Star RFID Manufacturing Process

This video is an overview of the manufacturing process of passive RFID labels and tags by Star RFID. Beginning with the design and testing and moving into the production.

Star RFID is a manufacturer of passive RFID labels, tags and inlays. Star RFID is based in Thailand and serves many markets both domestically and internationally.

Star RFID Homepage

Star RFID sister company - Star Systems Intl.

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PowerID Battery Assisted Passive RFID Labels Read at 150+ Feet: Host Louis Sirico

Traditional passive Gen 2 RFID labels read at distances up to 35 feet away. PowerID claims that their Battery-Assisted Passive RFID labels can be read from over 150 feet away. In this edition were going put that claim to the test and see just how much power the PowerID tags really have. Host Louis Sirico.

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From: Louis Sirico

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VA RFID Printer

This printer can print barcode labels as well as encode a passive RFID chip in the label. It works with the VA's VISTA system and is plug and play compatible. Contact MSS Software at 800.428.8643 for more information.

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From: Harwood Crumpecker

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RFID UHF tamper evident Windshield type 1

Xiamen Innov Inforamtion company star product-UHF tamper evident RFID DESTRUCTIBLE label tag. This label tag is passive and have UV protection, break on removal.Own patent glue.

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From: Norah Ho

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Windward Software TV - Guest Bob Arklie on Bar Coding benefits by @windwardsoftware

Bob Arklie speaks to how bar code on receipts can simplify returns, bar tags on claim tags for find a customers unit for service and warranty work, and how inventory counts can be simplified with data collectors or pocket PC defines. Passive RFID label sample with cost of labels as well as QR Codes technology and what it can do for your business.

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Frontweb Vehicle tracking rfid tags with 30+ foot read range

Passive Gen 2 ISO 18000 6C Alien ALN-9654 G Higgs 3 RFID Domed Labels for Glass Vehicle Windshields etc.

An inexpensive rfid solution for tracking vehicles in dealerships

customer service tags for fast customer processing, gated community authorized access tags etc.

Custom full color printing with matching barcode programmed

to the rfid chip is available. Priced Low As $0.99 cents each in quantities of 10,000+ pieces.

We are...

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From: RFIDstuff

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RFID Hand-Held Inventory System

Bulk identification of products and short scanning time are two of the prime advantages of using RFID tags, instead of bar code labels, An RFID tag can either be active or passive. An RFID tagged product, may either be passed through a reader or scanner. The tag reading process, begins with the RFID antenna, sending a scanning signal which activates the transponder in a tag to respond. An RFID reader consists of a scanning antenna that are attached to computers, which can receive signals from...

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Jogtek launches passive NFC shelf-edge labels

NFCWorld News - By Sarah Clark

Taiwan-based RFID specialist Jogtek has launched a range of NFC-enabled shelf-edge labels that work without a battery.

The passive labels can be updated via an NFC phone and can also be used by NFC phone users to collect coupons or further information about a product. A video shows how the labels work, including how power from the phone is used to re-write the display.

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From: John Hsieh

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