RFID and Inventory Control – ADC Barcode

RFID tags and Inventory Control:

RFID can be used in businesses to allow them to identify individual products and components, and to track them throughout the supply chain from production to point-of-sale.

To use RFID for an inventory control solution it is recommended that a reader is used to encode the tags with the product data. The tags are then encapsulated in plastic, paper, or similar...

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Passive RFID tags | Passive RFID tags from the top RFID ...

Invengo Passive UHF Metal RFID tag

Robust Design & Exceptional Performance The Invengo XCTF-8405-C03 is a passive UHF RFID metal tag designed for superior performance on a variety of surfaces particular on metal. Confirming to EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C this tag shows unsurpassed UHF performance reliable operation in dense reader environment and...

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MobiTeC - RFID Middleware 1.0

A flexible and cost-effective solution for RFID network deployment and configuration.

A product from Mobitec of IE department, CUHK.

Overview of CUHK RFID System 1.0

CUHK RFID System 1.0 is a flexible and cost-effective software complying with EPCglobal middelware specifications. It follows the architecture framework specification of EPCglobal and the Application Level Events (ALE) Specification,...

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Smart tag detection techniques for chipless RFID systems

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless technology used to automatically identify objects attached to its tags. Its applications span in different areas such as inventory control, logistics, security and item tracking. Vast majority of commercially available RFID tags use Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) to encode and transmit data. This micro-chip in the RFID tag...

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Retailers Increasing Use of RFID Tracking Tags | CPA ...

Retailers Increasing Use of RFID Tracking Tags

Dave Larsen, Dayton Daily News, Ohio On Mar 17, 2014

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Retail companies including Cincinnati-based Macy's Inc. are accelerating adoption of radio-frequency identification technology that allows items to be identified and tracked wirelessly via radio waves.

Retailers are primarily using radio-frequency identification to manage...

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Active RFID Tag Reader Evaluation Kit - RF Tags

Active RFID System Evaluation Kit can be used to implement small RFID systems. Large scale implementations will often require different readers as it is not practical to have a PC with USB connected reader at every read point. As described below, RF Tags has the equipment to REALIZE YOUR RFID APPLICATION.


The items supplied with the Evaluation Kit form part of the growing range of Active Tags and Readers available from RF Tags SA

A number of "canned" applications are available from the RF Tags web site and the number of these applications will be added to on a regular basis

Requests for applications to be made...

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More Retailers Use RFID Tags - American Society for Quality

More Retailers Use RFID Tags

Dayton Daily News (Ohio)

March 17, 2014

Avery Dennison in Miamisburg has been working with radio frequency identification tags or RFID since the late 1990's. Avery Dennison built an Innovation Center that demonstrates retail merchandise RFID from beginning to end, showing time savings in shipping, tracking, inventory and loss prevention.

Retail companies including...

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Offices | Contacts | Forms | Feedback | FAQs | Resources | News | Packaging Site Map


Effective November 14, 2005, DoD contractors must affix passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, at the case and palletized unit load levels, when shipping certain items to certain DoD locations. The new DFARS regulations can be viewed on-line at...

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Symbol XR480 RFID Reader » RFID Fixed Reader » TPI

Symbol XR480 RFID Reader has been discontinued.  Please call TPI for replacement options.  888-488-4244.

Symbol XR480 RFID Reader Industrial-class RFID reader delivers maximum functionality and benefits.  Building on the tested and proven platform of the XR400, the XR480 Gen 2 reader from Symbol Technologies offers maximum functionality for large-scale RFID deployments. This strategic platform...

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Rfid In Healthcare - Market Research Reports, Industry ...

Request Report Methodology

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is a system based on wireless technology which utilizes radio waves for collecting data from a tag attached to an object, for various purposes like automatic identification and tracking of objects. RFID system comprises of three major components - tags, readers and middleware. RFID tags and readers are further subdivided into active...

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Potential Breakthrough in Passive RFID Tag Design and ...

A new RFID passive tag design - the type of tag typically used in retail as well as many other applications - from engineers at North Carolina State University is said to result in tags that are 25% smaller than current versions and are therefore less expensive.

Supply Chain Digest Says...

Brian Kelly, director of supply-chain management at Johnson Controls, said he hopes someday to have RFID...

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UHF RFID Tags| UHF RFID Tags from the top RFID manufacturers

Invengo Passive UHF Metal RFID tag

Robust Design & Exceptional Performance The Invengo XCTF-8405-C03 is a passive UHF RFID metal tag designed for superior performance on a variety of surfaces particular on metal. Confirming to EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C this tag shows unsurpassed UHF performance reliable operation in dense reader environment and...

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Simple Cost Analysis for RFID Options - AMI

Active RFID readers: Zonal readers that cover about 3000 square feet detecting active RFID tags in their zone. Fully automated, notifying administrators and updating the database in real time. Figure $1,250-$1,500 each.

Active RFID Rack/Room Locators:  Work in conjunction with Active RFID readers to report the precise rack or room location of the active RFID-tagged asset.  Figure $150-$200...

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RFID thrives in competitive setting -- Defense Systems

The Defense Department has used active radio frequency identification to track military shipments since the early 1990s. Although RFID is a mature technology, a recent contract award shows that the technology is still being refined and improved.

RFID III was awarded in December 2008 and opens DOD-active RFID business to competition for the first time. Savi Technologies, a unit of Lockheed Martin,...

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RFID Reader Price in India, RFID Tags Cost in Delhi

Describe your requirement/query in a few sentences

What you get?

An email and phone call from one of our RFID specialist/consultant.

A cost estimate for the RFID product(s)/project.

An in-person meeting.

Perfect RFID Technologies (P)...

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RFID Reader Benefits

Rethink Mobile RFID

The ultramobility of IDBLUE's handheld stylus readers allow the user to utilize RFID in applications never thought possible.

Take RFID to the point of work ??? whether it???s at the patients bedside, on the retail floor, or in-field for maintenance and repair work. IDBLUE readers are the perfect, economical choice for when it???s more practical to bring...

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Space/Gate Ranger - PervasID


Space/Gate Ranger

PervasID's ultra-high-frequency RFID readers are based on patented award-winning passive RFID reader technology. The EPC Gen2-compliant design detects passive tags over unprecedented range with extreme accuracy within a distributed antenna system (DAS).

With the development of 'DAS Passive RFID technology':

Highly accurate read rates can be achieved over a wide area, in...

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Rfid Card & Reader - RFID Reader Em18 125khz Manufacturer ...

RFID Em18 125khz Usb Output


Get Best Quote

?Thanks for Contacting Us.

We are enlisted amongst the top names in the industry engaged in providing a quality approved range of RFID Em18...

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RFID Systems | Software & Hardware | Compare 2017's Best

Looking to get lean? Need an efficient and accurate way to manage your inventory? RFID is the next step in inventory and warehouse management, providing the automation and real-time insights you need to enable more effective and accurate inventory management.

Overwhelmed? We'll help you find your ideal software solution, absolutely�free!

Find out why thousands of businesses trust Software...

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Intermec RFID Technology: RFID Frequently Asked Questions

How much do RFID tags cost?

Answer: Tags can cost as little as 10 cents or as much as $100 depending on the type of tag, the application and the volume of the order. Generally speaking, finished smart labels that can be applied to cases and pallets typically cost between 10 and 20 cents, depending upon volume. Active tags - those with a battery - can cost far more.

What are the benefits of RFID...

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Asset Tracking & Inventory Management Systems, Software ...

What Is Asset Tracking And Inventory Management?

Organizations strive to gain greater control and efficiencies when managing their assets--technology systems, office equipment, and people. These tools help manage the complete lifecycle of particular assets, track their location to ensure assets are not missing or stolen, and ensure upgrades and system deployments run effectively. Both barcode...

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PPT - RFID Tags PowerPoint Presentation - ID:2647780


Electromagnetic Waves

Michael Faraday proposed in 1846 that both light and radio waves are part of electromagnetic energy.

In 1864 James Clerk Maxwell published his theory on electromagnetic fields and found that electric and magnetic energy propagate in transverse waves at the speed of light

In 1887 Heinrich Rudolf Hertz produced and studied electromagnetic waves. He concluded that...

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RFID Systems | Software & Hardware | Compare 2016's Best

Your Recommendations

RFID Systems: Exploring the Spectrum of Available Options

Looking to get lean? Need an efficient and accurate way to manage your inventory? RFID is the next step in inventory and warehouse management, providing the automation and real-time insights you need to enable more effective and accurate inventory management.

Overwhelmed? We'll help you find your ideal software...

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RFID Reader Module | Grand Idea Studio

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Reader Module provides a low-cost solution to read passive RFID transponder tags from up to 4 inches away. The module can be used in a wide variety of hobbyist and commercial applications, including access control, user identification, robotics navigation, inventory tracking, payment systems, car immobilization, and manufacturing automation.


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RFID Reader block diagram from Texas Instruments ...

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification-13.56MHz RFID system) essentially consists of an RFID Reader/Writer (Transceiver), an HF Tag and a Processor unit interfacing to various peripherals.

HF Tags

A wide range of HF Tags are available. Physical form factor and processing requirements of the HF Tag are the primary factors that help decide which tag to use. In addition, the amount, type and security level of the information which needs to be stored on the card determine the appropriate tag. TI provides HF Tags, suitable for paper and plastic lamination. Memory sizes up to 2kBit with different security levels are available.

RFID Reader/Writer...

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RFID - AIM India

RFID tags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Animal tracking tags, inserted beneath the skin, can be as small as a pencil lead in diameter and one-half inch in length. Tags can be screw-shaped to identify trees or wooden items, or credit-card shaped for use in access applications. The anti-theft hard plastic tags attached to merchandise in stores are RFID tags. In addition, heavy-duty 5-...

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Zebra RFID Scanner Solutions | Lowry Solutions - The ...


RFID Handheld Readers

Zebra RFID handheld readers offer greater accuracy, higher throughput, and longer reads, reaching further to bring reliable data about your products right to your fingertips.

These durable devices are sealed to meet IP64 standards so that you can use them even in dust or rain. A tough, non-glare LCD screen allows for optimal reading in bright sunlight and worry-free...

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RFID - Radio Frequency Identification and How it Works ...

RFID 101

RFID 101 james 2016-11-03T20:20:01+00:00

Let RFID, Inc. get you up to speed on the basics of�RFID - Radio Frequency Identification.

RFID Components and ABCs.

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification is a small chip, or RFID tag, attached to some object that can be read at short range via radio waves by a tag reader. These items can be close together or far apart and are used for...

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Singapore RFID | RFID Solutions, Readers, Tags & RTLS ...

Singapore RFID is a provider of RFID Solutions specializing in tracking of personnel, asset, files and documents in Singapore. With an extensive domain knowledge and competency in RFID technologies, Singapore RFID is distinguished for its cost effectiveness and out of the box solutions which enhances tracking/monitoring accurately. Singapore RFID provides HF, UHF, Passive RFID...

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RFID Makes Internet of Things Come to Life | Machine Design

Technologies > IoT

RFID Makes Internet of Things Come to Life

Though RFID technology has been around for decades, new technologies and R&D promise to bring a flood of new applications to numerous industries.

Matthew Trotter, Research Engineer, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Information and Communications Laboratory (GTRI ICL) | Edited by Lindsey Frick | May 15, 2014

RFID is shaping up to be an...

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Date: 2017-12-09 22:45:49
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RFID - kbarcode.com


: HMS125 TAG

: HMS125 (13.56MHz Passive Read/Write Tag) , 736Byte , IP68 / / . HMS125 : -20 ~ 85 : -40 ~ 85 HMS125HT : -40 ~ 135 : -40 ~ 240

: HMS150 TAG

: HMS150 (13.56MHz Passive Read/Write Tag) (736Byte), Size , , IP68 / / . HMS125 : -20 ~...

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Rfid ppt - de.slideshare.net

Keine Notizen für die Folie

Rfid ppt

1. RFID Based Embedded System for Vehicle Tracking and Prevention of Road Accidents 1 Ronson Calvin Fernandes 110919053 Manipal Institute of Technology - Manipal 11/19/2013

2. 2 Contents Introduction What is RFID ? RFID Applications RFID System RFID Tag , RFID Reader , GSM How V.T works ? Design and Implementation Benefits of V.T ...

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Waterpark RFID Solutions by PDC


What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification, an automatic identification technology that uses radio waves to transfer digital information between a tag and reader.  An RFID tag is comprised of two parts - an antenna for transmitting and receiving signals, and an RFID chip which stores the tag's ID and other information. 

RFID is used in hundreds of...

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RFID Technology: A Complete Overview | Electronics For You

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology involves the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object, animal or person. It has established itself in a wide range of markets including livestock identification and automated vehicle identification because of its ability to track moving objects. The technology...

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Intelletto Technologies Inc.- Intelligent RFID Products


Intelletto introduces ChieKoo Bell, a Bluetooth Low Energy alerting system.

Intelletto broadens product offering for HF and NFC RFID inlays and tags. By launching a full range of RFID Label products and Services. Intelletto can now offer complete end to end RFID labelling services. These services include, encoding and serialization, High Quality color printing for RFID Labels and NFC...

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Fully printed chipless RFID tag applications on industry ...

The NCRFID project pretends to push the-state-of-the-art in printed chipless RFID systems by addressing, identifying and solving actual challenges faced by this novel technology. The developments proposed in NCRFID project will cover the following aspects: behavior improvements, ink issues, use of novel substrates, tags with 3D shapes, surrounding effects, advanced reader design, novel sensor...

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RFID Equipment » Products » TPI » Experts in wireless ...

Click here to see all RFID products

RFID Overview

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) is one of the industry's hottest technologies. There are large amounts of information published on the subject, stemming largely from the recent announcements of interest from major companies like Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense, International Paper, and Proctor and Gamble.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)...

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Passive RFID | RFID Discovery

Benefits of passive RFID

Passive radio frequency identification (RFID) technology provides a cost-effective solution to automatically identify and locate large numbers of assets or stock in a variety of different organisations including healthcare. In hospitals passive RFID labels can significantly reduce the timespent on checking inventory and locating specific equipment, improving inventory...

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For RFID access control - RFID Token,RFID Key Chain,RFID ...

DAILY RFID CO.,LIMITED http://www.rfid-in-china.com is the professional provider of 125KHz(Low Frequency) RFID Token,RFID Key Tags,RFID Key Fobs,RFID Key Rings with the chip EM4001 in china.

In this month,DAILY RFID gives a promotion on EM4001 RFID Key Fobs,you can check the website for more special price information: http://www.rfid-in-china.com/products_681_1.html

Here is the specification...

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Website: https://archive.sap.com

RFID Centre - RFID

RFID is a general term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object wirelessly, using radio waves. This is sometimes referred to as contact-less technology and a typical RFID system is made up of three components: tags, readers and the host computer system.

Tags - An RFID tag is a tiny radio device that is also referred to as a...

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Date: 2013-10-08 13:26:24
Website: http://www.rfidc.com

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RFID Tag Printing & Encoding Services - atlasrfidstore.com

If you purchase custom printing and encoding, the atlasRFIDstore operations team will encode 24 digits of hexadecimal characters to the RFID tag's EPC memory. Specifically, the sequence will begin like this:


That number will be augmented sequentially up to the number of tags that you purchased. So, if you purchased 5000 tags, your sequence will begin and end like...

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Website: https://www.atlasrfidstore.com

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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) | Services to Schools

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Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

This guide outlines what RFID is, how it works, and what you'll need to consider when preparing a business case to implement RFID in your school library.


Further reading

What is RFID?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses a wireless radio system to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, such as a...

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Date: 2017-03-04 02:06:05
Website: http://schools.natlib.govt.nz

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9 Answers - What are the benefits of RFID?

Answered 3w ago

RFID used in different fields, get different benefits

RFID tags and labels have been used around in our life with rising trend, no matter where you go, RFID may used there. But someone still have such questions, where RFID tags are used? what are RFID tags used for? why use RFID tags? And where can I buy RFID tags? If you have such questions, congratulation! You come to the right...

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RFID Based Automatic TOLL Collection System |authorSTREAM

RFID based Automatic TOLL Collection System:

RFID based Automatic TOLL Collection System N.Cibiraj D.Shanmugakani S.Surulirajan


Abstract � RFID based automatic Toll collection system provides paperless passage of Toll gates with fully automated Toll collection. They help in reducing Toll gate traffic and avoid illegal passage of vehicles through a Toll gate.



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The RFID tags in healthcare may be applied to people (patients and staff) and to objects, allowing the readers on door frames, wards and treatment areas to detect and record interactions. The figure below shows the potential of RFID applications in healthcare settings:

Identification and Verification

Drug Administrator

Tubes Syringes

RFID tags can be active or passive. Active tags have a...

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Website: https://seminarprojects.blogspot.com

Hidden RFID Tags Make Book Tracking Clear - barcode.com

Hidden RFID Tags Make Book Tracking Clear

Hidden RFID Tags Make Book Tracking Clear


Book and DVD/CD retailers have long been stymied by costs associated with product inventory, particularly in relation to labor costs, source verification to prevent fraud and, of course, the need to provide a security layer to avert theft.

Consumers are used to the white, plastic, rectangular security tags...

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Website: https://barcode.com

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification Tags....!


Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) has existed in some form or another for over 40 years. It is a method of automatically identifying a given object/person by storing and remotely retrieving information from small transponders, called RFID tags. These tags have an antenna built into them, which allows for the transmission and reception of radio waves from an RFID...

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Date: 2011-11-15 20:48:59
Website: http://rfident.org

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RFID Web Wedge on the App Store - iTunes - Apple

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.


The RFID Web Wedge app is the perfect companion for the high-performance 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID and the 1153 Bluetooth® Wearable UHF RFID Readers from TSL. The app enables direct data input from the UHF Reader into existing Web Applications, yet does not require any additional development time.

Scanning is accomplished...

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Date: 2017-12-10 03:01:25
Website: https://itunes.apple.com

Using National Instruments Software and Hardware to ...

Using National Instruments Software and Hardware to Develop and Test RFID Tags

- P.V. Nikitin, Intermec Technology

The Challenge:

Engineering a cost-effective, flexible system to accurately measure and analyze wideband read range in performance verification stage of UHF RFID tag design.

The Solution:

Deploying NI LabVIEW software and PXI hardware to generate and capture UHF RFID signals...

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Website: http://sine.ni.com

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UHF RFID tag antenna design for on-body applications (PDF ...

UHF RFID tag antenna design for On-Body


1-2School of Engineering and Digital Arts, University of Kent

University of Kent at Canterbury-UK


Abstract-- This paper addresses the antennas design for passive

UHF rfid applications involving the human body as the object to

be tagged. Novel antenna geometry is proposed for conjugate

impedance matching to the complex impedance...

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Date: 2017-12-19 16:45:24
Website: https://www.researchgate.net