ReStock Tag - Inventory Management Solution for Medical Supplies

The ReStock Tag is LogiTag's digital inventory management system for medical supplies. It combines a two-bin lean Kanban (replacing PAR methodology) configuration with advanced RFID technology and proprietary cloud-based software to collect reordering information from RFID-enabled tags, to run regular restocking reports, or to send automated restocking requests as they occur to the hospital ERP systems.

No counting, 40% inventory reduction, no waste, real-time reports, accurate data...

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From: LogiTag

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EdgeMagic Keeps Up with Fast Changing Retail

Are you a retailer? Or, are you a RBO approached by a retail customer to participate in item-level RFID tagging? Do you need a solution that encodes EPC (Electronic Product Code) compliant RFID item tickets and validates orders by carton? EdgeMagic® is a breakthrough RFID Electronic Product Code compliance system that is a complete solution for the challenge of EPC item-level compliance. Developed by CYBRA Corporation, the makers of award-winning MarkMagic™ Bar Code Labels, RFID Tags, and...

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Binwise, an advanced harvest logistics and supply chain management system

Binwise is a harvest logistics and bin management system using proprietary RFID/NFC tags, smart phones, mobile apps, RFID portals and cloud software. This system will allow real-time tracking of bins, crates, containers, and/or punnets during harvest from the orchard through to packing. Binwise will also allow packhouses to manage their internal harvest bin inventories and allow packhouse managers to track the location of individual bins and their contents across an entire site, an entire...

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From: Dataphyll

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MarkMagic - The Barcode Label, Forms, and RFID Tag Printing Engine Inside Manhattan WMi & WMOS

MarkMagic is the barcode, form, label, and RFID tag software from CYBRA Corporation. It is the printing engine found within Manhattan Associates WMi and WMOS warehouse management software.

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SecureLoc - RFID tracking and management software RTLS

SecureLoc is an RTLS software capable of managing RFID tags. The standard features include the tag edition, id numbers, owners, groups etc.. A map section indicates the position of the tags in the map and Alarm section when a tag reaches an undesired position. It works with Bioaccez active tags like Z-TAG, Z-WRISTBAND, Z-TAG-MOTION etc..It's ideal for museums, hospitals, universities and other large buildings.

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From: bioaccez

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RFID Warehouse management system

the software function with justice tag range by voice based on RSSI,

the data bank can import data and revise ,delete and add function.


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From: Andy Zhou

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Hytera PD41X Patrol Solution

Hytera introduced PD41X RFID-Enabled two-way radio with patrol solution. Designed to work in conjunction with Hytera's personnel RFID cards, RFID-tagged Patrol Checkpoints and Patrol Management software application, Hytera PD41X radios help to track remote workers in banks, residences, hotels, logistics firms and other businesses.

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From: HyteraRadio

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FLYtag manager, ATA SPEC 2000 software

FLYtag manager is the best selling ATA Spec 2000 RFID software worldwide.

With more than 35 aerospace OEMs customer, FLYtag manager is the more secure, fast and ergonomic way to encode RFID tags for aircraft onboard systems.

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From: MAINtag RFID

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WaMaSo - Warehouse Management

Warehouse management system consisting:

-Barcode to RFID converter

-RFID gate for identifiying products

-Optical Vision System for tracking products in warehouse

-Database to combine all parts mentioned above to one

+ software for displaying all the required information and for using the system and to administrate it

All RFID tags and readers are working in the UHF frequency.

Extra: remote controlled Wifibot as "forklift truck"

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From: Centria TKI

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Fujitsu RFID and Sensor (AIT) Solution User Guide Video

An User Guide video to show you how to use Fujitsu’s RFID printer software, Label Design and Encoding Management Pro (LDEMP) which is one of the components of Fujitsu RFID and Sensor Solution.

It will explain how you can input data onto the RFID tags and how you can change the layout.

Contact email address :

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From: FujitsuJpIndustryBiz

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