Nordic RFID Tag Application

How to apply RFID tags (chips) to Nordic Ski bibs.

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From: Bob Schneider

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What is RFID Technology - Radio Frequency Identification | Elprocus

RFID technology is a identification system which helps to identifying the objects through RFID tags. Without any light between tags and tag reader.

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From: ElPro Cus

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RFID Garment tags,RFID hang tags,RFID in apparel application

Hang tags which are used to price items.Hang tags for Apparel which using RFID are ideal for tracking where surfaces prevent direct attachment of the tag. They can be attached by other means such as plastic ties rather than adhesive. We make hang tags in various kinds & sizes. They work great for asset tracking and work-in-process.For more information,you can contact

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From: Yang Julia

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FaithRFID's RFID Worm Tag in Trash waste management application

This video shows the RFID worm tags in trash waste management application

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From: Shanghai Faith Industrial CO.,LTD

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RFID jewelry tags,RFID jewellery Tags

This UHF RFID Jewelry tag is specially designed to enable automatic jewelry tracking in retail,wholesale or secured storage applications.

Noahcard’s jewelry tag is a high performance UHF RFID tags, which worked at 860~ 960 Mhz with worldwide UHF supported. This type of UHF tags is specialized for jewelry identification and tracking

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From: Yang Julia

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How to Set Up a Mobile RFID Tag Locator ( Geiger ) - Part 2

Watch Howard Heckman develop ( configure ) an RFID Tag Locator in a TracerPlus Mobile application. RFID Tag Locator / Geiger enables a user to locate RFID tags via the power of the tag being read. As the tag gets closer, the signal becomes stronger and the audible sound becomes faster. RFID Tag Locators are commonly used in TracerPlus for finding items in a room or determining if an item is in a fixed area.

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From: TracerPlus - Mobile Development Software

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All About The RFID Technology - Applications & Working of UHF RFID Reader -

Information about RFID technology, working of RFID access control system with UHF RFID reader and RFID tags, applications of RFID technology, RFID for access control system including access control for parking lot management, door access control and security control by Global Keyaccess Technologies. Further information about RFID technology Visit

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From: Globalkeyaccess

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Browse this site for more information on RFID Tags. RFID Tags add value and accuracy to many applications such as: Compliance labeling in retail distribution centers. High-speed processes in postal and parcel distribution. Manufacturing process control and confirmation, material tracking, Airline luggage identification and routing systems and Single-pass multiple item identification. RFID technology can be used to raise productivity...

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From: Archie Rosa

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RFID Tags with low frequency,high frequency and ultra-high frequency applications. These RFID Tags can be applied to virtually any surface; metal, plastic, wood, paper and animals, making them ideal for tracking assets, supply chains, animal tracking etc

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rfid applications,rfid coil antenna,rfid tags uses,using rfid tags,secure rfid tags,rfid works

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From: angel li

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