ATID RFID Handheld for Retail

New and innovative retail solution using ATID range of handheld barcode readers helps retail business avoid long cues at billing counters. Not only that, the handheld has UHF RFID Reader integrated that helps in inventory management and tracking of asset.

Moving to next steps and adopting innovative solutions is way going forward to gain advantage position in RETAIL.

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INTEGRA Solution Overview - Expert on the integration of RFID solutions for harsh envrionments

INTEGRA Solution is a global asset tracking and management solution integrator based on contactless identification technologies (RFID). Specialized in harsh environments, we operate in different industries to provide hardware and software solutions for your asset visibility applications: identification, tracking, inventories, control, MRO...

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HireTAG RFID solution

Smart RFID tracking technology for the AV, lighting, sound rental and production industries

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RFID Global Solution (RFIDGS) Visi-Trac Launch RFIDJournalLive! April 2009.mp4

RFID Global Solution (RFIDGS) launches Visi-Trac, which has rapidly become the leading real-time asset tracking and visibility software for enterprise, data center and supply chain asset tracking needs. Visi-Trac targets aerospace & defense manufacturers and corporate, high value asset tracking. April 2009.

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Durable RFID Tag Talk (Episode 1)

Part of the thought process for choosing durable tag solutions for specific applications

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Active RFID for farmers

Active RFID solution for farmers

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JPL RFID Weatherford Demo

"The oil and gas industry is very advanced in terms of technology. However, regulatory compliance, data collection and asset management is typically done using pen, paper, and spreadsheets.

JPL RFID immediately brings our clients into the 21st century with innovative asset tracking/data management solutions, GPS location tracking and mapping, and safety and regulatory compliance."

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Store Point EMEA Advanced Retail Solutions

Store Point is a provider of supply chain management and loss prevention solutions. The RFID technologies provide retail chains with inventory management, loss prevention, targeted marketing and sales, and supply chain visibility solutions. Please watch our demo here

Store Point is offering the solutions, via a reseller network, to retailers in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Middle East and more.

Please contact us to learn more about the solutions...

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RFID Weighbridge System - One Way - Part-4

Imagic Solution Provide Total Weighbridge Security Solution, this is One way Auto Weighment Weighbridge, RFID Weighbridge Software, Driver Operated Weighbridge Software, Weighing Software, Weighbridge Software, Unmanned Weighbridge, Unattended Weighbridge, Weighbridge Email Software, Email Weighbridge Software, Weighbridge Software with CCTV, Free Weighbridge Software, LAN Based Weighbridge Software, Weighbridge Software Work with Any Brand Indicator, Weighbridge Software with Indicator,...

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Architect® Blue access control readers, combining RFID and Bluetooth®

STid presents the first upgradable range of High Security card readers, combining the RFID MIFARE® and Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy) technologies. Architect® Blue is a secure user-friendly identification solution which makes your mobile phone the access key.

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S3 ID eLocator™ - Complete Location awareness

eLocator™, part of the S3 product range from S3ID. S3 ID offers a comprehensive range of location awareness technologies including Short Range solutions using active and passive RFID technologies, Medium Range solutions using either Ultra Wide Band or our innovative new CheckPoint™ technology.

Long Range solutions using Ultra Wide Band or GPS+™ technology

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!D Cloud - RFID in the cloud

!D Cloud is a scalable and user-friendly RFID solution designed for retail applications. RFID technology enables retailers to track every article in the store and stock room and quickly improve the stock accuracy to over 98% and significantly improve their on-shelf merchandise availability. More information:

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Simple Library Solutions

RFID Library solutions

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Bar Code Integrators Introduction

Bar Code Integrators, Inc. (BCI) is an industry leader in creating fully integrated wireless data collection, RFID and bar code solutions for today’s businesses. Technology is improving the way we work giving us advanced information systems that were never available before. We’re excited to bring you solutions that enhance your business and give you more control at every stage in the process.

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RFID, Healthcare Patient Safety (International version)

Tech4Care is an RFID based solution for the structural reduction of avoidable risks in healthcare processes. For the first time Tech4Care has been introduced at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch (Holland). The product can be used in manufacturing and maintenance processes as well.

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RFID Based Student Attendance System

CHILD SAFETY INDIA, The only manufacturer of wireless CLOUD BASED RFID Smart Card Based School Attendance Management System in India, delivering service across India since 5 years. Child Safety India the Only Next Generation RFID Based School Automation provider in INDIA & Asia Pacific. We provide customized hardware and software solutions as per client's requirement & Budget. RFID Based Student Attendance System


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FISH Uses RFID Chips and Indoor Technology to Track People

Geospatial Solutions and GPS World's Art Kalinski reports from eMerge Americas, held May 4-5 in Miami. FISH is a company that tracks people and assets using RFID tags and indoor location technology. Its integrated platform includes online and offline registration tools, Brand Ambassador Mobile devices, interactive kiosks, social sharing API’s, RFID, BLE and Social Media Visualization walls.

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RFID Warehouse Management | Eskimo Cold Storage RFID Presentation IARW 2014

RFID Warehouse Management | Eskimo Cold Storage RFID Presentation IARW 2014

Eskimo Cold Storage took to the stage at IARW 2014 to speak about their integration of RFID into their cold storage warehouse in partnership with Datex Corporation's Footprint 3PL WMS warehouse software solution.

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StockBox at Wyoming Medical Center

LogiTag's StockBox RFID solution was installed at 14 of Wyoming Medical Center's supply rooms. It combines a two bin kanban system, with RFID technology, and enables the hospital to spend less time looking for supplies, and more time caring for their patients. Wyoming medical center has now: eliminated manual counting, is never out of stock, no expired items, reduced management costs, full real-time reports on their supplies. For more information please go to or...

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American Barcode and RFID Overview

This video provides an overview of American Barcode and RFID and the equipment, products, services and solutions they provide.

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RFID Tracking Part 1 of 2

This is RFID Tracking video Part 1 of 2.

Tracking Innovations and 21st Century Business team up to discuss RFID tracking devices and software for the shipping industry. Tracking Innovations RFID tracking supply chain solution, known as the Real Time Tracking System (RTTS), takes real time RFID tracking to an entirely new level. This RFID tracking solution visibility, increases efficiencies, reduces costs, and improves supply chain management

Learn more about Tracking Innovations RFID...

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TSL 1128 Bluetooth RFID Reader

At RFID Journal Live, David Evans, Managing Director at Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd, showed us their new TSL 1128 Bluetooth RFID Reader.

More information can be found at

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An Embedded system and RFID solution for transport related issues

To get this project in ONLINE or through TRAINING Sessions, Contact: JP INFOTECH, 45, KAMARAJ SALAI, THATTANCHAVADY, PUDUCHERRY-9

Landmark: Opposite to Thattanchavady Industrial Estate, Next to VVP Nagar Arch.

Mobile: (0) 9952649690 , Email:, web:


An Embedded system and RFID solution for transport related issues

It is the core which has hardware modules such as RFID, GPS, GSM and MEMS to handle the new transport...

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Offline Social Media NFC/RFID Solution by offers a solution connecting the offline with the online world via RFID/NFC technology. It is an all-in-one solution where you do not need to program anything. You just manage and configure everything via our cloud-based administration system. RealLifeConnect delivers a ready to use and completely customizable solution.

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EssenRFID (UHF) 3PL (Logistics) part 2

An animated video showing an RFID implementation in Logistics , and how EssenRFID's XtennaTM can help give you an advantage in the Logistics business.

RFID complements GPS in tracking and tracing information on assets throughout the course of their transit, resulting in streamlined operations, improved security, loss and theft reduction, reduced insurance risk, quicker transit, sales force automation, cost reduction, proactive information exchange over the internet and increased customer...

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Intellitix - Coordenada Fest in Mexico Goes Cashless

Festival promoters, OCESA, bring event tech innovation to the third edition of Coordenada Fest in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Embracing RFID technology, Coordenada Fest is the first festival in Mexico to deploy fast and secure Access Control and Cashless Payment solutions for a heightened guest experience.

Intellitix is the leading global provider of technology-driven solutions for festivals and live events. Our RFID Access Control, interactive Brand Amplification and Cashless Payment solutions...

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RFID Reader | RFID Reader Singapore | RFID Card Reader Singapore | RFID RTLS | is a specialist RFID consultancy/hardware/software firm, we

can help you evaluate, design, develop and implement highly efficient,

cost-effective and performance-driven RFID solutions in Singapore. Small, medium

and large businesses and organisations catered for. All major RFID technologies

are covered. This includes HF; passive, semi-active and active UHF; RTLS; GPS;

NFC; Biometrics; Security and Asset protection RFID for Industrial, Supply Chain

Management (SCM), Automotive...

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RFID solutions by Mega Digital Solutions Company

Our RFID solutions are endless application you Cap will always be your imaginations

call now : 00965 22273741

Start your actual profits through cutting costs , control and more..

Send now an Email at

follow us on Instagram MDS.Social

Subscribe now for more videos on our youtube channel

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RFID Scanner Guard Card - SC004

Worried about RFID Scanner getting your personal info? Well now there's an easy solution, The RFID Scanner Guard Cards fit right in your existing wallet. Visit Site:

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Aliens Want This Planet Earth UFO Paranormal Documentary

Alien Technology is a manufacturer of RFID technology. The company is headquartered in Morgan Hill, California, having the Alien RFID Solutions Center, in the .

Also Watch These New UFO Documentaries *** Best Documentaries - (UFO Sightings) Real Ufo Abduction of Humans (Full HD Documentary) .

Alien Technology is a manufacturer of RFID technology. The company is headquartered in Morgan Hill, California, having the Alien RFID Solutions Center, in the .

Like |Share| Discuss your ideas....

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This is RFID in Retail - Motorola & NXP

Best-in-class RFID Solutions from Motorola and NXP: Optimized inventory control and greater operational efficiency throughout the retail supply chain.

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ID Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd Smart Card & RFID Expo 2013

Introduction video for ID Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd .

By: Debashish Sabhapandit

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SID Global RFID Profile Vedio

SID Global RFID Company support Warehouse pallets tracking, Library books security, Asset tracking, File tracking , Vehicle tracking Solutions..

Office in Shenzhen , Malaysia, UK, Kenya ..

Catch us:

Skype: lucky7138

Whats ID:86-15820487100

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RFID Event and Attendee Management Solution (RFID World Asia 2009) - Pinpoint and Breeze

RFID Event and Attendee Management Solution (RFID World Asia 2009) - Pinpoint and Breeze

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NXP - UCODE G2iM+ Gen2 Interactive RFID with Inputs and Outputs for Electronics NXP's UCODE G2iM series transponder ICs offers in addition to the leading-edge read range features such as a Tag Tamper Alarm, Data Transfer, Digital Switch, advanced privacy-protection modes and a 640 bit configurable User Memory. Very high chip sensitivity (−17.5 dBm) enables longer read ranges with simple, single-port antenna designs. In fashion and retail the UCODE G2iM series improve read rates and provide for theft deterrence. In the electronic device market,...

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ATM Rolls By Lucky Forms Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

( ) Lucky Forms is a 15-year old ISO 9001:2000 certified company specialising in manufacture and export of a variety of security printing products. Our product range includes recharge vouchers/PIN mailers, ATM rolls, POS rolls, envelopes, OMR answer sheets/forms, barcoded C-notes, ticketing solutions, mailing solutions, computer papers, RFID solutions, card solutions, printed paper with security features, data printing. Our company has a Government of India mandate to...

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RFID Travel: Microsoft WW RFID Solution Days

We are using a Nokia 6131 NFC phone to read a message from a tagged container. The information was then sent to an Apple iPhone where a YouTube video of the Seattle Microsoft RFID Solution Days show was displayed. In our video we feature Blue C Sushi, Zebra, Cathexis, Avery Dennison, Intel, Kenetics, Deister Electronics, Sato, Freedom Shopping, and Kikata.

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EDP, LLC MasterTrak Tracking Solution

EDP, LLC RFID and barcode tracking solution. With MasterTrak Plus and our DeskMate USB desktop reader you can accomplish checking-in/out of files and high-value assets quicker and easier than ever. our RFID tracking systems are complete and give you what you need in order to have a more streamlined workflow.

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Security Threat

RFID Technology is not the solution,

but the beginning of even more problems (such as health issues from RFID).

Privacy verses Secutity, Identity verses Intent. Health verses Safety.

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Active RFID Speed Test (tagging cars)

Informal testing of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Active i-B2 tags (beacon tags) on vehicles. 5 tags were attached to a Mercedes passing by the reader at 80mph. The tags were beaconing at 2 second intervals. We observed 100% detection 100% of the time.

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Get It Done !


case  study questions down the in the last page 1. How did Identec Solutions’ RFID-based technology help DP World increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its customers’ supply chains? 2. Describe two improvements that resulted from implementing the Identec RFID-based solution.3. How does the concept of supply chain execution relate to this interactive session? 4. What managerial, organizational, and technological...

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EPPICard Scam ?

Phishing scams frequently involve an email or other communication requesting your account number and your PIN and password.

Ultimately, this will lead to a greater problem: the mark of the Beast.

As a solution to this issue, the power-elite, satanists, really, will propose the rfid chip. This is ALREADY being implanted in people all over the world. For access to night clubs, for protection against unjust fees in hospitals, and even for priveledged access within the Mexican government.


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EdgeMagic Keeps Up with Fast Changing Retail

Are you a retailer? Or, are you a RBO approached by a retail customer to participate in item-level RFID tagging? Do you need a solution that encodes EPC (Electronic Product Code) compliant RFID item tickets and validates orders by carton? EdgeMagic® is a breakthrough RFID Electronic Product Code compliance system that is a complete solution for the challenge of EPC item-level compliance. Developed by CYBRA Corporation, the makers of award-winning MarkMagic™ Bar Code Labels, RFID Tags, and...

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Active RFID for farmers

Active RFID solution for farmers

View more

From: John Joseph

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RFID Vehicle Access Solution

QudraTech is a leading company in the RFID Solution, with it's Long rang RFID solution for vehicle access, Customers can access the parking using Non Stop Vehicle Access Solution, using Tagmaster LR6 2.45GHz

Visit our website!/ProductsEasy_Parking

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From: Khaled Noor

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Ess-Matrix Infotech Profile Movie

Hi, Welcome to Ess-Matrix Infotech, Chennai, India. Ess-Matrix is a Software Solution providing company specialized in the field of Android & Windows Mobile Application Development, Barcode Solution, RFID Solution, Bio-Metric based solution, Digital Signage Solution, Web Based customized software solution and many more solutions. Ess-Matrix Infotech also supply and maintain IT Hardware Infra products.

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Saholat Card - RFID based card solution - 2 minute Pitch FirstTry by rehan

Saholat Card - RFID based card solution - 2 minute Pitch FirstTry by rehan


We have to wait for PARKING token and then have to keep it with us.

We have to wait as our ATTENDANCE has to be marked manually.

A gatekeeper has to check our cards manually before ENTRANCE for security scanning.

The existing solutions are too expensive to be bought.


We give an AFFORDABLE solution of RFID cards for everyone as like even a small company with a few employees. And it would be...

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From: Edu Pit

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Simple Library Solutions

RFID Library solutions

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From: Rob Barentsen

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RFID Company in Dubai

SecurAX is a leading Biometric Solution Provider based in UAE. Visit: .

with 15+ years of experience deals with

Time Attendance Solutions(

Access Control Systems (

RFID Tracking Solutions Dubai (

CCTV Solutions Dubai (

View more

From: SecurAX / Access Control Systems Dubai / Time Attendance Systems Dubai

Related topics : rfid tracking solutions / rfid solution providers / rfid access control / rfid companies in dubai / rfid based tracking system

Paul Frisch on RFID HIT Solutions

HITExchange news correspondent Charlie Milburn talks with Paul Frisch, RFID Healthcare Consortium Technical Officer, to discuss RFID solutions for hospital and healthcare environments and the effects of such strategies.

View more

From: hitexchange

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[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 Video] Attention to IMPINJ, the global leading provider of UHF RFID solutions!

AVING NEWS had an interview with Dr. Chris Diorio, Chairman & Chief Technical Officer of IMPINJ(, the leading provider of UHF RFID solutions for identifying, locating and authenticating items at 'RFID/USN KOREA 2012'.

IMPINJ displayed Speedway Revolution RFID Reader, MonzaRFID Tag Chips, Indy RFID Reader Chips and RFID Reader Antennas.

'RFID/USN KOREA 2012' showcases RFID/USN(M2M, IoT) product & solution, Mobile RFID·NFC product & service, convergence solution between...

View more

From: avingusa

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The RFID solution for Battery sorting

RFID Lab Finland developed Near Field UHF RFID tag solution for Nokia batteries. The solution makes it possible to sort batteries automatic in recycling.

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From: blaahnlaa

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INTEGRA Solution Overview - Expert on the integration of RFID solutions for harsh envrionments

INTEGRA Solution is a global asset tracking and management solution integrator based on contactless identification technologies (RFID). Specialized in harsh environments, we operate in different industries to provide hardware and software solutions for your asset visibility applications: identification, tracking, inventories, control, MRO...

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From: INTEGRA Solution TV

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