DipoleRFID tag encoding Zebra

RFID Race Timing is now able to encode and print direct to tags on foam supplied by DipoleRFID.

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From: Andrew Peterson

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RFID use has become ubiquitous in logistics and tracking of thousand of products. This story is about Illinois based Zebra Technologies. This company was the pioneer in applying barcoding on a global level and an early adapter of RFID tagging. technolgies. The US Governement has spent millions on Zebra products to including "productivity-improving solutions to help manage public safety, personnel administration, voter ID, benefits, military logistics, healthcare and medical records, revenue...

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From: Coerte Voorhees

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Umajin + RFID scanner

Here is a video of reading a series of Tego RFID tags (EPC headers only) with the Zebra Sled and then batch transferring them to Umajin via Bluetooth Sockets.

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From: David Brebner

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Zebra: Inside RFID - The Technology Behind the Tag

Join Zebra Industry Development Manager McLeod Williamson as he takes a look at the technology behind the RFID tag. To learn more about RFID visit our website: https://goo.gl/3926XL

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From: Zebra Technologies

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RFID Geiger Running on a Zebra MC9190-Z Powered by TracerPlus Mobile Software

This is a quick demo of the TracerPlus RFID Geiger feature running on a Zebra MC9190Z RFID Scanner. This application is free to try and can be downloaded at Tracerplus.com .

RFID Geiger enables users to select a RFID Tag ID and locate it by sounding a geiger like sound when the device with in range. It is very powerful when locating lost items. Geiger is commonly used to locate assets, inventory, people and lost files.

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From: TracerPlus - Mobile Development Software

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Zebra - Apparel Tagging Demo at RFID Journal LIVE! 2011

Video of the apparel tagging demo done at RFID Journal LIVE! 2011 featuring Zebra, Avery Dennison, Impinj, SourceTag, Seeonic, and Tyco Retail Solutions

To learn more about about Zebra's retail solutions click here: https://goo.gl/Il3BLC

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From: Zebra Technologies

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Calibrating the Zebra ZT410 RFID Printer

The Zebra ZT410 Series UHF RFID Printer is a rugged and reliable RFID printer that encodes and prints on RFID labels saving time and money. If your application is need of an RFID printer, the Zebra ZT410 is a great choice, but like many RFID printers - setting it up can be a tedious process if you do not have previous experience calibrating printers.

In order to make the process easy and get the application up and moving quickly, this video walks you through the following:

- Turning the...

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From: Atlas RFID Store

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RFID Check In / Check Out - Featuring ClearStream, Zebra FX9500 , Times-7 and Confidex Silverline

In the video we show a basic Check In/Check Out set up with Fixed RFID. The components of the system include the Zebra FX9500, PTS ClearStream RFID Software, Times-7 RFID Antennas and Confidex Silverline Tags.

Automated Fixed RFID Check In / Check Out can be used to track;

- IT Assets including computers and servers

- Employees

- Tools

- Students

- Day Care Students

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From: ClearStream RFID

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Scan RFID Tags with your Samsung Galaxy or Zebra TC55 - RFD8500

This powerful RFID scanner attaches securely to most Android phones and @Zebratech Barcode Terminals. Unlike other RFID sleds the RFD8500 has a 20ft range and is extremely ergonomic.

The RFD8500 is now fully integrated with TracerPlus so your Windows Mobile RFID applications can quickly be transformed into Android based solutions. Use TracerPlus mass scanning, read write, geiger and more.

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From: TracerPlus - Mobile Development Software

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SMG3 | Zebra's RFD8500 RFID Scanner - How To

This video, provided by the Zebra Knowledge Center, will provide an overview on how to use the RFID Demo Application. Learn more about the RFID Rapid Read, RFID Tag Locator, settings configuration, and battery information.

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From: Strategic Mobility Group

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