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RFID systems and solutions that let you track, control and manage all critical resources.

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Fixed RFID Demonstration

A2B Tracking VP of Technology, Darryl Layne demonstrates the A2B Tracking RFID software platform. He demonstrates the power of a Fixed RFID system to automatically track assets through a chokepoint or portal without human intervention. He shows an IT asset, such as a laptop, moving from one location to another through an RFID portal and demonstrates how it is automatically captured by the fixed RFID readers and immediately updated in the A2B Tracking Software platform with a new location, date...

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From: A2B Tracking Solutions

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TagTrack: Device-Free Localization and Tracking Using Passive RFID Tags

We propose a novel localization and tracking system based on the Received Signal Strength field formed by a set of cost-efficient passive RFID tags. We firstly formulate localization as a classification task, where we compare several state-of-the-art learning-based classification methods including k Nearest Neighbor (kNN), Multivariate Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) and Support Vector Machine (SVM). To track a moving subject, we propose two Hidden Markov Model (HMM)-based methods, namely...

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From: Ruan Wenjie

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RFID Tag Sensor Using Smart Attendance System

RFID tags:

Now, three different kinds of RFID tags are commercially available.

1) Passive tags

2) Active tags

3) Semi-passive tags

These passive tags do not have any power supply. They used to get their power from the incoming radio waves from the Readers.

While active tags have a power source for their internal circuitries. And for sending the response to the reader also, it uses its own power supply.

In the case of semi-passive tags, they have a power supply for internal circuitries,...

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From: Syed Mukibur Rahman

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IDSense: A Human Object Interaction Detection System Based on Passive UHF RFID

Link to publication page:

In order to enable unobtrusive human object interaction detection, we propose a minimalistic approach to instrumenting everyday objects with passive (i.e. battery-free) UHF RFID tags. By measuring the changes in the physical layer of the communication channel between the RFID tag and reader (such as RSSI, RF phase, and read rate) we are able to...

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From: DisneyResearchHub

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PortalTrack RFID System for Supply Chain Item Level Tracking

PortalTrack® is an RFID customized software component that drives real-time access to the information passed through Active and Passive RFID systems. Designed on a scalable platform, PortalTrack® solutions integrate into a variety of host systems and work with the latest hardware technologies. PortalTrack® has powered innovative solutions in a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, logistics and retail. Through cloud-based and Internet of Things (IoT) architecture,...

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From: MSM Solutions

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BP, Director of Applications, Chief Technology Office, Curt Smith - Mojix star

Footage from: RFID Journal LIVE! 2010 - Passive RTLS: Enterprises Gain Visibility to Large Scale Operations - Mojix Customer Presentations

Mojix STAR system RFID solution for Oil and Gas applications

With: Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal and Curt Smith, Director of Applications, Chief Technology Office, BP

The Mojix STAR system is the first of a revolutionary new class of RFID systems, enabling unprecedented levels of precision and scalability in supply chain management and asset...

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From: Mojix Inc

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The Benefits of Trinity: Active vs. Passive System

Jeff explains how Trinity can be used as an active or passive system by schools. Trinity, as an active system, requires user input to track student attendance through events such as front-desk check-in, teacher classroom check-in, and parent check-out. Trinity, as a passive system, utilizes RFID readers installed at school entrances, main thoroughfares, and inside classrooms to report attendance automatically without user input.

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From: Trinity Tracking Solutions

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RFID Asset Tracking - American Barcode and RFID offers RFID Asset Tracking:

Problem - How do I know where my assets are deployed in the field? I need a method to quickly inventory my assets and make sure they are where my system thinks they are.

Solution - ABC Scan RFID Asset Tracking using Metal Optimized Passive RFID tags

Why Use RFID - Barcodes are great for Asset Tracking but inventories are still dependant on the user finding each barcode and scanning it. Passive RFID tags transmit their...

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From: abrfid

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TagTrack: Indoor Device-Free Localization and Tracking Using Passive RFID Tags

We showcase a novel localization and tracking system based on

the Received Signal Strength (RSS) field formed by cost-efficient Radio-Frequency Identification passive tags.

More details please refer to MobiQuitous paper 'TagTrack: Device-free Localization and Tracking Using Passive RFID Tags'

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From: Lina Yao

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