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RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, technology is used in credit cards, debit cards, passports, employer/government ID cards, highway toll passcards and subway passes. The RFID chips embedded in these cards store your personal information. The antenna located in the chip receives electromagnetic energy from an RFID reader and uses a radio frequency to transmit the information back to the reader.

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From: TamperSeal Travel Essentials

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Nicole Lee RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) BLOCKING WALLET - English

RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) BLOCKING WALLET. The fight against identity theft starts with your wallet. Nicole Lee Wallet is manufactured with RFID-Blocking technology that prevents reader device signals from penetrating your wallet keeping your contents secure.

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From: Nicole Lee

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Introduction of 13.56 MHz Bluetooth USB RFID Reader/Writer (223012)

GAO RFID's 13.56 MHz Bluetooth USB RFID Reader/Writer is compatible with most kinds of HF(13.56 MHz) cards. It uses Bluetooth (Class Two) technology to upload tags ID to bluetooth based computers/PDAs in a real-time mode. It is widely used in the industries of security / Patrol / Mining / Finance and Railway system, etc.

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From: GAO RFID Inc.

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RFID reader Interface with PC (com port test)

RFID (Radio Frequency identification)reader Interface with PC (com port test)



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From: Geek Wave Solution

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ThingMagic RFID Products by JADAK

As a leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and solutions, the ThingMagic RFID line of products by JADAK delivers the broadest choice of RFID readers and

engineering guidance to our customers to ensure reliable and improved performance.

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Introduction of 13.56 MHz Multi-Protocol Built-in Relay Reader (213005)

GAO RFID's 13.56 MHz Multi-Protocol Built-in Relay Reader is specially designed to support various types of high frequency cards. It offers a simple yet powerful solution for customers to reduce inventory overheads. With this configurable reader, users may set up transferring baud rate and output interface as well as output data size, format, and type. This high frequency RFID reader provides a wide range of compatibility and the ability for flexible modification making it an excellent choice...

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From: GAO RFID Inc.

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Scanfob® HF RFID Reader with Android 3.0 Honeycomb on Acer Iconia A500 Tablet

This video will show using the Acer Iconia A500 Android tablet running the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system and this pocket-sized / keyfob sized high frequency Bluetooth RFID reader to read these 13 MHz (megahertz) RFID tags into the Mobile Grid application on the Android tablet.

Simply turn on the Bluetooth radio of the reader, then use the Mobile Grid Menu Connect option and tap on the RFID reader. The HF 13.56 MHz RFID reader will then connect over Bluetooth to the tablet and you can...

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From: SerialMagic

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Long Range HF Library Handheld Reader

Orizin Technologies Launches Long Range HF HH reader

Did you know that traditional HF technology provides only 10cm read-range with HH reader! If you do not believe this fact, take out your HF HH reader and test the range. For the first time in India, Orizin Technologies is the only library RFID solution provider that provides 40cm read-range with HF HH reader. With high read-range, you can take inventory faster and from longer distance. Not only this, when you are searching a book, you can...

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From: Prashant Agrawal

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Low Frequency RFID Reader IC

To introduce basic knowledge of RFID technology and U2270B low frequency RFID reader IC

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From: element14

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RFID Tag Reader for Cars

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag Reader to be used in Cars (or elsewhere)

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From: Ralf Grafe

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