFID as the main identification.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has...

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Buy Invengo RFID Direct and Save! | Software

Now Supports the Intellfi Smartspot!

RFID inFusion[TM] is an enterprise caliber middleware platform for working with and controlling RFID devices.

As middleware, RFID inFusion[TM] sits between the RFID Readers at edge of enterprise and business level applications such as Inventory, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or third party systems. RFID inFusion[TM] manages and controls the RFID readers while conducting the flow of RFID data between the RFID device and business level systems.

RFID inFusion[TM] supports all of the Invengo devices such as the XC-RF861, XC-RF850, XC-RF812, and XC-RF807 as well as many...

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RFid Based Attendance Management System | Microtronics ...

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Attendance needs to be taken at various places including colleges, school for students and in the industries for the login logout time of employees. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based attendance management system can be used in any college or university or company. Main objective of RFID based...

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Implementing RFID Technology: Issues and Challenges for ...

Implementing RFID Technology: Issues and Challenges for Internal Auditors

Internal auditing plays a distinct role before, during, and after the implementation of any RFID initiative. Learning what this role is will enable auditors to add value to their organization's use of this powerful technology.

Morris C. Attaway October 01, 2006 Comments Views

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From its early uses...

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RFID Tracking Systems | IMEC Technologies

RFID tags can be read when they are covered or not visible - a tag can be read even if it is inside a box, carton or case

You can read multiple RFID tags at once - unlike bar codes, which can only be read one at a time.

RFID Tracking Systems from IMEC Technologies have been deployed for applications including:

Tool tracking on industrial sites

Logistics and distribution - tracking items in...

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3M Expands RFID Marker System for Underground Facilities ...

3M Expands RFID Marker System for Underground Facilities


Tuesday, July 10, 2007 7:35 am CDT




"Markers are located by means of a utility-specific radio frequency signal and respond to the locator with details, including a unique identification number as well as unique feature attributes that provide positive identification of the underground...

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Date: 2018-01-12 10:32:02
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US20070241904A1 - RFID tag distance measuring system and ...

An RFID tag distance measuring system includes a reader that outputs a predetermined carrier signal to a tag and receives a reflected signal of the carrier signal from the tag. The reader has signal output means for outputting signals at multiple frequencies, which are different from each other, as the carrier signal, a transmitting section that transmits a signal output by the signal output...

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RFID Applications: Determining the Total Cost of Ownership ...

RFID Applications: Determining the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

How to Determine the Total Cost of an RFID Application

Determining the cost of deploying and maintaining a radio frequency identification (RFID) application is not a trivial matter, as the magnitude of your investment will depend on several factors that may or may not influence the cost of other components within the system.


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Date: 2017-03-04 01:42:14
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Everything You Need to Know About RFID | TurboFuture

Everything You Need to Know About RFID

Updated on January 08, 2017

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Featured Articles

Elements of Electronic Communications System

4 months ago

Materials management is very much important in the business. With the advancement of science and technology, RFID is created, making inventory tasks fast and easy. | Source


In recent years,...

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Savi and Intermec launch an enhanced active RFID reader ...

Savi Technology and Intermec Technologies Corporation, two leading providers of real-time supply chain solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), today introduced a new active RFID reader system designed specifically to read bar codes and active radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. The lightweight, highly functional RFID reader system enhances the ability of DoD logistics...

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) 101 - AIM

A basic�Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system consists of three components:

An antenna or coil

A transceiver (with decoder)

A transponder (RF tag) electronically programmed with unique information

The antenna emits radio signals to activate the tag and to read and write data to it.

The reader emits radio waves in ranges of anywhere from one inch to 100 feet or more, depending upon its...

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Preconfigured Long Range RFID Gate Control System for ...

Preconfigured Long Range RFID Gate Control System Product Description and Specifications

The RFID Long Range RFID Gate Control System�is just the right combination of components to get you started with Basic Long Range RFID control of a motorized gate. Based upon the RX211 Long Range RFID Reader it is specifically designed for hands-free control of motorized gate or door. The included RX211...

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RFID vs Barcode | Barcode vs RFID | What’s the Difference

What's the Difference Between Barcode and RFID?


Barcode and RFID are two different forms of technology that are used for reading and collecting data. Although they are both commonly used for asset tracking and  inventory tracking in business, their capabilities and how they work differ significantly in some ways. Understanding how each works, including the advantages and disadvantages of...

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Savi and Intermec launch enhanced active RFID reader ...

Savi Technology and Intermec Technologies Corporation, two providers of real-time supply chain solutions for the US Department of Defense (DoD), recently introduced a new active RFID reader system designed specifically to read bar codes and active radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. The lightweight, highly functional RFID reader system enhances the ability of DoD logistics personnel to...

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urn:nbn:se:liu:diva-81905 : Novel Semi-Passive RFID System ...

Novel Semi-Passive RFID System for Indoor Localization

Athalye, Akshay

Signal Processing Application Group, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Bolic, Miodrag

Djuric, Petar M.

Stony Brook University, USA.

2013 (English)In: IEEE Sensors Journal, ISSN 1530-437X, E-ISSN 1558-1748, Vol. 13, no 2, 528-537 p.Article in journal (Refereed) Published

Abstract [en]

In this paper, we present a novel semi-passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) system for accurate indoor localization. The system is composed of a standard ultra high frequency (UHF) ISO-18000-6C compliant RFID reader, a set of standard passive RFID tags whose locations are...

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How RFID Works & Antenna Design | EAGLE | Blog

How RFID Works & Antenna Design

Sam Sattel

Tips and Tricks

Tags and Readers: How RFID Works, and How to Design Your First RFID Tag Antenna

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) has been around for over 50 years, and in the last decade is finally cheap enough to mass-produce and place in everyday objects. This presents some new opportunities for electronics designers wanting to learn about RF and...

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RFID System Components - Firefly RFID Solutions

Host computer with appropriate application software


RFID tags are tiny microchips with memory and an antenna coil, thinner than paper and some only 0.3mm across. RFID tags listen for a radio signal sent by a RFID reader. When a RFID tag receives a query, it responds by transmitting its unique ID code and other data back to the reader. There are two types of RFID tags--passive and active.

RFID Readers

RFID readers, also called interrogators query RFID tags in order to obtain identification, location, and other information about the device or product the tag is embedded in. The RF energy from the reader...

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Pros and Cons of RFID Technology - Buzzle

Pros and Cons of RFID Technology

RFID technology is increasingly being used in applications where access controls and data collection activities come into picture. Every technology has its advantages and disadvantages, and the same is true for this technology as well. Read on to know more about the pros and cons of RFID.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a subcategory of the...

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Preconfigured Long Range RFID Gate Control System for ...

Preconfigured Long Range RFID Gate Control System Product Description and Specifications

The RFID Long Range RFID Gate Control System�is just the right combination of components to get you started with Basic Long Range RFID control of parking gates or doors to your facility. Based upon the RX211 Long Range RFID Reader it is specifically designed for hands-free control of motorized gate or door....

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RFID Readers | TECTUS Professional RFID Sytem Components ...


RFID Readers

Stationary and Portable RFID readers are available as Industrial- and also as EX certified versions. Desktop- Readers- and Programmers are suitable for safe industrial area. For integration of RFID in own hardware OEM Reader modules and OEM Reader boards are available.

The standard frequency ranges

LF 125 kHz / 134 kHz,

HF /NFC 13,56 MHz and

UHF 860 - 960 MHz


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Date: 2018-01-12 12:07:44
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VTLS and TAGSYS install RFID in four new libraries

Press Release: VTLS, Inc. [January 18, 2002]

VTLS and TAGSYS install RFID in four new libraries

Blacksburg, VA - VTLS Inc, a leader in client-server integrated library automation solutions, and TAGSYS, the world's leading manufacturer of RFID tags and smart labels operating at 13.56 MHz., today announced they have installed their jointly developed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) library...

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RFID Personnel Tracking System | ShieldTrek Technologies

RFID Personnel Tracking System


Shieldtrek Personnel Tracking�System�is a fully integrated personnel tracking solution that can monitor personnel in real-time. The system is powered by three key components:

Shieldtrek RFID Wearable Tags

Shieldtrek RFID Readers

These three components work together to locate personnel and can be customized to address the needs of any business...

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What is RFID and How Does RFID Work? - AB&R®

What is RFID - How Does RFID Work

What is RFID?

RFID is an acronym for "radio-frequency identification" and refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels (defined below) are captured by a reader via radio waves. RFID is similar to barcoding in that data from a tag or label are captured by a device that stores the data in a database. RFID, however, has several...

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Virtual Asset Tracker - Radiant RFID

Virtual Asset Tracker

Traditional asset management is often both time and labor intensive, often resulting in redundant purchases and reduced productivity. As technology has tried to keep pace with organizational demands, recent advances in RFID systems have elevated location tracking and reporting to faster, more accurate inventory and asset management.

ABOUT Virtual Asset Tracker...

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RFID in the Hospitality Industry | Strategic Systems

Fixed RFID readers like the Zebra FX7500 are ideal for deployment in nearly any venue or environment, thanks to their low profile and compact footprint.

Our RFID solutions can help you transform your guest experience.

If you're a hospitality manager or executive looking for a cost effective way to improve operational efficiencies, improve guest experiences and give you unprecedented visibility into any aspect of your organization, we can help. RFID has the capability to track thousands of items per minute with near-perfect accuracy and can be...

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RFID Printers Encoders | RFID4U

Home / RFID Basics & Resources / RFID Printers Encoders

RFID Printers & Smart Labels

Every RFID implementation needs peripheral devices such as RFID-enabled printers, RFID-enabled automated label applicators (also known as print and apply devices), as well as feedback components such as light stacks, horns, LED lights or LCD displays, and triggering devices such as light break sensors. These...

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RFID Transponder Coils (TR4308I) - Token Components

Note: Test Freq.: 125KHz / 0.25V.

Operating Temp.: -40°C+85°C.

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification System and Applications

Figure 1. RFID System

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is the system of using radio signals to send information identifying a particular item. The most common application of RFID is to track and locate any subject including material, or moving item.

The RFID coil is...

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Date: 2017-07-21 09:30:09
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RFID for Car Rental & Dealerships - GAO RFID Asset Tracking

RFID Solutions & Applications

Car Rental & Dealerships

GAO RFID systems can be used to manage inventory of automobiles in new and used car dealerships and in rental car lots.

Use GAO RFID technology to track the location of each car in the lot at any time. In addition, our advanced RFID technology can automatically check cars into and out of the lot in real time.

Benefits of using GAO RFID systems include: total visibility of all cars in the lot, facilitate just-in-time delivery of cars as they are needed, allow inventory of less popular cars to be...

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Website: http://gaorfidassettracking.com

Security Threats and Countermeasures in the Internet of ...

Security Threats and Countermeasures in the...

Security Threats and Countermeasures in the Internet of Things Based on RFID


Article Preview

Nowadays, the internet of things (IOT) has attracted the attention of the researchers. As a key technology of the Internet of Things, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has also attracted the interest of industry and academia. One of the most...

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RFID Interrogation Zone Basics | RFID Interrogator ...

Calculation of radiated power output

Calculation of free space loss

Calculation of field (power) density

An RFID interrogator (also called an RFID reader) and RFID antennas are two of the major hardware components that make up an RFID system. Depending on the specific application, interrogators and antennas are configured differently to optimize tag read rates. Typical configurations consist of...

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Starport Systems Demonstrates Gen2 UHF RFID Reader ...

Starport Systems Demonstrates Gen2 UHF RFID Reader Reference Designs for PDAs and Smartphones

Press release date: Mar 26, 2007

All CMOS System-on-Chip Design Drives Power, Space and Cost Savings in Handheld UHF RFID Reader Applications

DALLAS, March 26 -- RFID World 2007 -- Starport Systems, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company developing RF and mixed-signal system- on-chip (SOC) solutions, will...

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Robust RFID Tags Track Firearms - mwrf.com

This block diagram identifies the components of an RFID system.

The RFID tags are powered from the RF field generated by the external electronic devices (the interrogator/reader) generating the RF field and designed to communicate with (read) the tag. Tags designed to this standard are "vicinity devices" and have a limited read range of approximately 1 m depending on their size and the size and...

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Date: 2019-04-10 22:41:54
Website: mwrf.com

Beef Identification (RFID) - Beef

Beef Identification (RFID)

Starting March 1, 2007, all cattle leaving their Michigan premises must be tagged with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. Although the� USDA �has made the National Animal Identification System voluntary, Michigan premises registration and the Michigan Animal Identification System has been established to aid efforts in eradication of bovine tuberculosis and...

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Website: https://www.canr.msu.edu

Refining the Process: RFID is a Growing Force for Profit ...

Konarski's company, along with Motorola and industry integrator, Ship2Save, designed and implemented an RFID system for Tejas Tubular Products, a leading oil field drill pipe, tubing and casing manufacturer. The system uses RFID tags and readers to provide real-time visibility of components moving from manufacturing into various staging areas. RFID readers identify where the products move and...

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Potential Breakthrough in Passive RFID Tag Design and ...

A new RFID passive tag design - the type of tag typically used in retail as well as many other applications - from engineers at North Carolina State University is said to result in tags that are 25% smaller than current versions and are therefore less expensive.

Supply Chain Digest Says...

Brian Kelly, director of supply-chain management at Johnson Controls, said he hopes someday to have RFID...

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3M Showcases Extensive Range of Track and Trace Solutions ...

3M Showcases Extensive Range of Track and Trace Solutions at RFID World in Dallas

Applications Improve Productivity, Safety and Asset Utilization for a Rapidly Expanding List of Industries and Professions


Friday, March 23, 2007 12:10 pm CDT




DALLAS--( BUSINESS WIRE )--3M Track and Trace Systems for a broad range of medical, industrial and office...

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Date: 2017-12-10 00:31:03
Website: http://news.3m.com

The Cost Benefits of RFID Middleware - lowrysolutions.com


Properly implemented RFID middleware can have a substantially positive impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your RFID infrastructure. Lowry Solutions' RFID middleware provides configuration, monitoring and maintenance capabilities from a central console. The middleware supports EPC Global standard low level reader protocol (LLRP), enabling command and control of all the...

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Explain RFID and USB attacks, computer science homework help

Explain RFID and USB attacks, computer science homework help

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Explain RFID and USB attacks, computer science homework help


timer Asked: Aug 3rd, 2017

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Question description

Explain RFID and describe the components of RFID systems. Include in your discussion some of various RFID...

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RFID Solution Provider Chennai | RFID Solutions India ...

  Hospital Resource Tracking

  Airport Security

Our services related to RFID solutions and products start from conducting free-site surveys, requirement analysis, ROI illustrations and we support you all the way through hardware supply, solution implementation and integration.


Leiten designs and builds unique RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products that...

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Date: 2014-09-02 18:30:00
Website: http://www.leitenindia.com

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Arduino RFID Door Lock Project using Arduino Uno, RFID ...

Check all the� RFID Projects here .

The output provided by EM-18 RFID reader is in 12 digit ASCII format. Out of 12 digits first 10 digits are card number and the last two digits are the XOR result of the card number. Last two digits are used for error checking.

For example, card number is 0200107D0D62 read from the reader then the card number on the card will be as below.

02 -...

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Website: https://circuitdigest.com

Security Solutions | Product Spotlight - Library Journal

Library security systems are described as "non-glamourous work-horses" on Bibliotheca's website. It's true that the core function--to deter theft and prevent materials that haven't been properly checked out from accidentally walking out of the library--hasn't changed much since 3M launched its Tattle Tape electromagnetic (EM) security system in the 1970s.

However, many of the latest systems...

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Date: 2017-12-07 17:09:54
Website: http://lj.libraryjournal.com

US7961097B2 - RFID based monitoring system and method ...

An RFID based monitoring system and method is provided. A tag module is allocated to an item to be traced, which is operable by an RFID reader. In the system, the tag module is accessed through conductive coupling with an entry point that is operable in an RF field of the RFID reader.



The present disclosure relates to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, and more...

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Website: https://patents.google.com