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Kits and Supplies

MERG produces a range of kits, for self-assembly, offering a wide range of functionality. These kits are one of the key reasons that people join MERG - only members can purchase them. The kits come with clear and detailed instructions and the MERG membership provides unrivalled support. Available kits are listed below. All the MERG products may be ordered using our...

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Designing an RFID antenna -

Designing an RFID antenna:

Basically I am motivated to replace the antenna on this RFID reader. The reader is really cheap, and fits my porpoise, its recognized as a USB keyboard.

My Idea is to build a new antenna that can be fitted into a PVC tube and have a usb "reading rod". Basically I want to make a new coil with copper cable which area is a rectangle instead of a square.

Hackaday has provided me with some information about this, but nothing useful about antenna modding.

Thanks a...

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iPhone 6 NFC & RFID attendance, inventory, security

iPhone 6 - Plus - iOS NFC & RFID Solutions

Submitted by marshall on Wed, 09/17/2014 - 12:11


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both have a built-in NFC reader. You want to use it for somehing besides Apple Pay?

Tough luck, Apple resticts built-in NFC, today you can ONLY use it for Apple Pay. Visit this link for more information on the NFC limitations of the iPhone 6 . provides complete NFC, RFID solutions for thousands...

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Date: 2017-03-03 23:45:38

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