RFID Tag Based Attendance System For Identification

This Edgefx project is to verify the attendance of the visitor who needs to access it through RFID system where only an authorized person are allowed into.



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From: Edgefx Kits

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Useful NFC/RFID tag implant applications 12: locking & unlocking car doors

I mounted the universal central door locking system and RFID access controller from the previous video in my car.

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From: ACKspace

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RFID Tag Store BMW Manufacturing

http://rfidtagstore.net RFID application: BMW Manufacturing. RFID technology is used throughout the assembly line of BMW in Munich. BMW's state of the art technology includes RFID readers and tags for precision manufacturing.

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From: RFIDTagstore

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Pick to light applications with battery-free UHF RFID LED tags

RFID helps automate your inventories making it easier, faster and error free to update your inventories with reliable data. Adding an LED to each tag helps users visually locate the desired item so the picking process is faster and more efficient.

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Useful NFC/RFID tag implant applications 9: unlocking the laptop

Using the Arduino Leonardo and PN532 NFC R/W module to unlock my laptop by scanning the NFC/RFID tag implant, without entering the password

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From: ACKspace

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Long Range RFID Tags - Toll Tag Access Control - Windshield Sticker Tag - www.nexlar.com

The Windshield Sticker Tag Access control system allow you to easily control, manege and audit traffic of vehicles through gate or an area. The system can be integrated with toll tags ( Ez Tags).

Applications: electronic toll collection, airport ground transportation management, traffic management, border control, homeland security, electronic vehicle registration, parking, and security access control.

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From: Nexlar Security

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BlueRFID HF - USB OEM RFID HF reader/writer

BlueRFID HF electronic cards are RFID readers capable of reading/writing the main RFID tag global standards.

Easy installation and the inclusion of a practical and user friendly interface, with 2 coloured LEDs and a multi-tone alarm, are the particular characteristics of this category of product.

Thanks to its interface versatility with desktop PCs or embedded PCs using USBs, or with embedded systems using TTL serial converters, BlueRFID HF cards are an excellent solution for RFID tags...

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From: TERTIUM Technology

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Manage RFID Tag Events, Moderate Tag and Update RFID Tag Directions

How to set up RFID Tag Read Moderating Events and Directional Updates

ClearStream 4.1 now includes powerful rfid tag moderation controls that can be configured to optimize the data that is shared with your database.

ClearStream 4.1 includes powerful RFID tag event controls that constrain records or assets being updated based on a series of RFID scans. This is a powerful feature that enables records in a database to be updated if and only when a series of RFID Scans take place. This is the...

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From: ClearStream RFID

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NewVideo UHF Gater DL8330U

As the demand of the high scanning accuracy in RFID gate, DAILY RFID has released its effective RFID UHF Gater DL8330U for access control and attendance application. Supporting ISO 15693 protocol tags, this RFID UHF Gater DL8330U can provide users with hands-free, walk-through access for badge identification.

More details please check in our website (www.RFID-in-China.com & www.Smart-RFID-Tag.com). DAILY RFID is the leading company specializing in researching and manufacturing RFID LF/HF/UHF/...

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Audit Jewelries in packs by Using RFID-XGSun Tech

After application of the RFID jewelry tags, it saves much time and reduce error to audit the jewelry. You can audit everyday in the jewelry shops.

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From: Elsie Liu

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