Company Helps Stabilize Health Care Costs With RFID

RFID technology tracks hospital patients, staff and equipment.

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RFID Cardless Fueling Technology at Love's

Love's is rolling out RFID cardless fueling technology. It automates the fueling process with the use of low-cost RFID tags in professional driver's vehicles. The software and RFID equipment are designed to detect a truck's RFID tags in the fueling lane and turn on dispensers wirelessly, with little or no driver data input. RFID technology saves time for professional drivers and offers a secure financial transaction. Pumps are automatically turned off by RFID software after a truck leaves the...

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A New Way of Skiing with RFID Technology

See how RFID Technology can enhance your skiing experience!

Technology Solutions UK Ltd (TSL) is an innovative company based in the United Kingdom. We were founded in 1993 and have grown to become a respected manufacturer of Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) and other multi-technology mobile device peripherals that are used to track products, assets, data or personnel.

Our technologies help companies that work in logistics, warehousing, retail, government, transport, defence,...

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From: Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd

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RipTide® drilling reamer

Weatherford provides solutions for enlarging the wellbore beyond bit diameter with a tool that is designed to enhance longevity and eliminate restrictions.The RipTide reamer maximizes efficiency and cost savings with features such as optional radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. The RFID model is the industry's first drilling reamer equipped with RFID technology, a game-changing innovation that enables activation and deactivation at any time during drilling or tripping.

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From: Weatherford

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Syrma Technology: Our RFID Manufacturing Capabilities | Our Process, Your Success

Syrma Technology: Our RFID Manufacturing Capabilities | Our Process, Your Success

Syrma Technology: Our RFID Manufacturing Capabilities | Our Process, Your Success

Find out more about our amazing team and our services at

Creative and cost efficient design, engineering and electronic manufacturing services.

We specialize in collaboration. We partner with your team to help you create efficient electronic design, engineering and manufacturing solutions. This teamwork enables you...

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What is RFID | Sanvels Technologies |

RFID System for easy tracking and monitoring our business flow - never missed at any cost - solution provided by sanvels technologies chennai

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Smart RFID Device Controls Fuel Costs | Fleet Management Weekly

This very smart RFID technology from Orpak USA allows fleets to control fuel costs and data in an incredibility simple and foolproof manner.

For more automotive fleet news, information and videos go to Fleet Management Weekly at

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How much does it cost to install RFID reader technology?

22 Linden Street, Toronto M4Y 1V6

Walk-in service 10 A.M.- 6 P.M. (M-F )

After hours make appointment @ 647-667-8022

How much does it cost to install RFID reader technology?

No matter the effectiveness of any security or lock system, this is a question that always looms large—and with good reason. After all, you’re not made of money, and protection has to be cost effective. So how much might RFID technology run you? That’s going to vary wildly depending on the system...

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Top 5 Advantages RFID Has Over Barcode Systems Webinar

Not meeting product traceability requirements?

Double counting stock?

In this webinar "5 Advantages RFID Has Over Barcode Systems".

Ian Rysdale and Andy Long of Cyth Systems will show you:

• Recent technology advances with RFID

• How RFID can offer massive bottom line cost savings for companies

• Why regulators in many industries are looking at RFID technologies for product traceability

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SGH Automated Pharmacy System Cuts "Near Misses"

The new automated system at Singapore General Hospital's (SGH) outpatient pharmacy has reduced significantly such "near misses". Today, incidents of the wrong drug or dosage being taken from the shelves are down to almost zero.

The reason lies in a conveyor belt system that taps on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which can locate the drug, record the dosage and identify who it is for when the bar code on the prescription sheet is scanned into a computer.

The system will also...

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From: Singapore General Hospital

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