LF Long Range Reader

Recently, DAILY RFID has launched a new RFID Long range reader with Low Frequency. The comes with RS232, TCP/IP or Wiegand interface to connect the devices. For more details about this reader, please visit DAILY RFID (www.rfid-in-china.com) or email query at rfid_sales02@vip.163.com.

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Arduino RFID Reader Final

For Code and Schematic of Arduino Based RFID Reader visit http://arduinorecipes.com/tutorial-view.php?tg=17

A radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader) is a device used to gather information from an RFID tag. It can be used to track individual objects. It is widely used in a number of applications including various Attendance Systems, Key-less door locks, Fast-Tag at Toll Plazas, Automatic Parking Systems, etc.

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Using RFID Readers and Tags with the PigCHAMP Mobile Program

The PigCHAMP Mobile program works with RFID (radio frequency identification) tags and reader wands. The use of RFID tags adds more validation and helps prevent entering incorrect female identities. The PigCHAMP Mobile program does not require the use of RFID tags to be used.

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What does all of this RFID lingo mean?

In this video we do our best to explain the most common RFID lingo.

- Types of RFID: LF vs. HF vs UHF vs. NFC

- Passive vs. Active RFID

- Operational Frequency / Frequency Range

- Power Level / Sensitivity

- RFID Tags: Tag Memory, Tag Size, IC Type, Read Range, Hex vs. ASCII

-RFID Reader: Fixed vs. Mobile, Region, Power Output, GPIO, Read Range

- RFID Antennas: Gain, Beam width, Front to Back Ratio, Axial Ratio, Polarization, Maximum Input Power, VSWR

- Cable and Connector Types

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HF Wireless Passive Battery-Free RFID Temperature Sensor Demonstration and Tutorial

Learn more at http://www.phaseivengr.com. The capabilities of a commercial passive, battery-free wireless RFID temperature sensor in a credit card format are demonstrated in this video. The video covers RFID readers, battery free passive RFID temperature sensors, High Frequency HF 13.56 MHz ISO 15693 RFID sensor technology, prevention of self-heating, low temperature performance of the Phase IV Engineering SensTAG, metal mount RFID sensors, custom RFID sensors, and other sensor options such as...

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iPad, iPhone, iTouch NFC reader scans RFID tag data into any iOS app

This video shows how to use the IDChamp high frequency RFID reader with a BlueSnap HID dongle from Serialio.com to read these RFID tags into the Notepad app on the iPad.

Both the IDChamp RFID reader, and BlueSnap-HID dongle, are powered by the mobile power pack. We turn on the power and the BlueSnap will make a Bluetooth connection with the iPad, the connection can be confirmed when the BlueSnap connection LED is on steady.

Then we simply tap where we want the data to be typed and scan the...

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RDL's RFID Reader-USB V2 is designed for reading code from 125KHz card compatible read-only tags . It can be applied in office/home security, personal identification, access control, interactive toy and production control systems etc.Non contact RFID module, uses the advanced Radio Frequency receiving circuit and embedded MCU design, combining with an efficient decoding algorithm.

Product link: https://researchdesignlab.com/modules/rfid-reader-usb-v2.html


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Nicole Lee RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) BLOCKING WALLET

RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) BLOCKING WALLET. The fight against identity theft starts with your wallet. Nicole Lee Wallet is manufactured with RFID-Blocking technology that prevents reader device signals from penetrating your wallet keeping your contents secure.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicoleleeusa


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Vingcard Classic RFID Reader Demo w/ MiFare Card

A typical Vingcard hotel MiFare card reader. This model is a standard lower-security model. It features only a green light, so denied access is flashing green.


Brand: Vingcard

Model: Class RFID

-Frequency: 13.56 MHz

-Range: About 1 inch

DISCLOSURE: Do NOT attempt to make prox reader demos on doors that you do not have permission to access or use. Doing so can be considered attempted break-in and is grounds for punishment by property owners. Never list any locations of access control demos,...

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Hymar RFID Blocking Card Factory Test

Hymar RFID blocking card desgin for credit card and ID Passport bank card protection .

Main working on blocking high frequency data card ( eg credit card bank card ID  passport )Only ONE Hymar RFID Blocking card as enough . 

Secondary  Working on blocking  low frequency data RFID card ( eg..Doorway entry cards Transportation cards  )  Two Hymar RFID work as well 

there is best way to test does  exactly hymar blocking card works or not ,

Contactless payment terminals   test way( high...

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