What is Quad Array Technology?

Learn how Quad Array Technology, a passive RFID system, helps to effectively track and identify objects at a lower cost.

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From: Barcoding Inc.

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Best Practices for Passive RFID Asset Tracking

In this webinar recording we will discuss the critical components and challenges associated with surveying, deploying, and managing a successful asset tracking solution using passive RFID technology.

Regardless of your company's industry, if your goal is to track the items that impact your business the most, this webinar is for you.

What you'll learn

- Trends in Asset Tracking

- Anatomy of an asset tracking solution

- Best practices for implementing an RFID based asset tracking system

- ...

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From: Impinj

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Vizbee's Maintenance Platform

Vizbee produces comprehensive RFID solutions and RTLS systems for locating and tracking assets and people, allowing rapid and risk-less deployment of projects.

* Passive RFID, Active RFID, GPS/GPRS, GSM Ultrasonic etc.

Mix and match the best-suited technologies for your RFID projects.

* Hardware integration

* Out-of-the-box RTLS

* Innovative graphical interface

* Intuitive user interface

* Single generic platform for many applications

* Robust performance & functionality

* Code-free,...

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From: RFID Vizbee

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AeroScout's Ralph Vetsch explains the differences between Active and Passive RFID systems

Active RFID solutions have their own power source to beacon out over Wi-Fi networks. Unlike passive RFID, no handheld or mounted readers are required to track assets.

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From: AeroScout Industrial

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Chipless RFID System for Low Cost Item Tracking - Stevan Preradovic

This seminar was presented on 14th January 2009 by Stevan Preradovic, a PhD candidate at the ECSE Department at Monash University, Australia. Stevan presents his PhD research work on a novel chipless RFID system based on multiresonators which is intended for tagging low cost items such as banknotes.

Abstract - A fully passive, printable chipless RFID system is presented. The chipless tag uses the amplitude and phase of the spectral signature of a multiresonator circuit and provides 1:1...

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From: Stevan P

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RelevantRFID Delegates Tracking &Event Management

RelevantRFID (DITS)Delegates Identification&Tracking System Provides Absolute Delegate Tracking & Identification.RelevantRFID Event management Solutions have been used accross the Globe.RelevantRFID Provides Complete Solutions in Active & Passive RFID Technologies. RelevantRFID Solutions are Unique and designed as per Clients Requirements. RFID in Event Management RelevantRFID Provides secure and robust Tracking systems.

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From: Shivakumar Reddy Malipatel

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The Benefits of Trinity: Active vs. Passive System

Jeff explains how Trinity can be used as an active or passive system by schools. Trinity, as an active system, requires user input to track student attendance through events such as front-desk check-in, teacher classroom check-in, and parent check-out. Trinity, as a passive system, utilizes RFID readers installed at school entrances, main thoroughfares, and inside classrooms to report attendance automatically without user input.

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From: Trinity Tracking Solutions

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TagTrack: Indoor Device-Free Localization and Tracking Using Passive RFID Tags

We showcase a novel localization and tracking system based on

the Received Signal Strength (RSS) field formed by cost-efficient Radio-Frequency Identification passive tags.

More details please refer to MobiQuitous paper 'TagTrack: Device-free Localization and Tracking Using Passive RFID Tags'

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From: Lina Yao

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RFID Asset Tracking

www.abrfid.com - American Barcode and RFID offers RFID Asset Tracking:

Problem - How do I know where my assets are deployed in the field? I need a method to quickly inventory my assets and make sure they are where my system thinks they are.

Solution - ABC Scan RFID Asset Tracking using Metal Optimized Passive RFID tags

Why Use RFID - Barcodes are great for Asset Tracking but inventories are still dependant on the user finding each barcode and scanning it. Passive RFID tags transmit their...

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From: abrfid

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Arduino RFID Reader with OLED display

Authentication systems are used in many places such as in Attendance systems, Login Time Tracking and also for Identification systems. The RFID is the most widely used cheap solution that is used for the identification process. There are many types of card as active cards , passive cards etc.

The passive cards are those that does not have any power supply for the card. They have a frequency of 125Khz. These cards have a unique identification number that is stored on the card. These unique...

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From: Dan

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