How to Build an RFID Reader Part 1: Host Louis Sirico

How to build an RFID Reader part 1 - Should you use Discrete Components, RFID Reader Chip or an RFID Reader Module? Read the article here: Host: Louis Sirico

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From: Louis Sirico

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What is RFID? - Part 1

RFID overtakes the barcode - part 1 - RFID is here to stay - A few words on barcodes and RFID - History of barcode and RFID technologies - Main difference be... Part one of a series of five videos in which I demonstrate how it is possible to detect RFID tags that are hidden from sight. In this videos I explain the th... How to build an RFID Reader part 1 - Should you use Discrete Components, RFID Reader Chip or an RFID Reader Module... Read the article here: A youtube video explaining the...

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From: Technology News

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Product Brief #2 : ID Series Readers

CoreRFID's easy to integrate, low-cost, compact RFID chip readers. Electronic components that can provide RFID reading capabilities in a range of equipment from point-of-sale tills to museum exhibits. The ID series work with lof frequency (LF) tags.

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From: CoreRFID Limited

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Interfacing PHPoC Blue with Wiegand RFID reader and reading with web socket

The Wiegand interface is a de-facto standard which gets RFID card data through the 2 signal wires - D0 and D1.


The PHPoC Blue is interfaced with a RFID card reader through the Wiegand interface. When a RFID card is tagged to the RFID card reader, it sends the card information to the PHPoC Blue through the Wiegand interface.

1. PHPoC Blue with a USB WIFI dongle.

2. RFID reader (it is from -...

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From: Sollae Insider

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How to Install RFID Systems Successfully: Components & Conveyor Frames: Host Louis Sirico

RFID Conveyor Mount Kits assemble in minutes and include mounting for multiple antenna brackets, and readers. The RFID Component Pole Set allows many unique configurations to be created from the various components. These industrial-grade components can be mounted directly to the floor, wall, or onto a 2' square base. Host: Louis Sirico

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From: Louis Sirico

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This is a low frequency (125Khz) RFID Reader With serial Output with range upto 15cms. The RFID Reader is designed specifically for low-frequency (125 kHz) passive tags.Frequency refers to the size of the radio waves used to communicate between the RFID system components.

For more details visit us at:

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From: ResearchDesignLab

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RFID Based Attendance System Using NXP 89C669 uController

The attendance system is basically an embedded one. Embedded stands for 'hardware controlled by software'. Here, the software using a Microcontroller controls all the hardware components. The microcontroller plays an important role in the system. The main objective of the system is to uniquely identify and to make attendance for a person. This requires a unique product, which has the capability of distinguishing different person. This is possible by the new emerging technology RFID (Radio...

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A secured dual-level authentication protocol using Arduino, RFID and fingerprint sensor


In this project using hardware components arduino, RFID reader, fps, buzzer, dc motor and lcd.

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From: GR Techno Solutions

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RFID Based Attendance System Using Arduino

This is a simple RFID based project that I had made. In this project 125Khz RFID reader reads the students Tags and sends theTag number serially at 9600 baudrate to Arduino. Which then compares the received serial data with the ones stored in its Internal memory.

Components Used:

Arduino Uno:

TTL RFID Reader:

16x2 LCD:

PCB Mounting Buzzer:...

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From: DNA Technology

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Project Jarvis POC RFID.m4v

I have created my first hardware component of Jarvis and its an RFID tag reader. Using this I can have Jarvis interact with physical objects in my apartment.

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From: Chad Barraford

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