Three types of RFID tags: passive, active, and semi-passive (also known as battery-assisted passive, or BAP) are differentiated by how they communicate and how that communication is initiated. Although, they all use radio frequency energy to communicate between a tag and a reader, the method of powering the tags is different. An active RFID tag uses an internal power source...

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Active RFID Technology-Active Tags

Active RFID Technology-Active Tags

The tags for personnel can be worn using standard ID card straps or lanyards. Active tags are available in a variety of form factors, such as Key fob, Vehicle and Personnel. Personnel Tags have a standard ID card footprint (CR80) for attaching a photo ID and are available with Panic Button.

Key Features:

Tags constantly transmit a heart beat radio frequency pulse every 2 seconds

Have on-board Power Source (Battery)

Tags are always awake, due to embedded battery

Long life battery technology - up to 5 years for a tag

High impact resistant UV stabilized PVC case ultrasonically welded and sealed

9 cm to...

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Active RFID Solutions for your business | GuardRFID

The GuardRFID Active RFID platform is an all-in-one system that supports almost an infinite number of Asset and Personnel Tracking, and Security applications. GuardRFID develops and manufactures dual-frequency Active RFID Tags using the 433MHz and 125kHz bands, Active RFID network devices, and powerful, enterprise-capable middleware to locate, identify and track people, assets, and events at your...

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Problems With RFID - Technovelgy

Technical problems with RFID

Problems with RFID Standards

RFID has been implemented in different ways by different manufacturers; global standards are still being worked on. It should be noted that some RFID devices are never meant to leave their network (as in the case of RFID tags used for inventory control within a company). This can cause problems for companies.

Consumers may also have...

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Active RFID and Sensor Networks 2011-2021: IDTechEx

Active RFID and Sensor Networks 2011-2021

Forecasts, players, opportunities

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Report summary

This IDTechEx report comprehensively analyzes the technologies, players and markets with detailed ten year forecasts, including tag numbers, unit prices and interrogator numbers and prices. Details of over 75 active RFID implementations...

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Can I read long range RFID tags with any NFC enabled ...

Can I read long range RFID tags with any NFC enabled Android phone?

Is it possible to read long range (100m) RFID tags on any NFC enabled Android phone?

Usecase: if I hide 3 long range RFID tags in a field and walk across the field, would my phone be able to pick up the signal of those 3 tags while they come in range?

Written 156w ago

High power RFID uses 868MHz or 900MHz frequency bands, and up...

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RFID Technology: Keeping Track of DoD's Stuff

improved inventory and shipment visibility and management

enhanced business processes within the DoD

improved asset tracking

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With benefits, however, come problems. Security is a major concern for RFID technology. Tags that are readable anywhere, anytime pose a risk to corporate and military security.

Accuracy of information is another concern. The DoD...

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List of Global RFID Companies in Taiwan - Page 3

Fingerprint Time Clock System (TC-100),Fingerprint Based Attendance,Fingerprint Based Access Control,Fingerprint Based Door Locks,RFID Time Clock System (TC-100R),,,.

Address:14F, No. 253, Dong Sec. 1, Guang Ming 6th Rd.

RFID Products,Mini System,Workstation,All in One PC,Portable Computer,Motherboard,Single Board Computer,PC System Case,,,.

Address:No.29, Jhongsing Road., SijhihCity, Taipei County 221,

Wireless rf connector, antenna lightning surge protector, wifi accessories, rfid tag,Wireless Networking Equipment,.

Address:12, Lane 84,...

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Track & Trace | RFID in Europe

Mobile +47 90 36 64 48

Niklas Hild, Project Manager Swedish

eTrace pilot- Niklas.hild@roi4u.se

mobile: +46 709981370

RFID technology helps Sonoco-Alcore better serve its paper core customers

Sonoco-Alcore, a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Sonoco with 30 tube and core plants and six paper mills in Europe, is using UPM Raflatac DogBone RFID tags in its fiber-based cores to help customers reduce costs...

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WiFi Reader | Active RFID System



����EMPRESS[TM] Active Reader (P/N: HKRAR-EMWF) is wireless and therefore is easy to install with low installation costs. Through IEEE 802.11b/g (EMWF version), the reader gathers and transmits data to the wireless router. Once powered, the HKRAR-EM series is instantly connected and become part of the...

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American RFID Solutions

American RFID Solutions (ARS) is the leader in passive RFID RTLS solutions. Passive RFID is much less expensive than Active RFID, WiFi, Zigbee and other technologies and it allows our clients to get the visibility they need at a fraction of the price. Our industry leading TrackStar software allows tag location data to be superimposed on a 3D representation of your facility, providing you with a...

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Mobile Handheld Reader | Active RFID System


HKRAR-5080EM , an Industrial-Grade Touch Screen Mobile Active RFID reader that comes with Windows CE

Working as a desktop counterpart, EMPRESS[TM] 2.4GHz reader, HKRAR-5080EM talks to all...

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RFID Centre | Indoor RFID Tracking

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Indoor RFID Tracking

Passive RFID systems can be used over short-ranges where the objects to be tracked pass through a small number of known narrow points that can be automatically monitored - such as a pallet of goods passing through a door in a warehouse. Passive RFID systems are only capable of recording the movement of objects at those specific choke points and loose visibility...

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RFID Reader Antenna Tutorial - What you need to know.

RFID Reader Antenna Tutorial - What you need to know.

The RFID reader antenna transmits a wave that has both electrical and magnetic properties and is known as an electromagnetic wave.

There are 3 different types of RFID antennas:

Linear Polarization (dipole antennas) - the electromagnetic wave propagates entirely in one plane (Vertical or Horizontal) in the direction of the signal propagation....

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RFID Hardware - ttsys.com


RFID Hardware

TransTech Systems offers varied, powerful solutions for UHF RFID Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Real-Time Localization and many other applications.

TransTech carries; Fixed and Integrated UHF Readers, Handheld readers, Antennae and cabling, Tags, Labels and ID Badges, Networked Cameras  and UHF...

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